UVSLive Allows Dealers’ No-Meeting RV Sales

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August 22, 2014 by   Comments Off on UVSLive Allows Dealers’ No-Meeting RV Sales

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 8.34.17 AMUVS Junction LLC announced in a press release that one of its clients shared “an amazing testimonial” about its cutting-edge UVSLive — an on-demand live-streaming demo tool that invites prospects from all over the country to “walk through inventory” with the dealer as if they were on the lot.

Florida-based UVS Junction reported that UVSLive, a mobile app, is available in both iOS and Google Play stores. Typically, explained UVS Director Angie Celucci, the dealer gets a call from a potential customer and their prospect goes to a page on the dealer’s site, fills out a form and in seconds sees everything the dealer sees through live streaming video. Customers ask questions and dealers answer them in real time.

For example, Cellucci added, a dealer client in a weekly call said that he had a prospect that couldn’t get to the dealership’s lot. The dealer had the UVSLive mobile app loaded in his cell phone but was always “a bit scared” to use it, but knew if there ever was a time that this was it. So, he opened the app and, according to Celucci, the potential buyer was able to see everything live while asking questions. A “cool example” of a consumer question was “how deep is the pantry,” and, right there, the UVS dealer-client was able to put his arm into the panty and show the customer. “He walked through every inch with the potential buyer, who purchased the RV without ever meeting the dealer,” said Celluci.

“Our client shared that his sales team never wanted to have a part of UVSLive and never understood the value of it. But the dealer said that things are certainly different around his dealership now that they walked away with over $2,000 in commission. My client pulled his phone out of his pocket and sold an $80,000 trailer and never met his customer.”

UVS Junction is now offering this tool industry wide, according to the company. To learn more about UVSConnect click here.

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