Wisconsin Parks Meet on Brink of 2010 Season

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The Wisconsin Association of Campground Owners (WACO) Convention was held March 18-21 at Stevens Point, Wis., with 281 people representing 105 campgrounds attending. The trade show, one of the largest campground industry trade shows of the year, attracted 178 vendors. Special guests included former Green Bay Packers players Jerry Kramer, Gilbert Brown, Santana Dotson, William Henderson and Fuzzy Thurston. “The overall mood was very positive,” said Lori Severson, owner and president of Severson... Read more

NCA Holds 46th Annual Conference/Trade Show

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Attendees at the 46th Annual Northeast Conference on Camping and Trade Show March 18-20 in Springfield, Mass.,“Recipe for Success 2010″ were encouraged by incoming reservations for the upcoming season, according to show sponsors. The trade show attracted 126 representatives from over 70 companies, which filled the third floor of the Sheraton Springfield Hotel. “Those in attendance were impressed by a program packed with quality seminars, fun events, time to listen and learn from others... Read more

U.S. RV Industry Reps Report on Trip to China

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U.S. and German representatives of the RV and campground industry stand with their Chinese host at last week's outdoor lifestyle show in Hangzhou, China. China is diving head first into the development of campgrounds and its fledgling RV industry, according to industry representatives who recently participated in the 3rd Annual Hangzhou China Outdoor Lifestyle Show March 4-7. Participating were Joe Laing of El Monte RV, a leading RV rental company with 70 locations throughout the U.S.; Bob... Read more

800 Booths Displayed at Chinese Outdoor Fair

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Members of an American RV delegation join their Chinese hosts in front of a Kinglong Coach at the trade show in Hangzhou, China. Editor’s Note: Three representatives of the U.S. RV and campground industries toured the Hangzhou International Outdoor and Leisure Fair March 4-7 in Hangzhou, China. The U.S. delegation included Joe Laing from El Monte RV, El Monte, Calif., Al Hesselbart, historian for the RV/MH Heritage Foundation Inc.’s Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Ind.; and Bob MacKinnon,... Read more

RV Transporters Cope with Driver Shortage

March 5, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

A rather sudden upturn in the towable RV market – on the heels of the production cutbacks of the recent recession – have left the U.S. recreational vehicle industry with somewhat of a dilemma: There’s simply not enough people available to deliver RVs to dealerships around the country. Classic Transport, Elkhart, Ind., is backlogged six weeks on deliveries, according to CEO Bill Garvey. “We are working to build our fleet back up,” said Garvey. “This backlog is the highest... Read more

U.S. RV Reps Speaking at Chinese Leisure Fair

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A noted RV historian as well as other American representatives of the RV industry are speaking at the Hangzhou International Outdoor and Leisure Fair in China March 4-7. Al Hesselbart, historian of the RV/MH Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Ind., said he was approached by representatives of the Chinese RV industry while at the National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky., last December. “I jumped at the opportunity,” said Hesselbart. “This is an exciting adventure and an honor. Somebody someplace thinks... Read more

Member Management Committee Running FMCA

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A member management committee is in place and running the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) following the resignation last November of director Don Eversmann. The committee is comprised of the association president, Charlie Schrenkel, and officers acting as the executive director until one is hired, according to Lana Makin, FMCA administrative director. An executive director search committee is also in place, but is not actively seeking a director at this point in time, she added. Cincinnati-based... Read more

Freedom Resorts: New RV Park/Campground Discounter

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Freedom Resorts, a new campground membership firm offering consumers a 25% discount to camp at affiliated campgrounds, RV parks, condos, cabins, hotels, adventure sports/lodging and general resorts worldwide, launched in March as a mid-priced alternative to the half-dozen-or-so discounters already on the market. While other camping discount programs offer 10% to 50% discounts, President Russell Gunter said he discovered locations were looking for something in between, so Freedom’s 25% off program... Read more

Carefree RV Resorts: An Acquisitive RV Park Operator

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  A campsite at Austin Lone Star RV Resort, a Carefree RV Resort in Austin, Texas. National RV Communities (NRVC), with 9,148 recreational vehicle sites owned and managed, ranks among the 10 largest owner/operators of RV properties in the U.S., according to the company. And NRVC, formed in 2005 to specialize in the acquisition, ownership and management of RV and MH communities, plans to add a lot more properties to its growing portfolio over the next few years. The company operates the RV side of... Read more

Cal-Am Offers Largest Resort Network In Arizona

October 16, 2009 by · 2 Comments 

Although the RV industry in general may not be aware of it, Cal-Am Resorts boasts the largest network of RV parks in the state of Arizona with seven high-end resorts. “We consider ourselves 5-star and provide every amenity,” said Marc Franklin, Cal-Am chief operating officer. “We offer every type of club and sport, as well as personal health services like massage, hair, nails and spa. Every year we put in major projects to keep up with personal tastes.” Among Cal-Am parks are:    * Sunflower... Read more

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