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Custom Truck Camper Builder Capri will Expand

Custom-built Retreat short-bed Camper by Capri

Custom-built Retreat short-bed camper by Capri

Capri Campers LLC, a small entry-level Texas truck camper manufacturer, is looking to expand into Idaho or Montana in 2016 to broaden its market.

”That is our plan right now, unless something changes,” said Pete D’Acosta, who purchased the 46-year-old company in Bluff Dale, Texas, in February 2014. ”The entry-level camper market has become a more competitive space than it has been for many years in the past.”

Marketed as a ”rodeo camper” on the professional rodeo circuit, Capri Campers offers four inexpensive,custom-made, light-weight brands — Cowboy, Cowboy XL, Maverick and Retreat.

”They inherited that name over the years because the rodeo cowboy has been the primary market. They are the power users,” D’Acosta said.

Retreat long-bed camper made for Jay Presti, host of Blue Collar Adventures

Retreat long-bed camper made for Jay Presti, host of Blue Collar Adventures

The company, with an 8,000-square-foot factory and nine employees, builds eight to 10 wood-and-aluminum units a month and is looking to double that number.

All but the Cowboy — basically a sleeper with a 5-foot-tall interior — feature cabover floorplans. MSRPs range from $4,000 to $15,000. All four models come in short-bed and long-bed configurations with weights from 600 pounds to 1,700 pounds.

”The professional rodeo circuit has been Capri Campers primary market over the years,” D’Acosta said. ”We are looking to expand our market into fishermen and hunters.”

The company has four dealers in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico, but sells factory direct out of that region. ”Forty percent of our business is in the Northwest and Northeast,” D’Acosta said. ”That’s the reason we are looking to expand.”

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