Xantrex to Showcase New Products at Louisville

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Camping in the wild in this day and age usually means getting away from resorts, campgrounds — and, unfortunately, shore power. There’s a lot to be said for communing with nature, until your AC generator breaks the silence. With Xantrex Technology’s Freedom SW 3000 Sine-Wave Inverter/Charger or its PROwatt SW Sine-Wave Inverter, you can enjoy all the comforts you’ve brought to nature’s doorstep without compromising the peace and tranquility. The Freedom SW 3000 offers RVers premium sine-wave... Read more

Lexington Corporation creates Sleeper Sofa with Style and Function

August 28, 2009 by · 1 Comment 

The experienced designers at Lexington Corporation blend form and function, along with style and comfort, to produce a quality sleeper sofa. The new sofa, with a superior sleeping experience, provides many desired features suitable for installation in a recreational vehicle. Beyond the quality, custom design, this state-of-the-art sofa includes valuable storage under the sofa, weight savings of over 50 pounds when compared to traditional sleeper sofas and an adjustable comfort controlled air mattress... Read more

Parker Energy Systems’ New Fuel Polishing Module

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Condensation builds up daily in a diesel fuel system when not in use, possibly leading to fuel contamination through bacteria growth. Parker Energy Systems’ new, patent-pending FPM-050 Fuel Polishing Module is designed to remove emulsified water from the system and combat the accumulation of water in diesel fuel, preventing corrosion and maximizing the effectiveness of filters. Enabling fuel maintenance during engine downtime and off-season storage, the FPM-050 is a fuel recirculation system... Read more

New Blue Ox BedSaver Hitch

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Good and bad things happen when you “drop” a fifth wheel trailer. Bad: damage to truck and RV, embarrassment when family and friends see what happened, plus potential injury. Good: you become great friends with technicians and insurance companies. The Blue Ox BedSaver prevents all this. The BedSaver is an industry exclusive developed by Blue Ox to address a hazardous problem that fifth wheel pullers have encountered: the kingpin slipping out of the hitch, or failing to become engaged with the... Read more

Demco Dominator Tow Bar

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If there’s a drawback to Rving with friends and family, it lies in the unfamiliar — most non-owners know little about the logistics of such things as hooking up tow vehicles. The new Dominator Tow Bar, from Demco, helps to take the guesswork out of one-person hookups with an easy trigger release on each arm, which move independently. Plus, ergonomically friendly adjustable mounting clips enable the user to place the provided safety cables and storage arm for a coiled wiring cable (not included)... Read more

Contoure LED Replacement Bulbs

June 26, 2009 by · 2 Comments 

Most RVers are cognizant of the “draw” that interior lights and appliances have on their house batteries. Many also understand that LED lighting systems use up to 90% less power than traditional incandescent bulbs. Few know how easy it can be to replace one with the other. Using Contoure’s new LED replacement bulbs, it’s no longer necessary to replace the entire fixture. The economical LED bulbs consume less power, fit into a variety of existing lamps and are said to be comparable to a 10W... Read more

Tech’s Gear Box Tonneau Rack

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All lockable pickup truck tonneau covers have one thing in common: the ability to maintain secure storage. The Gear Box Tonneau Rack, from Icon Technologies Limited, offers such security — but its patented design, utilizing heavy-duty crossbars, adds to this by expanding upon this storage space as needed. Most tonneau covers are hinged at the cab, substantially reducing their use; the Gear Box opens down the middle, allowing nearly unencumbered access to the truck bed. Once in place, the crossbars... Read more

Winegard’s Wingman RV-Wing Improves Reception

April 30, 2009 by · 1 Comment 

Let’s face it: “roughin it” doesn’t necessarily mean being away from the airwaves — but pulling in distant TV signals can be tough at times. The new Winegard Wingman RV-Wing not only improves your Winegard Sensar batwing antenna’s VHF/UHF performance, but pulls in free digital programming. This lightweight add-on attaches with four simple snap-on screws to the Sensar head to increase db gain up to 100% on DTV channels. Designed using advanced computer design software and 50 years of experience,... Read more

ILI ‘Bullseye’ Electro-Mechanical Leveling Systems

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Ever set up camp and still think your rig was traveling down the highway? ILI has developed its Bullseye line, a new generation of electro-mechanical leveling systems to replace existing hydraulic leveling systems in the RV industry. With five years of testing at the OEM and consumer-level, the Bullseye is an automatic electro-mechanical leveling system that is available in folding and vertical models; both models are offered with a variety of lifting capacities depending on the size and weight of... Read more

New Hybrid A/C Generator by Protonex

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“Going Green” is a buzzword in today’s RV industry — but accomplishing it can be tough. Protonex Technology Corp. has introduced a new 250-watt fuel cell hybrid power system that is designed to provide clean and quiet power for RV enthusiasts without the noise, odor, vibration and carbon footprint associated with conventional generators. The proprietary technology of the M250-B power system blends the advantages of a fuel cell power generator with conventional hybrid batteries, eliminating... Read more

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