RVIA: August Wholesale Shipments Rise 20.8%

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RV wholesale shipments to retailers totaled 21,500 units in August, an increase of 8.6% over last month and 20.8% greater than August one year ago, the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) has reported.

Although this was a small gain in monthly shipments this August, it was the 13th consecutive monthly increase in RV shipments dating back to July 2009. On a seasonally adjusted annual rate basis, shipments in August this year represented a total of 250,000 units.

Year-to-date, RV shipments have now reached 177,300 units, more than 70% ahead of this same month last year. While all RV product categories have benefited from the growth in 2010, towable RVs continue to gain more units while motorhome totals have increased by the greatest percentage gain.

Towable shipments totaled 19,200 units, up 15% from August 2009, while motorized shipments totaled 2,300 units, up 109.1%.

By segment, the shipments for August, followed by their comparison to August 2009 were:

  • Travel trailers, 13,100, up 18%.
  • Fifth-wheels, 5,100, an increase of 21.4%.
  • Folding camping trailers, 700, down 41.7%.
  • Truck campers, 300, up 50%.
  • Class A motorhomes, 1,300, up 160%.
  • Class B motorhomes, 100, flat.
  • Class C motorhomes, 900, up 80%.

Year-to-date by segment:

  • Travel trailers, 101,200, up 68.3%.
  • Fifth-wheels, 39,200, an increase up 76.6%.
  • Folding camping trailers, 11,200, up 21.7%.
  • Truck campers, 2,000, an increase of 53.8%.
  • Class A motorhomes, 8,800, up 183.9%.
  • Class B motorhomes, 1,100, an increase of 83.3%.
  • Class C motorhomes, 7,800, up 105.3%.

See the chart below.2010 Worksheets.xls

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RVIA: July Shipments Increase 47% Vs. 2009

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Total shipments monthly, 2009 vs. 2010

Total shipments monthly, 2009 vs. 2010

Although July shipments slowed from June, wholesale RV shipments in 2010 continued to outpace last season’s lackluster performance, according to a release issued today (Aug. 26) by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA). For the month of July, manufacturers reported shipments of 19,800 units, an increase of 46.7% from the same month a year ago. The deliveries represent an annualized total of more than 256,000 units, the third-highest seasonally adjusted total this year.

According to the release, however, the monthly shipments were down 26.9% from June’s tally, but “it is typical of shipments to begin a slow decline from yearly peaks during late summer and early fall as model change-over affects dealer purchases.”

Towable RVs continued to pace deliveries, comprising more than 90% of July shipments, although motorhomes recorded the greatest percentage gains compared to 2009. Led by travel trailers, 17,900 towables were shipped in July while 1,900 motorized units were delivered. Of all segments, only folding camping trailers posted a decline for July compared to the same month in ’09, while Class B motorized shipments held steady.

Year-to-date, shipments have reached 155,800 units through July, up nearly 81% from the same period one year ago. Towable deliveries are up 76% for the year, with motorized enjoying a 137% increase.

• Travel Trailers — 12,600 (+48%); 2010 total: 94,100 (+79% YTD)
• Fifth-Wheels — 4,000 (+48%); 2010 total: 34,100 (+89%)
• Folding Camping Trailers — 1,100 (-15%); 2010 total: 10,500 (+31%)
• Truck Campers — 200 (+100%); 2010 total: 1,700 (+54%)

• Class A — 1,000 (+150%); 2010 total: 7,500 (+188%)
• Class B — 100 (0%); 2010 total: 1,000 (+67%)
• Class C — 800 (+100%); 2010 total: 6,900 (+109%)

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RVIA Reports June Shipments Up 72.6%

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RVIA logo Deliveries to retailers of all RVs climbed to their highest level in more than two years as June shipments reached 27,000  units, 10% greater than May and 72.6% greater than June last year, the Recreation Vehicle Industry  Association (RVIA)  reported today (July 26).

This marked the 10th consecutive month where shipments were greater than the same month one year earlier, and the June totals presented an annualized rate of more than 285,000 units, RVIA noted.

Towable RV shipments increased 67.3% over June last year as travel trailers improved 65.3%, while fifth-wheel trailers nearly doubled. Conventional Class A motorhomes tripled in June helping to raise all motorhome totals to 2,500 units in the month and raised year-to-date totals to 13,500 units, which is slightly better than all of 2009.

All categories rose in June over June 2009 and are well ahead of the 2009 pace. In particular:

  • Travel trailer shipments totaled 16,700, up 65.3%.
  • Fifth-wheel shipments totaled 5,900, up 90.3%.
  • Folding camping trailer shipments totaled 1,700, up 30.8%.
  • Truck camper shipments totaled 300, up 50%.

In the motorized sector:

  • Class A shipments totaled 1,200, up 200%.
  • Class B shipments totaled 200, up 100%.
  • Class C shipments totaled 1,100, up 120%.

For year-to-date:

  • Travel trailer shipments totaled 81,500, up 84.8%.
  • Fifth-wheel shipments totaled 30,100, up 96.7%.
  • Folding camping trailer shipments totaled 9,400, up 40.3%.
  • Truck camper shipments totaled 1,500, up 50%.
  • Class A shipments totaled 6,500, up 195.5%.
  • Class B shipments totaled 900, up 80%.
  • Class C shipments totaled 6,100, up 110.3%.

Year-to-date, towable shipments are up 82.6%, motorized shipments are up 141.1% and towable and motorized combined are up 87.1%.

For a complete look at the June shipments, see the table below.

2010 Worksheets.xls

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RVIA: May Wholesale Shipments Grew 83.5%

June 25, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Total wholesale shipments to retailers in May were reported at 24,400 units, up 83.5% over May 2009, the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) reported today.

