Dicor Corp. Finalizes Sale of Alta Resources

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Gregg Fore

Gregg Fore

Elkhart, Ind.-based Dicor Corp., a leading supplier of products to manufacturers for recreational and conversion vehicles as well as aftermarket products for RVs, announced today (Dec. 9) it has finalized an agreement for the purchase of the primary products of the company’s Alta Resources affiliate by American Technology.

Alta Resources is a supplier of OEM and aftermarket wiper systems and fluid containers through a partnership with Trico Corp. and also is also the leading supplier of wireless remote control systems and its Slide-Lock product for RV slideouts. American Technology, also headquartered in Elkhart, is acquiring these products while also introducing the Genesis line of remote motor controls, a new generation of remotes for RV and related industries.

Other products previously marketed by Alta Resources, including table hardware, steps and TV brackets, will become part of the product line of Dicor Corp.’s affiliate, Dicor Products.

“Alta Resources has been a valued member of the Dicor Corp. family since its founding nearly 13 years ago,” said Gregg Fore, Dicor Corp. president. “The Alta Resources personnel as well as the products that will now be part of American Technology have proven to be top performers in the markets they serve. Alta Resources has been associated with American Technology for more than 10 years, so we believe this move should be a perfect fit for the people and products, making for a smooth and successful transition.”

Fore said the agreement effectively enhances Dicor Corp.’s ongoing capabilities. “This transaction gives us additional resources to support the numerous innovations coming out of our other companies,” he said.

In addition to Dicor Products, Dicor Corp. affiliate companies include Vixen Components, Seal Design and United Shade.

“The acquisition of the Alta Resources product lines is in harmony with our core competencies and our strategic plans for product and market expansion,” noted Steve Haines, American Technology chairman and CEO. “We welcome the opportunity to expand Alta’s market, and appreciate our long association with Dicor Corp.”

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Elkhart Supplier Dicor Corp. Reinventing Itself

October 8, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

Dicor President Gregg Fore (left) and

Dicor President Gregg Fore (left) and Gordon Frost, general manager of Vixen Composites, Elkhart, Ind.

Dicor Corp. is pulling things together, both literally and visually.

As the company prepares to make several product introductions at the 48th Annual National RV Show, Nov. 30-Dec. 2 in Louisville, Ky., it was in the process of moving its corporate headquarters and a number of affiliate companies to a new, shared Elkhart, Ind., location. Also in the works was a corporate rebranding effort to more closely identify the corporation’s various units under the Dicor umbrella.

The privately held northern Indiana industry supplier, with some 100 employees, was doing all that while launching Vixen Composites, a new business unit that uses a computer-controlled system to manufacture “advanced composite” RV sidewall panels up to 10 feet wide and 45 feet or more in length.

Dicor Corp. President Gregg Fore said the new brand identity, kept under wraps until its unveiling in Louisville, will help customers see both visually and “in practice” that the corporation encompasses not only Dicor Products but also Alta Resources, Seal Design and United Shade, along with the new Vixen unit.

Alta Resources, Seal Design and Dicor Products will share facilities with Vixen, at 2965 LaVanture Place in Elkhart, after moves to be completed by December, Fore said. Part of United Shade and the company’s Window Expressions division, which serves the commercial and residential building markets, will share the older Dicor on the city’s north side facilities.

A company news release explained that the $6.1 million startup and relocation project “is symbolic of the company’s recent reorganized efforts to communicate a consistent corporate message across all product brands.”

“Right now, we offer what looks like an unrelated group of products,” said Fore, chairman for 2011 of the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA). “However, each product and each brand is driven by the same core values established at the corporate level. We want to be very clear, as a corporation, about what we stand for. And we think our new branding approach will more effectively communicate that.”

Fore said the unique Vixen Composites manufacturing process addresses the “typical problems” associated with sidewalls. The finished product is entirely seamless, down through the substrate, and includes no wood. It’s cured at temperatures of more than 250 degrees to prevent the “post forming” esthetic flaws that sometimes result when resins are cured at lower temperatures, Fore said.

“This is a proprietary process that we’ve spent the last couple years developing,” he noted. “It uses technology that is a mix between existing technology and new technology that we’ve paired with it that enables us to scale the process and size so we can produce a panel up to 10 feet wide and in virtually any length.”

A number of towable RVs are expected to be on display at the Louisville show featuring new sidewalls from Vixen Composites. Vixen’s customers also include Class A motorhome builders, said Fore, adding that Vixen’s products also have potential applications in commercial transportation, the marine sector and in building construction.

Dicor Corp.’s varied divisions are also planning on introducing several other new products or improvements for OEM and aftermarket customers in Louisville.

Seal Designs will display new thermoplastic extrusion seals, a polyurethane spray insulation/sealant and “an advanced new technology” for exterior seals. Dicor Products, in turn, will unveil lightweight, European-style RV cabinetry and new roofing and flooring products.

Alta Resources’ new offerings include Eurostyle table bracket mounts and pedestals, TV slides and a multifunctional remote control, while United Shade plans to introduce cordless honeycomb shades and new “SpaceSaver” rollershade systems that can be motorized.

