Judge Makes Ruling on Lippert, AL-KO Dispute

October 7, 2013 by · Comments Off on Judge Makes Ruling on Lippert, AL-KO Dispute 

A legal battle between two Elkhart, Ind.-based RV suppliers, Lippert Components Inc. and AL-KO Axis Inc., is heating up, with a federal judge ruling that parts of AL-KO’s non-compete agreement with a former employee is overly broad.

As reported by the Elkhart Truth, U.S. District Judge Jon DeGuilio ruled last week, that AL-KO’s former vice president of tactical projects, Larry Revelino, can work for Lippert Components. While DeGuilio upheld parts of the non-compete agreement about protecting AL-KO’s business secrets, Revelino had already agreed to do that and had signed a contract with Lippert preventing him from giving away his former employer’s trade secrets.

DeGuilio also prohibited Revelino, Lippert’s new director of international business relations, from trying to recruit AL-KO’s employees, customers or suppliers.

“Mr. Revelino has acknowledged that he is bound by the confidentiality provisions of his employment agreement, and has identified no harm that would come to him from an injunction against his soliciting AL-KO’s customers, supplies or employees,” the judge wrote. “However, the harm that would come to Mr. Revelino from an injunction against his employment entirely would be more substantial, and provides further weight against granting such an injunction at this time.”

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AL-KO Introduces Two ‘Advanced Design’ Axles

December 5, 2011 by · Comments Off on AL-KO Introduces Two ‘Advanced Design’ Axles 

Axle and brake manufacturer AL-KO Kober, based in Elkhart, Ind., recently introduced two new axles in its Advanced Design product line.

“All of our Advanced Design products are created with the goal of building strength down into key components for an efficient product that’s more lightweight while maintaining the product’s high performance or even increasing it,” said Mark Nave, marketing and parts manager, in a press release.

The 3.5K Advanced Design axle utilizes a newly created 1.75-inch brake and 10-inch brake drum and is 10 pounds lighter per axle. Available for both leaf spring and rubber torsion systems, the new backing plate design provides superior brake consistency while its advanced friction material provides greater stopping power. It can be retrofitted on any existing AL-KO axle and meets all 3.5K bearing and seal industry standards.

“The really nice thing about this 3.5K axle is its compatibility with other models,” Nave explained. “Its spindle design, brake flange placement and bolt pattern are interchangeable with all 3.5K axles, and it can be used in combination with the 10-inch by 2.25-inch drum size.”

The 5.2K Advanced Design axle features an 11-inch drum, also for use on either leaf spring or rubber torsion axles.

“We’re very proud of the 5.2K Advanced Design axle because it brings a substantial weight savings,” said Nave. “Our intensive engineering and lab testing have confirmed this design’s performance.”

This 5.2K axle’s bearings are larger than most competitors in the industry and feature standard zinc wheel studs, while the rubber torsion axle features AL-KO’s signature hexagonal design.

For more information on these and other Advanced Design products, visit or call 574-294-6651.



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