Little Guy’s Tearstock Packs Ohio Campground

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July 15, 2016 by   3 Comments

Chris Baum, chief brand officer for Little Guy Worldwide Inc., addresses Tearstock attendees

Chris Baum, chief brand officer for Little Guy Worldwide, addresses Tearstock attendees

Tapping into the passionate nature of the teardrop camper community, Little Guy Worldwide LLC’s 4th Annual Tearstock Rolling Home Tour exceeded expectations as around 230 loyalists filled up  the camping area this week at the Atwood Lake Campground in Mineral City, Ohio. (To view a slideshow scroll to the right side of the home page. Photos provided by Mandy Lea Photo).

“Our main area at the resort was sold out within 72 hours and the overflow space was booked a couple of months ago,” reported Chris Baum, chief brand officer for Uniontown, Ohio-based Little Guy which serves as the sales, marketing and distribution arm for manufacturer Pleasant Valley Teardrop Trailers. “It’s pretty amazing. They came from all over country, including Washington State, San Diego, Southern Florida and Vermont. They all get together and share stories about their travels. There’s just a tremendous sense of community.”

Baum note that the event, which opened Tuesday and closes out Saturday, has expanded incrementally since its inception. “The first year we put this together, we were worried nobody would show up. But we ended up having 40 people in attendance, and it’s grown from there. We let anybody come, but I’d say around 95% of the attendees own Little Guy trailers.

“I think it’s representative of the overall growth of the brand as we now build 15 to 20 different models and our sales continue to climb. Right now, we have around 115,000 followers on Facebook, which is fantastic.”

Baum told that the wheels are in motion to add another Tearstock event. “We have a couple from Arizona that have been coming every year,” he said. “They loved it so much that they wanted to start their own event in Arizona, close to Mesa. It looks like we’re going to partner with them and I’ll be heading out there to start promoting the event.”

This week’s agenda centers around the natural setting provided by the expansive grounds at the Atwood Lake campground.

“During the day, people can hang out at the camp or take advantage of this beautiful area. There’s a huge lake with kayak, sailboat and canoe rentals. There’s also a ton of hiking trails,” Baum said. “Then we have something going on every night. Opening night we had Swenson’s, which is famous in Ohio for hamburgers, come in and cook everything to order. Wednesday was movie night and then Thursday and Friday we have a dee-jay.

Baum noted that the campground venue also fits the mindset of the typical teardrop owner.

“The resort is perfect because teardrop campers are, for the most part, very independent people. They don’t need a pad or traditional campsite when they travel in their RV,” he said. “They want to go out in mountains and camp or head to a national park. It’s also a very diverse group. Our dealers want us to pinpoint the primary demographic, but it’s and all over the board. We attract empty nesters, RVers that want to downsize, single women, or tent campers that want to get off the ground. We’re offering something unique and the movement is really taking hold.”

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3 Responses to “Little Guy’s Tearstock Packs Ohio Campground”

  1. Michael M. on July 16th, 2016 6:46 pm

    This is my second year attending Tearstock and my partner and I just love the time we spend with other teardrop camper owners! Such a great “family” of tiny trailer enthusiasts. We’ve got 22 of us (10 or 12 trailers) left here today. It will be sad to pack up and head home tomorrow morning, but we’ve had a great week with old friends and meeting new ones!

  2. Barb Franano on July 17th, 2016 12:04 am

    I have. 2006 T@B and we love it. We would consider upgrading to a T@B L400. Will there be a t@b L400 made in the US? What would be the estimated cost?

  3. Penny and John Prater on July 17th, 2016 1:11 pm

    We had great time! Met lots of nice people! Especially enjoyed Swenson truck!