RVIA: Shipments Slip 3.1% in July; Rise 4.4% YTD

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Wholesale shipments to retailers totaled 27,106 units in the July survey of manufacturers, off 3.1% from this same month last year. All categories of vehicles participated in the slight decline with the exception of truck campers and Class A motorhomes where gains in shipments were restored.

Through July this year, RV manufacturers have reported total wholesale shipments of 229,759 units, a gain of 4.4% over this same period last year. Seasonally adjusted, July’s total represented an annual rate of 345,000, about 5% less than the 7-month average so far in 2015.

RVIA Senior Director of Communications Bill Baker told that the slight decline in July shipments was more a reflection of the strong numbers posted in 2014 than a downward trend.

“For the month, shipments were off slightly, but overall it was a very strong July,” he said. “Historically, July is the time of year when shipments start to trend down a bit, but it was still the second best July in the years coming out of the recession. Last year, shipments totaled 27,106 units, which was a high mark, and were above the 15-year July average of 24,600 units.”

“RVIA looks at the bigger picture,” Baker added. “We will typically see some month-to-month declines, but overall we’re looking at 2015 being on pace to finish in the 375,000 unit range, representing 4-5% growth for the industry.”

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RVIA: Shipments Up 3% in June; Rise 5.5% YTD

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Wholesale shipments to retailers of all RVs improved modestly in the June survey of manufacturers, rising 1% over the previous month and up 2.9% over the June total one year ago.  June’s increase reversed May’s small decline and returned RV shipments to its more recent trend line. Through June, RV wholesale shipments have now risen to 202,653 units, ahead of last year’s results by 5.5%. At a seasonally adjusted annualized rate of nearly 370,000 units, the mid-year total was the best since 2006.

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RVIA: April Trailer Shipments Post 40-Year High

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According to our survey of manufacturers, total RV wholesale shipments were reported at 38,343 units in April this year, a gain of 4.9% over last month and 13.5% over this same month last year.  This was the 40th consecutive month in which RV shipments were ahead of the corresponding month one year earlier and the best April in more than 4 decades.

The consistent growth in RV shipments is unprecedented as conventional travel trailers totals reached 24,312 units this April, the highest number for these products in more than 40 years.

Year to date, total RV shipments of 135,417 units are strongest start to any year since 2006. On a seasonally adjusted basis, shipments were at an annual rate of more than 395,000 units in the month of April.



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RVIA: Shipments Continue to Climb in February

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RV wholesale shipments to retailers tracked by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) continued to improve in February reaching 32,045 units during the second month this year, a 12.5% increase over last month and a 4% increase over this same month one year ago. Reacting to an improved economic climate and rising consumer sentiment, wholesale shipments responded with the highest February total since 2006.

In spite of winter’s disruptive patterns RV shipments have consistently outperformed recent history and continue to set new records. Through the first two months of 2015 shipments have reached 60,539 units, a gain of 7.5% compared to the same period last year. On a seasonally adjusted basis, shipments through February were at an annual rate of more than 395,000 units, more than 10% ahead of the actual 2014 total.

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RVIA: January Shipments are Best in Nine Years

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Total RV shipments to retailers in January totaled 28,494 units, 11.9% greater than the same month last year and the largest January total in nine years. Fueled by growth in all vehicle categories, the January total represented a seasonally adjusted annualized rate of more than 400,000 units, the highest such total since the spring of 2006. Shipments this January were 6.5% greater than a strong final month last year, holding promise of further gains ahead. Improved consumer confidence buoyed by an improved general economy, increasing consumer discretionary income and low interest rates have all been credited with providing an enhanced environment for RV sales.


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Shipments Soar 23% in Dec.; Rise 11% for ’14

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Total wholesale shipments to retailers of all RVs surged to 26,736 units in the December survey of manufacturers, soaring 23.3% greater than the final month last year. This was the largest December total in nine years dating back to 2005. Seasonally adjusted, the December 2014 total reached an annualized rate of more than 375,000 units. The strong finish this year was led by towable RV shipments which rose in December to 23,851 units, a gain of 27% over the final month one year ago. For the year as a whole, all RV shipments reached an eight-year best of 356,735 total units in 2014, a gain of 11.1% over the previous year. This was the fifth consecutive annual increase and the fourth double digit percentage gain in RV shipments since the end of the last recession.



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RVIA: Park Model Shipments Grow 3.3% in Nov.

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The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) reported that shipments of park model RVs gained 3.3% in November compared to the previous year. For the month, 253 units were shipped to dealers’ lots versus 245 in 2013. Year-to-date, the park model segment grew 4.4% with 3,520 units shipped over the 11-month period compared with 3,371 a year ago. The graphic below shows shipment totals by state and region during November.


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RVIA: Nov. Shipments up 20.9%; Best Since 2005

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Wholesale shipments of all RVs continued to roll in November with manufacturers reporting totals of 26,301 units, an increase a 20.9% gain over November one year ago. This was the strongest November total since 2005 and was the 35th consecutive monthly improvement dating back to January of 2012. Seasonally adjusted, November’s totals soared to an annualized rate of nearly 390,000 units, the highest monthly total all year. Year-to-date, total shipments have grown by 10.2% to 329,999 units through November this year and the largest annual total since 2007. Shipments of all towable RVs have risen 9.4% to 288,933 units while motorhome shipments have improved by 15.9% to 41,066 units.

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RVIA: October RV Shipments are Best in 38 Years

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Wholesale deliveries of all RVs tracked by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) accelerated in October, climbing 30.1% from September and besting the October 2013 total by 11.2%. Total shipments of all RVs were reported at 32,346 units in October, making it the best October in 38 years. On a seasonally adjusted basis, October shipments this year were at an annualized rate of more than 385,000 units.  Gains by travel trailers, fifth-wheels and all types of motorhomes led the surge in shipments this month.  Year-to-date, total shipments reached 303,698 units, up 9.4% ahead of the first 10 months last year. The October advance virtually assures a fifth consecutive annual increase in RV shipments since the end of the last recession.

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RVIA: Sept. Shipments up 10.5%; Best in 7 Years

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RV manufacturers reported shipments to retailers of 24,869 units in September this year which were 10.5% greater than this same month one year ago.  This was the highest September total in seven years with gains recorded in all vehicle categories. Seasonally adjusted, shipments in September were at an annualized rate of more than 340,000 units. Year-to-date, total RV shipments have now climbed to 271,352 units through the first nine months of the year with towable RVs up 8% while motorhomes shipments were up 17.6% ahead of this month last year.

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