Scott Tuttle Returning to RV Arena With inTech

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August 31, 2017 by   Comments Off on Scott Tuttle Returning to RV Arena With inTech

(L-R) Rich Schnippel, Adam Maxwell and Scott Tuttle

Attracted by its business model, quality product and the promise of its RV division, Scott Tuttle, founder and former president of Livin’ Lite Recreational Vehicles LLC and one of the original founders of Heartland RV LLC, has become a part owner of Nappanee, Ind.-based inTech Trailers, an all-aluminum motorsports and industrial trailer manufacturer founded by Adam Maxwell and Tom Franko.

Sitting in the inTech conference room with Maxwell and Rich Schnippel, who heads up inTech’s RV division, Tuttle told that the timing was right for him to jump back into the RV manufacturing arena, and he couldn’t be happier that his return is with a company the caliber of inTech.

“It’s been a couple years since I left the RV industry, and I had the opportunity to purchase an ownership position in inTech Trailers. It was something that I didn’t want to pass up, so I took it and I’m excited about it,” said Tuttle, whose other current business interests include Wakarusa, Ind.-based Recreational Specialties, a PDI and RV service and repair provider, and its custom RV renovation division known as New Debut, along with Polar Kraft, a Syracuse, Ind.-based manufacturer of all-aluminum fishing and sport boats.

What attracted Tuttle to inTech was the company’s all-aluminum frames, which are “very similar to what I tried to do with Livin’ Lite in the industry.” Tuttle was equally impressed with inTech’s profit-sharing program — as opposed to bonuses based on production quotas — for its 105 employees. Ultimately, however, it was inTech’s commitment to quality products, customer satisfaction and bold focus on R&D that swayed his decision to join the ownership group.

inTech Luna camper

“And, now they’re starting to expand into the camping market. It’s definitely not a traditional RV by any means. The campers that we’re building here at inTech RV are near and dear to my heart, in that they’re generational campers — they’re made out of materials that are going to last for generations,” Tuttle said.

Under the leadership of Schnippel, inTech opened its RV division in 2015, producing a Flyer line of microlight single-axle travel trailers and toy haulers. Since then, inTech has enjoyed a significant growth curve that includes the June opening of a brand new 42,000-square-foot facility dedicated to RV production, introduction of the tandem-axle Adventure series toy hauler, a partnership with Holiday House RV for the production of vintage reproduction units, and the announcement of the Luna modified teardrop set to debut at the Elkhart RV Open House in September.

For his part, Schnippel said inTech is “fortunate” to have Tuttle join the company.

“It goes without saying. He’s got an enormous amount of experience in the industry. We knew who Scott was before he came in here,” said Schnippel, mentioning that inTech RV enjoys a warranty rate of less than 0.4%. “I was familiar with him throughout my time in the trailer and RV industry. When we were fortunate enough to get him to come on board with our company, we knew that the asset was going to be tremendous because we don’t have that experience in the RV industry.”

Schnippel said Tuttle’s primary role would be as a “consultant with skin in the game,” so to speak. Specifically, Tuttle will help with marketing, product development and establishing a highly qualified RV dealer base that will, at least at the outset, number about 20-25.

“The reality is,” Tuttle said, “there are a lot of dealers out there who had success with my company in the past, and some of them have been asking over the last couple of years, ‘You got anything working?’ That’s because they haven’t been able to find what we did there, the way we did it. And now, inTech RV is going to be able to fill that void.”

Tuttle noted that another factor in his decision was Maxwell’s prudent guidance, which complements his management style. “He’s the balance to the ‘Scott.’ Where I want to charge forward in things, Adam is very deliberate about things, and calculated. And that’s why he’s grown this company so well, but also incrementally,” Tuttle explained.

Picking up on that, Maxwell told that inTech has grown quite a bit in recent years, but the growth has been “intentional.”

“It’s planned growth so that we can continue to provide good support to our dealers and our customers,” he said. “As we’ve done that, we’ve tried to take a little bit more time than, maybe, the RV industry would typically do, to make sure that we develop the product and make it work really well so we’re not throwing something out there and having a bunch of problems. We try to be a little bit more intentional.

“Like Scott was saying,” Maxwell continued, “his personality is to go, go, go. My personality isn’t to not get things done, but it’s to make sure that we get the problems figured out before they’re problems so that we can provide great customer service along with a very good product to both the dealers and the retail customers.”

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