Kronen Introduces New 4 oz. Package

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Kronen New 4 oz. Package St. Louis, MO – ProPack Packaging, the manufacturer of Kronen Premium Holding Tank Treatments, has introduced the ultimate nature safe way to treat black and grey water tanks in a convenient 4 oz. single use bottle. The bottles are packaged in a convenient 6-pack box which provides an attractive shelf presence that maximizes space on dealer shelves. This new package was scheduled to debut at the RVIA Show in Louisville this fall, but strong sales mandated this early launch... Read more

Let Blue Ox Help You Carry What You Need for Your Next Adventure

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Blue Ox SportCarrier II PENDER, Neb., – Don’t leave your motorcycle, dirt bikes, ATV, or golf cart at home anymore. Blue Ox manufacturers the SportCarrier II (SC2102) to let you take them with! The 48″ x 84″ steel deck mounts to the rear of your 5th wheel or travel trailer. It allows for loading either curb side or street side and is fully equipped with built-in tie downs, plus has a load capacity of 1,000 lbs. and is black powder coated for a long lasting, worry free finish. The... Read more

LED Ceiling Lights Now Available from Progressive Dynamics

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Progressive Dynamics LED Lights The PD771WW, PD772WW, PD791WW and PD792WW ceiling lights from Progressive Dynamics, Inc. are now available in LED models. The PD771WWLED and PD791WWLED lights have a single lens, while the PD772WWLED and PD792WWLED have a double lens. All four models feature large lenses and reflector design for excellent illumination and are made with heat-resistant, high impact polymer to minimize accidental damage. The lights are easy to install and feature a snap-out lens design. ... Read more

ASA Electronics Introduces ‘Flash Freeze’ A/C

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Advent Air ACRG14 Elkhart, Ind.-based ASA Electronics announced the introduction of a new cooling solution to the RV air-conditioning market with the Advent Air ACRG14 ducted ceiling assembly with flash freeze. According to a press release, the system’s flash freeze capabilities work by allowing direct airflow from the upper unit to flow in a downward motion into the RV living area. Campers will experience a shower of refreshing crisp air that will radiate down to cool their RV. The improved, curved... Read more

International Thermal Research (ITR) Introduces the Oasis Combi

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The OASIS COMBI is a 12 VDC, diesel fueled hydronic heater. The COMBI has the ability to provide a two loop configuration and up to five heating zones. Other features of the OASIS COMBI include ITR’s patented no smoke, no smell, low pressure burner with whisper-quiet operation and ultra low emissions, a “true” output of 42,000 BTUs, fuel consumption of 0.40 US gals/ hour of continuous operation, and on-demand continuous hot water. The OASIS COMBI features a built-in overflow bottle and expansion... Read more

Blue Sky’s Solar Product Extends Battery Life

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  Solar Boost 3000i from Blue Sky Blue Sky Energy Inc. has released its most flexible MPPT solar charge controller to date, the Solar Boost 3000i, allowing for a range of batteries to be charged using conventional solar modules without suffering power losses from voltage mismatch. According to a press release, Blue Sky Energy’s patented MPPT technology increases charge current up to 30% or more compared to conventional controllers, saving RV owners and other off-grid solar users on space... Read more

Blue Ox Adapter Targets Aftermarket Bumpers

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Pender, Neb.-based Blue Ox has developed a variety of double lugs that replace the standard triple lug on new or existing tow bars, allowing the tow bar to be connected to most aftermarket bumpers without any modifications. According to a press release, these aftermarket bumpers cause problems for vehicle owners who want to dinghy tow their vehicles. “The baseplates that Blue Ox and other companies manufacture will not work on vehicles that have these aftermarket bumpers,” the release stated. In... Read more

U.S. Battery Offers Durable Deep-Cycle Series

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U.S. Battery Manufacturing’ deep-cycle RV batteries U.S. Battery Manufacturing’ deep-cycle RV batteries are designed to withstand the extreme charge and discharge cycles when used in RVs, as well as provide higher initial capacity, performance and longer service life, according to a press release. With many electronic appliances, stereo systems and other accessories that maintain a high parasitic load on RV batteries, discharge and charging cycles can quickly cut the service life of an ordinary... Read more

Fastway’s ‘Tethered Cover’ Protects Hitch Ball

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Fastway's tethered ball cover Fastway Trailer Products has introduced a tethered ball cover that keeps grease on the ball and off of clothes, according to a press release. Unlike some other ball covers, the Fastway tethered ball cover conveniently stays with the hitch ball while towing and is ready to use when it’s time to store the trailer. Two different models are available: one for a 2-inch ball, and one for a 2-5/16-inch ball. “Losing your ball cover is a messy hassle,” said Progress... Read more

Solar-on-the-Go Provides Stow and Go Power For RVers and Lifestyle Campers

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Anywhere Solar’s Solar-on-the-Go San Diego, CA – Solar-on-the-Go, Anywhere Solar’s latest re-invention of the solar modular, provides a portable, storable charging station for RV and trailer enthusiasts. The compact, affordable, light-weight, 50 Watt, 12 volt system was designed to recharge coach, engine or stand alone batteries. “We wanted to create a system that provides the ease and portability of roll out thin film with the power production of traditional solar panels”, said Dan Curran... Read more

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