Elkhart Soliciting Workers in Hurricane-Hit Areas

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October 12, 2017 by   Comments Off on Elkhart Soliciting Workers in Hurricane-Hit Areas

There’s a plan in place to aggressively and immediately attack Elkhart County’s labor shortage.

WNDU reported that the plan calls for filling open local positions with folks who now live far away.

“We’ve got to start telling Elkhart County’s story outside of our region. I think, you know, the viewership knows things are going really well here but I wonder do people in southern Indiana, or West Virginia, or Florida or Texas, do they know how great things are in this region?” asked Mark Dobson, Executive Director of Elkhart County’s Economic Development Corporation.

It’s the basic premise behind a $95,000 workforce attraction plan that would tell Elkhart County’s story to faraway places with high unemployment using billboards, radio spots, and social media.

“In some of these areas, say Houston, Texas, if you’re walking into the unemployment office and you have your smart device with you’ll actually get a pop up on your smart device that says, check out Elkhart County jobs,” said Mark Dobson.

The campaign would also target those employed in the coal industry. “These are people who are probably looking forward saying the industry I’m in, may not be here in five to ten years, it’s time to adapt my skills and maybe go elsewhere where the jobs are.”

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