KING Adds VQ4400 to Tailgater Antenna Lineup

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KING announced the release of its DISH Tailgater VQ4400, a new enclosed-style portable satellite TV antenna. According to a press release, the latest model in the Tailgater line offers a lower price point than previous models with an MSRP of $329. “The ground-breaking DISH-specific Tailgater antennas have been flagship products for KING since 2011,” said Bob Barra, vice president of sales for KING. “We are excited to continue to strengthen our partnership with DISH and announce the launch... Read more

Cequent Introducing ‘Steadi-Flex’ Sway Control

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Cequent Performance Products has introduced the all-new heavy duty Steadi-Flex Sway Control with weight distribution. According to a press release, the new system (PNs 66559, 66560, 66561) is the latest in the Reese line, offering tapered spring bars, stylish cast components, and automotive-style friction material. “The design and functionality of the Steadi-Flex are features we have been working on for some time now,” said Tom Stalder, senior product manager. “It’s important to us to... Read more

CellTuck Launches New Update for Mobile Sites

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CellTuck has released a mobile update that offers clients the use of templates to enhance website design. “The beauty of the templates is that once the dealer selects one, they then can easily just swap out the background image or even change the font colors,” said CellTuck Director Angie Cellucci. “This update offers flexibility to all user levels.” She added, “This new update allows clients to quickly change the look of their mobile site.  The templates in addition to full Cascading... Read more

ASA’s Harley Stereo Offers 6 1/2-Inch Speakers

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ASA Electronics has introduced 6 1/2-inch speakers to enhance the audio capabilities of its previously released HD1BT525 Harley-Davidson replacement stereo package. According to a press release, the Jensen Power Sports audio kit, named HD1BT650, still features the “true” plug n’ play design that allows for both the stereo and speakers to fit into the factory fairings opening. “A 5 1/4-inch speaker can only reproduce so much bass — you need more cone area to produce more bass. The larger... Read more

ARI & CDK Offer DMS Capabilities for Websites

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CDK Global announced an integration and reseller agreement with ARI Network Services, Inc. to begin providing dealers with websites and enhanced integrations with Design Management System (DMS) capabilities in the RV, powersports and marine markets. This new offering allows dealers to instantly post unit inventory as well as available parts and accessories to their website directly from their CDK Lightspeed system. “The integration that dealers will have between their website and their Lightspeed... Read more

WFCO Launches Power Centers for Smaller RVs

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WFCO Electronics announced the introduction of the WF-8700 series of power centers offering lower amperage to accommodate smaller RVs. Tom Ryan, WFCO vice president of sales and marketing, noted in a press release, “With outputs in the range of 12-, 25-, 35- and 40-amps, no other company can so effectively match the lower power needs of smaller RVs.” WF-8700 power centers also offer some of the same innovations found in WFCO’s higher-end power centers, such as: Small, lightweight, and... Read more

SEPI Marketing Intros Social Media Site in Beta

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SEPI Marketing announced the release of MRV Connect in beta. According to a press release, the beta site is configured as a form of social media for RV travelers which enables users to catalog their journey, share content within their network and view friends’ travels and experiences via reviews. SEPI Marketing, a promoter of outdoor recreation, owns Southeast Publications, and their mobile app, MobileRVing 2.0. MRV Connect is expected to expand SEPI Marketing’s viewership which... Read more

CellTuck Introduces New Update for Mobile Site

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CellTuck has introduced a new update that gives dealers the option to brand their mobile site with background images and custom buttons along with font colors and sizes. “This is one of many recent mobile updates we have released,” said CellTuck Director Angie Cellucci. “Our upcoming plans are to deliver multiple templates and seasonal themes that will invite our clients to simply click their choice and change their mobile sites without any further styling. She added, “As developers,... Read more

‘eNow’ Offering Solar Products to RV Industry

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eNow, Inc., which specializes in renewable energy systems, announced that it has officially moved into the recreational vehicle as well as commercial and leisure marine industries with its solar solutions. According to a press release, eNow provides “eco-friendly solar and battery technology, which results in cost savings for RV and boat owners.” Solar power is captured and stored in the on-board battery system and distributed to various RV and truck/trailer functions, such as air conditioning... Read more

ASA Introduces ‘Multimedia’ Navigation System

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ASA Electronics has released the JRV9000 to the RV market. The multimedia navigation system features a large, 6.2-inch touchscreen with a feature set that includes Bluetooth, Sirius XM capabilities, HDMI/MHL input and extensive navigation options. “Built for Class A and C motorhomes in the RV market, this system incorporates RV specific functionality with multicamera embedded switching, programmable navigation by vehicle size, along with Canadian maps which usually require a separate purchase,”... Read more

Winegard Introducing ‘Rayzar z1’ RV Antenna

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Winegard Co., a leading U.S. antenna manufacturer since 1954, has introduced the Rayzar z1 Amplified Local HD and Digital Broadcast RV TV Antenna. According to a press release, the Rayzar z1 offers optimal UHF reception along with strong high-band VHF provide access to the major broadcast networks. Optimized for North American digital TV frequencies the Rayzar z1 is designed to eliminate interference from other non-TV frequencies (like radio) to maximize signal reception. With high-quality HD... Read more

ASA Electronics Issued Patent for DVD Radio

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ASA Electronics has been awarded a new patent based on its cutting-edge product development, the Elkhart, Ind.-based company announced today. The patent covers the ornamental design of the JWM9A wall-mount DVD radio. According to a release, after assessing the direction of the industry and the trends of their customers’ purchases, the need for a “sleek RV stereo with residential styling became clear to the team at ASA Electronics.” Once the product was developed, the company quickly applied... Read more

Reese Debuts Gooseneck Kit for Nissan Titan

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Cequent Performance Products has launched the Reese Elite Gooseneck Accessories Kit, now for use with the Nissan Titan OE underbed kit. According to a company release, the kit (PN: 30137) provides the “comfort of knowing they have North America’s leading brand of towing products and accessories backing them up.” “Those who tow want to be able to use the same hitch for everything they pull,” said product manager Tom Stalder. “This kit enables them to do just that.” The Reese Elite... Read more

Winegard Engineers a New RV Ladder Mount

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Winegard Co. announced the launch of the MT-4000 Satellite TV Antenna Ladder Mount, designed specifically for satellite TV antennas in used on poles with outer diameters between 1 inch to 1 1/8 inch.  According to a release, the MT-4000 extends from 19 1/2 inches to 23 1/2 inches in 2-inch increments for three setting options, allowing RVers to raise a Winegard satellite TV antenna above ground level obstructions to gain the best line of sight to the satellite. The MT-4000 is compatible with... Read more

Winegard Rolls Out DISH ‘Playmaker’ Antenna

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Winegard Co. has introduced the DISH Playmaker portable automatic satellite HDTV antenna developed exclusively for DISH high definition and standard definition programming. According to a press release, mobile TV viewers will find the DISH Playmaker ideal for a variety of outdoor activities such as tailgating, RVing, camping and hunting. The new DISH Playmaker antenna is available through Camping World Supercenters and RV dealerships nationwide. MSRP is $329. The DISH Playmaker portable automatic... Read more

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