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TaigMarks Agency Represents Dicor Corp.

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TaigMarks Inc. has been named as the new marketing and public relations agency for Dicor Corp. Both firms are based in Elkhart, Ind.

TaigMarks is a full-service advertising, marketing and public relations firm with particular expertise in product launches and branding strategy. It has a long history of service to the RV industry, including clients such as Coachmen-Forest River, Workhorse Custom Chassis, Dometic, Blue Ox and TRA Green Certification. It also serves a diverse range of clients involved in such fields as health care, hospitality, outdoor recreation, cabinetry, financial services, trucking, higher education and poultry drinking systems, according to a news release.

Presently TaigMarks is assisting Dicor with an extensive rebranding effort and the marketing launch of its new affiliate, Vixen Composites.

“Dicor is a great match for us because of the depth of RV knowledge that we both bring to the table,” said Steve Taig, president of TaigMarks. “Dicor is the kind of client that we enjoy working with because it allows us to use the full range of our capabilities, from developing brand charters to coordinating marketing and public relations action plans. We think the ability to develop a branding plan from conception, and then helping to implement the marketing plan, makes us most effective.”

Dicor is a leading supplier of innovative products to the OEM and component manufacturers for recreational and conversion vehicle industries, as well to distributors in the recreational vehicle and automotive aftermarkets. It is currently bringing to fruition a $6 million start-up of Vixen Composites, which will manufacture advanced composite materials for RVs and other products.

Current affiliated companies include Dicor, United Shade, Alta Resources and Seal Design, all of which provide a variety of components, materials and services that enhance RV manufacturing and the RV experience for the consumer.

“We appreciate TaigMarks’ RV knowledge and the strategic thought its associates put behind everything they do,” said Dicor President Gregg Fore. “We think TaigMarks and its creative team will help us focus our message and provide a more cohesive identity for all our companies, which will keep Dicor’s success growing for many years to come.”

For more information about TaigMarks, visit or call (574) 294-8844.

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Dicor’s Fore: Show Response Beyond Expectations

December 10, 2009 by · Comments Off on Dicor’s Fore: Show Response Beyond Expectations 


Gregg Fore

Gregg Fore

Editor’s Note: In the week following the National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky., Gregg Fore, president of the Dicor Group of Companies and first vice chairman of the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), had the following comments on the show’s success and to Dicor’s new product introductions.

With nearly a dozen new products on display from the Dicor Companies including frame window shades, RV burglar alarms, updated remote control systems, SURV motorized rear bug screens, all aluminum steps and the Innova interior cabinet systems, Dicor President Gregg Fore indicated that the response from dealers and manufacturers was beyond expectations.

“Each of our companies released new product initiatives, aimed at changing the way RV components are perceived by manufacturers, dealers and consumers,” Fore stated. “The encouragement we received from our customers indicates that we are, in fact, challenging the status quo with our new product offerings. They strongly encouraged us to rapidly get these products into their newest unit designs.”

Standing at the forefront of new product development for the RV Industry, the Dicor Group of Companies, which includes Alta Resources, Seal Designs, United Shade and Dicor Corp., is bringing products to the mix that will help manufacturers to change the landscape of the industry to meet the needs of today’s dealers and consumers as well, he said. Some examples of this new product innovation include:

  • From Alta Resources, an advanced 8-button/10-function remote control system with applications to control fifth-wheel jacks, slide-out rooms, patio lights, rear stabilizer jacks and more; and an RV burglar alarm system that protects the unit’s interior as well as its outside storage compartments.
  • From Seal Design, a new line of Touch-N-Seal products that include a wide range of products to handle many custom applications including one- and two-component foam kits for sealing, insulating, patching and filling. Seal Design specializes in customized sealant solutions for water intrusion, cushioning, sound abatement, attachment and bonding.
  • From United Shade, a new line of manual and motorized Roller Shades available in one-piece blackout or sunscreen material or in a two-piece Day/Night shade option. These new roller shades are custom made for single window or total cab systems. Also from United Shade is a new Sport Utility Motorized Bug Screen that allows complete and comfortable utilization of the unit for personal relaxation without the intrusion of unwanted insects.
  • From Dicor Corp., the Innova line of stylish RV interiors including interior cabinets that present a new approach to custom RV interiors with component based, versatile design; manual and electronic bed lifts that add versatility to the living area; and TV brackets suitable for unique TV placement and adjustment.

“With these and other new product introductions Dicor is setting a tone for the RV industry to think differently when it comes to new product design and the choice of options that are now available,” Fore said. “Of course, Dicor will continue its role as a key supplier of its core products, roofing and wheel products, as well as its aftermarket emphasis on roof care and maintenance and wheel accessories.

“The reaction to new product ideas coupled with the reported success of the National RV Trade Show from our manufacturing customers is yet another sign that the Industry recovery is continuing , and that 2010 should be a healthy year for the RV Industry,” Fore concluded.

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