TriFlex Brake Control Ensures ‘Smooth Stops’

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August 8, 2014 by   Comments Off on TriFlex Brake Control Ensures ‘Smooth Stops’

CURT Manufacturing's Tr

CURT Manufacturing’s TriFlex brake control

CURT Manufacturing, a leading manufacturer and marketer of towing products, is offering the latest technology in its compact TriFlex brake control.

According to a press release, CURT’s TriFlex brake control significantly reduces a tow vehicle’s stopping distance while ensuring smooth stops. The TriFlex is a proportional brake control that senses the inertia of the tow vehicle, allowing it to accurately apply the appropriate amount of power to the trailer brakes.

The technology behind this control is the use of a “triple-axis” accelerometer, located within the brake control.  As the tow vehicle’s speed and momentum change, the TriFlex provides the exact amount of braking power needed for safe, efficient and smooth stops every time.

Utilizing CURT’s TriFlex brake control will maximize the efficiency of trailer brakes by eliminating excessive braking and tire lockup, thereby extending the life of the trailer brakes and tires. Not only is the CURT TriFlex brake control easy to install, it can also be mounted at various angles and is ready to use in fewer than ten minutes. The sensitivity adjustment feature in the TriFlex allows the user to customize the brake control based on varying trailer loads or driving conditions.

It is compatible with advanced multiplex electrical systems, electric-over-hydraulic braking systems and can be used on trailers with up to four axles. The TriFlex is backed by a CURT’s lifetime warranty.

Click here to view a product video on the CURT TriFlex brake control. For additional information click here.

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