Winnebago Initiating Changes For ‘GNR’ Event

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August 11, 2014 by   Comments Off on Winnebago Initiating Changes For ‘GNR’ Event

WIT Grand National Rally (GNR) attendees spoke, and Winnebago Industries Inc. listened.

As reported by the Mason City Globe Gazette, the GNR will start the week after the Puckerbrush festival in Forest City, Iowa, in 2015 instead of the week of the annual festival.

“We listened to our members,” said Denise Yeager, consumer engagement manager for Winnebago.

Another change that started this year will remain in effect for 2015. The rally will start on a weekday — Tuesday, July 21 — similar to the weekday start in 2014. GNR events prior to 2014 started on a Sunday and ran for a full week.

The weekday start allows WIT Club members who may only want to take a week of vacation to spend at GNR and in Forest City to do so, Yeager said.

Those members who want to arrive in Forest City earlier can still come before the GNR, she said. There will be free parking and pre-rally activities available.

The change from scheduling the rally during Puckerbrush came at the request of members who wanted some separation between the events.

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