Overall, towable RVs continue to provide the greatest volume increase, while motorhome totals reflect the greatest percentage gains. On a seasonally adjusted basis, this month’s total shipments presented an annual rate of more than 262,500 units, an increase of 6% over last month.

Towable RV shipments totaled 21,700, while motorized shipments totaled 2,700.

By category, shipments were as follows:

  • Travel Trailers, 14,400, up 82.3%.
  • Fifth-wheels, 5,500, up 103.7%
  • Folding camping trailers, 1,600, up 23.1%.
  • Truck campers, 200, no change.
  • Class A motorhomes, 1,100, up 175%.
  • Class B motorhomes, 100, no change.
  • Class C motorhomes, 1,500, up 114.3%.

Year-to-date, total RV shipments have now reached 108,900 units through May this year, up 91.1% compared to this same period last year. All vehicle types have enjoyed growth in shipments this year with Class A motorhomes continuing to experience the greatest percentage increase, while conventional travel trailers have experienced the greatest unit increase.

The complete report follows below:2010 Worksheets.xls

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RVIA: April Wholesale RV Shipments Soar 85%

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RV wholesale deliveries to retailers were reported at 24,600 units in the April 2010 survey of manufacturers, up 2.5% over March 2010 and up 85% from this same month one year ago, the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) reported today (May 26).

Total shipments in April were at their highest level in two years. Seasonally adjusted they represented an annualized rate of nearly 250,000 units. All vehicle segments showed increeases in shipments over April 2009 levels, RVIA noted.

Towables were the biggest gainers with deliveries to retailers of 22,000 units, up 78.9%, while motorhomes reflect the highest percentage improvement by growing from 1,000 units in April 2009 to 2,600 units in April 2010, up 160%.

Year-to-date, shipments of all RVs in the first four months of 2010 have now reached 84,500 units, nearly double the total from the same period last year.

By product segment, April shipments were as follows:

  • Travel trailers, 14,400, up 82.3%.
  • Fifth-wheel trailers, 5,400, up 86.2%.
  • Folding camping trailers, 1,900, up 46.2%.
  • Truck campers, 300, up 50%.
  • Class A motorhomes, 1,100, up 266.7%.
  • Class B motorhomes, 200, up 100%.
  • Class C motorhomes, 1,300, up 116.7%.

By product segment year-to-date shipments were as follows:

  • Travel trailers, 50,400, up 93.1%.
  • Fifth-wheel trailers, 18,700, up 96.8%.
  • Folding camping trailers, 6,100, up 48.8%.
  • Truck campers, 1,000, up 66.7%.
  • Class A motorhomes, 4,200, up 200%.
  • Class B motorhomes, 600, up 100%.
  • Class C motorhomes, 3,500, up 105.9%.

The complete table follows:

April 2010 wholesale shipments

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March Wholesale Shipments Spike at 19.4%

April 29, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) reports that March shipments of 24,000 new RVs marked an increase of 19.4% over February and 87.5% over March 2009.

Improvements were reported in all vehicle categories with towables growing by more units while motorhome totals reflected the greater percentage increase, according to RVIA Express.

First quarter totals this year show similar patterns with total shipments to retailers of 59,900 units, an improvement of 96.4% from this same period last year. Towable products nearly doubled gaining 93.6% to 54,200 units while motorhomes gained 128% to 5,700 units.

Led by conventional travel trailer and fifth-wheel gains, towables were up 93.6% in the first calendar quarter this year.

The strong March shipment numbers mark a continuation of a months-long trend that reflects the positive RV market outlook provided by University of Michigan economist Richard Curtin in the spring issue of RV Roadsigns. Curtin predicted that RV shipments will grow to a total of 215,900 in 2010, a gain of 30% above the 2009 total of 165,700 units.

“The continuing positive trend in wholesale shipments is encouraging,” said RVIA President Richard Coon. “The RV industry seems to be firmly on the road to recovery. ”

See the table below for all the numbers:

2010 Worksheets.xls

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RVIA: February Wholesale Shipments Up 95%

March 30, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

RVIA logoHere’s some good news to end your week: RV shipments were up in February. Way up.

RV wholesale shipments to dealers were reported at 20,100 units in the February survey of manufacturers, an increase of 27% over last month and 95% greater than this same month one year ago, the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) reported today (March 26).

February 2010 was the best monthly total in nearly two years. Seasonally adjusted, these results represent an annualized total of more than 231,000 units.

Improvements were reported in all product categories with towables increasing by the most units and motorhomes by the greatest percentage. Conventional travel trailers continued to represent roughly six in 10 RV shipments in February with towables as a whole represented 90% of all shipments.

Motorhomes improved over last month by more than a third, reaching 2,000 units for the month. In all, RV shipments during the first two months in 2010 were double their totals of last year.

By segment, February shipments were as follows, compared to February 2009:

  • Travel trailers, 12,000, up 93.5%.
  • Fifth-wheels, 4,600, up 91.7%.
  • Folding camping trailers, 1,200, up 33.3%.
  • Truck campers, 300, up 200%.
  • Class A motorhomes, 1,000, up 233.3%.
  • Class B motorhomes, 200, up 100%.
  • Class C motorhomes, 800, up 100%.

Year-to-date, towable shipments totaled 32,400, up 100% from the first two months of 2009, while motorized shipments totaled 3,500, up 150% from 2009.

This brings 2010 shipments through February to 35,900, up 104% compared to 17,600 in the first two months of 2009.

Looking at the table that accompanies RVIA’s shipment report, the arrow points upward and is clearly separated from the softness of 2009. A recovery is clearly underway.

See the RVIA table below for all the numbers.


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