Eva-Dry Dehumidifiers Launch New Moisture-Trap Retail Product

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Eva-Dry E-750 System Tampa, Florida Company Leading the Way in Home Dehumidification Products TAMPA, Fla. (March 13, 2013): Eva-Dry, a leading national brand of compact dehumidification products, today announced the launch of a new, disposable moisture-trap system.  The E-750 ( product joins an extensive line of Eva-Dry disposable, renewable and thermal electric dehumidification products.  This new disposable system, packaged in easy-to-use, recyclable Tyvek... Read more

Larson Electronics Generator Powered Mini-Light Tower

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Larson Electronics Generator Powered Mini-Light Tower Larson Electronics has announced the release a generator powered mini light tower built to provide high power illumination in an easy to transport and deploy design. Producing over 300,000 lumens of light output and equipped with an extendable boom and gas powered generator, the WAL-ML-3XM-3G 3000 Watt Mini Light Tower is ideal for applications where illumination of large areas is required without having to depend on the availability of local... Read more

Winegard Designs RAYZAR Amplified Antenna

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Winegard RAYZAR Amplified Antenna Winegard Co., a leader in the design and manufacture of mobile TV reception products, has introduced the RAYZAR Amplified Portable Indoor HD antenna. According to a press release, the new, amplified version of the RAYZAR over-the-air antenna is capable of receiving local broadcast channels from up to 50 miles away and requires no assembly or permanent installation. The razor-thin, multi-directional amplified antenna has the most advanced dual band (VHF/UHF) consumer... Read more

Practical Products’ FlowDown Ultimate Hose Handling System

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The FlowDown is a new concept in RV sewer hose support systems. The system extends to 10-1/2 feet, sets up easily straight, around corners or over objects, and adjusts to most any slope and stores in a nice compact carry bag when not in use. Many RV parks require the sewer hose to be elevated and have adequate slope to drain the sewage. Due to the varying heights and locations of these sewer connections, the Flowdown addresses all of these issues and is a must for any RV owner. For more information... Read more

CURT’s ‘Easy Mount Brackets’ Now Available

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CURT’s Easy Mount Brackets Towing product supplier CURT Manufacturing announced that the company’s award-winning Easy Mount Electrical Brackets are now available to order from its Eau Claire, Wisc., distribution center and will be available at all 10 CURT distribution centers across the U.S. and Canada by March 5. According to a press release, CURT’s Easy Mount Electrical Brackets provide a solution for unkempt trailer wiring. The brackets mount to a trailer hitch receiver tube with two stainless... Read more

Al’s Liner Professional Series DIY Window Tint Kits

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Al's Liner DIY Window Tint No Previous Installation Experience Needed to Obtain Excellent Results Al’s Liner now offers professional grade automotive tint in a DIY Window Film Kit. No previous installation experience is necessary to obtain excellent results. Tint kits are available for side windows, and rear windows. Al’s is a true black film, not blue, and is available in three tint shades. Al’s DIY Window Tint is made in the USA with high quality dye and Weather Resistant Polyesters... Read more

Clean Seal Develops System for RV Slideouts

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South Bend, Ind.-based Clean Seal Inc. has developed  a sealing system designed specifically for use on RV slideouts, according to a press release. The company said that the Flip-N-Seal system provides an easy-to-use solution for sealing slideouts while also eliminating problems with ordering and shipping. By coiling the product, Flip-N-Seal can be shipped via UPS while also taking up less floor space during the point of installation. Clean Seal has also taken the difficulty out of determining... Read more

Larson Electronics Rechargeable Portable Power Supply

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Larson Electronics Rechargeable Portable Power Supply Larson Electronics has announced the release of a power distribution system designed to provide a source of portable 120 VAC power for locations where standard power sources are unavailable or impractical. The BPLI-2K-120 Portable Power Supply is a rechargeable and portable power supply and distribution system that is ideal for powering lighting, cameras, computers and many other devices, and can provide up to 24 hours of power on a single charge... Read more

KVH R1 System Hooks up RVers to Satellite TV

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Tracvision from KVH KVH Industries Inc. has introduced TracVision R1, providing premium programming from DISH Network or DIRECTV to any RV traveling in the U.S., even while the vehicle is in motion. “Adding satellite TV is an excellent way to make a motorhome truly feel like home,” says Jim George, KVH’s director of sales for satellite products. “The TracVision R1 allows you to enjoy your favorite shows, news, weather, sports and even cartoons with the grandkids in your RV just as you would... Read more

Introducing… Polk’s Instant Home Theater Audio System

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Polk Audio’s SB5000 Instant Home Theater System Elkhart, IN (February 5, 2013) – ASA Electronics, an international manufacturer of premium audio and video mobile electronics and appliances is proud to be setting a new standard for sound bar performance in the RV industry with the introduction of Polk Audio’s SB5000 Instant Home Theater System. This Bluetooth enabled model delivers exceptional sound quality and maximum clarity while maintaining a sleek, low-profile design and easy setup. The... Read more

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