Renovated Flying Cloud Trailer on Auction Block

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Renovated 1950's Flying Cloud trailer by Airstream

A renovated Flying Cloud trailer from the 1950s, which retains much of the vintage charm but also includes several modern luxuries, is currently up for auction by restoration experts Timeless Travel Trailers. Caravan Times reports the online bidding will close on Dec. 11 and the highest bid currently stands at $88,000.

On the exterior, the polished aluminum bodyshell is immediately striking but the interior design is, if anything, even more impressive. Originally built in 1954, this particular Flying Cloud was one of only 150 to be made that year at the Airstream factory in Los Angeles, Calif. Over the past 57 years, it has been in almost constant use, including a spell as a hunting lodge near Goose Lake, Ore.

Despite a thorough restoration job, the renovators have decided to leave some of the minor scratches, bumps and imperfections on the surface to retain some of its unique character. What’s more, copper paneling on the interior and distressed oak flooring bring both warmth and retro style to the nose end of this distinctive trailer, which is also outfitted with the finest modern conveniences and technological wizardry on board.

A 19-inch Jensen flatscreen HDTV has been flush-fitted into the wall opposite the living room area, while a Blu Ray player has been hooked up as well. Electrics are provided by a 12-volt system, while LED lighting helps keep overall battery consumption levels down. The plush front-end sofa is finished in leather and complimented by a solid wood central table, and the interior doors are made out of solid hickory wood.

In terms of appliances, there is a Wedgewood cooktop, Thetford toilet, a Norcold fridge/freezer, as well as Atwood water and central heating.

Click here to view a slideshow of the renovated Airstream trailer.


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