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Mark Polk: RV Education 101 Embraces New Tech

Mark Polk

Editor’s Note: The following column by Mark Polk appears in the latest RV Education 101 newsletter offering a look at how he and his wife, Dawn, have stayed in step with advances in technology over the years. To view the entire newsletter click here.

Although I cannot believe 2017 is over we are looking forward to another great year in 2018. Another year of adventure filled camping trips and another year of updating and improving our RV educational training offerings to the RV consumer. There is nothing I enjoy more than hearing from a new RV owner about how our products helped them get into, and now enjoy this wonderful lifestyle. That motivates me to keep moving forward and to try and stay one step ahead of modern day technology with our delivery platform for our products in 2018.
When we started this business almost 19 years ago we delivered our RV training videos on VHS tapes. After several years in business I walked into a video rental store one day and saw a single row of these new DVDs sitting on the shelf. Within three months of walking in that store our delivery method changed from VHS tapes to DVDs. 
More than 12 years ago we started researching and implementing instant download video delivery technology. There was only one company doing it at the time, that I know of, and most of our customers at the time were not familiar with video downloads. Soon afterward we started the first online RV training program available on the Internet. I titled the program “Go for the RV Gold” because the Olympics were getting ready to start around the same time I was putting the program together. 
As recently as two years ago we started offering our RV training material through video apps for Apple and Android devices; and about a year and a half ago I began updating all of my e-books and working on a new and improved version of our existing RV online training delivery program. We hope to launch the new online RV training program early in the first quarter of 2018, and after the initial launch we will continue to add new training courses to the program over time. In addition to getting full feature video training on the type of RV you have or plan to purchase the courses will also have written text, quick tips, fun puzzles and a short quiz upon completion of each section within a course. 
I can guarantee you this will be the most comprehensive and informative RV training material available anywhere, and we will keep it affordable so everybody can learn how to use and maintain their RV. I have always said the only way to thoroughly enjoy your RV and the RV lifestyle is to be knowledgeable about your RV and camping in general. So for 2018 and beyond we will be here to fulfill that need.
For those subscribers of our monthly newsletter who own a RV dealership, maintain a blog or web site we are going to offer an affiliate program for our new RV online training program. For more information contact Dawn or I.
Have a wonderful new year and start planning your 2018 RV trips now so you can block out the time in your busy schedule to enjoy your RV.
Until then enjoy our monthly newsletter, and if you have family or friends who like RVs and the RV lifestyle share with them. Happy Camping in 2018.
To view the entire newsletter click here.
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