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ATC Entering RV Market with Toy Hauler Lineup

October 9, 2015 by   Leave a Comment

ATC's larger toy hauler can carry a car

ATC’s larger toy hauler can carry a car

ATC Trailers, best known over the years for its aluminum commercial trailers, has launched a brand new line of toy hauler trailers and is building brand exposure while signing up dealers across the country, the Nappanee, Ind.-based company reported in a press release.

“Our initial offerings consist of toy haulers from 6-foot-by-20-foot to 8 1/2-foot-by-28-foot, which is capable of hauling a car,” noted Product Manager Ian Kettering. “At only 5,500 pounds, the 8 1/2-by-28 car hauler package is unique to the marketplace and fills a need for those desiring the RV experience while being able to haul a car for use at and around the final destination. Another great benefit of our lightweight aluminum toy haulers is that they can be towed with a 1/2-ton pickup, allowing many more customers to enter the RV market.”

Kettering noted that ATC has plans to introduce a new front bedroom floorplan in addition to the current floorplans being offered. “These will be showcased at this year’s Louisville Show and we’re expecting positive results from our exhibition of this new feature alongside the already great features and benefits that already being offering,” he said. ATC will be displaying in Booth No. 1521 during the Dec. 1-3 National RV Trade Show at the Kentucky Expo Center in Louisville.

ATC toy hauler on display at Open House

ATC trailer on display at Open House

“In the near future, we anticipate rolling out a line of travel trailers to complement the toy haulers and car haulers that we have,” added Dale Davis, manager of sales and dealer development for the new line. “We’ve already begun the research on crafting a distinctive unit that sets it apart from the greater pool of travel trailers on the market. Both from an exterior aesthetic and interior function, we will strive to really drum up demand from the retail buying public to encourage more dealers to carry these exciting new products.” 

ATC Trailers has been building high-quality, custom aluminum trailers for over 16 years and has established “a reputation for premium fit and finish, innovative designs and industry-leading customer service,” the release stated.

“We’ve had a lot of successful growth over the last five years with results being 20% year-over-year consistently,” said Mark Cosby, acting manager of the new RV product line and director of engineering for ATC. “As a result of our production philosophy and growth, the organization believed we had something to offer the RV market as well.” 

ATC has been a privately-held company since its inception. Shareholders are also employees of the company resulting in rapid decision-making during the day-to-day operations, the release stated. In addition, ATC financially rewards all employees with profit sharing.

The builder also employs lean philosophy in it’s manufacturing approach which attempts to eliminate all waste from every processes and system utilized by the company. Workers are not paid piece rate, which financially rewards production through overall output.

“We envision our relationship with our dealers as a partnership,” stated Davis. “Our approach is to work collectively with our dealers to provide ultimate value to the customer and create equal profitability to our businesses. Through a just-in-time approach, we want to avoid burdening dealers with massive amounts of inventory, which straps cash and puts pressure on dealers to do whatever it takes to sell the units. 

“We want to work with dealers to help sell the product and keep them as flexible, from a cash standpoint, as possible. Because we don’t expect dealers to hold tons of inventory, we can rapidly improve the product within a single year versus waiting until the new year to roll out new products. This ensures that the customer always has the latest and greatest available to them at the time of purchase.”

For more information click here or contact Davis by phone 574-773-8312 or via email at 

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