Ultra-Fab Tongue Jack Top In Independent Test

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August 21, 2014 by   Comments Off on Ultra-Fab Tongue Jack Top In Independent Test

Ultra Fab testingWhen an RV owner purchases an aftermarket accessory he or she has the right to expect that product to perform safely and reliably for many years. Ultra-Fab Products Inc. announced that its electric tongue jacks came out on top in independent lab tests by Progressive Engineering.

Continuous testing and benchmarking of electric tongue is an everyday experience at Ultra-Fab, and Ultra-Fab test results demonstrate a ‘best in class’ for cycles completed before fatigue, according to Craig Searer, president of  Ultra-Fab, based in Elkhart, Ind.

Searer said in a written announcement, “Ultra Fab has historically tested its products but with no consistencies to test methods and very little cycle testing due to lack of industry standards. Ultra-Fab has set its own standards.”

Ultra-Fab conducts tests internally on its own test bench as well as independent test labs. Ultra-Fab’s independent labs include Progressive Engineering Inc. in Goshen.

David Busch, vice president of operations of Ultra-Fab, explained, “Ultra-Fab wanted to build customer confidence and reduce warranty costs. The added benefit is to make products safer, especially electric tongue jacks.”

In 2007 Ultra-Fab implemented a database to start gathering historical data on defects. By 2010 a standardized system was implemented to define defects across all of Ultra-Fab product lines.

Busch said, “Cycle testing has confirmed the useful life of products such as electric tongue jacks. Through the process of cycle testing we have been able to identify component parts that fail due to fatigue. The products have been redesigned with new improved component parts that extend the useful life of the products. These independent test labs are used to confirm our internal test results, especially when benchmarking against competitor products.

As a result of the testing, Ultra-Fab has been able to reduce overall warranty from 1.7% of sales in 2010 to 0.70% in 2014, the company said.

For tongue jacks, test results represent the number of cycles, extending and retracting, the jack performs prior to failure.

The most recent test result for the Ultra 4000 Electric Tongue Jack (Mfg. Number: 38-944014) with the grease zerk fitting was 32,577 cycles. Comparing this result with five competitors, it clearly proves that Ultra-Fab’s tongue jack is significantly more reliable and will provide the end-user with many more years of trouble-free service.

The closest competitor, “Competitor one’s” 4.5k tongue jack with 3,757 cycles before failure, is only 12% as reliable as Ultra-Fab’s jack with 32,577 cycles, according to the results provided by Ultra-Fab.

Searer said, “We want consumers to know that when they purchase an Ultra-Fab product, they are buying a product that has been tested for quality, reliability, safety and durability.”

Ultra-Fab’s Electric Tongue Jacks are available through Arrow Distributing, Coast Distribution, Keystone Automotive, NTP and StagParkway.

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