ASA’s New TV from Jensen Resists RV Vibration

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Jensen JTV2815DC TV

Jensen JTV2815DC LED DC TV

Elkhart, Ind.-based ASA Electronics, an international manufacturer of premium audio and video mobile electronics and appliances, announced the debut of the Jensen JTV2815DC 28-inch LED DC TV. According to a press release, the model is the newest TV from ASA Electronics and offers the latest in “true mobile grade evolution.”

The set features a more modern aesthetic and robust chassis than traditional RV TV’s, the company said. The model includes a “market-first” industrial grade metal cabinet that’s reinforced for vibration. With true native 12-volt operation, a slim profile, and convenient front controls, the JTV2815DC addresses a multitude of application challenges faced by motorhome manufacturers.

JCOM, the proprietary communication protocol for Jensen, allows for direct communication between the TV and other JCOM-enabled HDMI DVD players. This feature eliminates the intimidation factor of operating electronics by automatically adjusting to the device’s appropriate output without coordinating remotes and flipping through the various inputs.

Other features include ultra-wide viewing angles, front firing speakers, and conformal coated circuit boards to resist humidity and fight corrosion.

For further information about ASA Electronics, visit

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ASA Hiring Qi as International Staff Accountant

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      Elkhart, Ind.-based ASA Electronics, an international manufacturer and supplier of RV audio and video electronics and appliances, announced the appointment of Yu Qi as the new international staff accountant.

According to a press release, Qi’s extensive background in accounting will allow for her to excel at ASA. Before joining the ASA team, she held an accounting internship with a local consulting company in China and worked as a certified tax volunteer at United Way. Her first language is Mandarin which will assist her when dealing with ASA’s staff and other international activities in China, as well as translation of a variety of documents between English and Chinese.

“We are excited to bring Yu Qi aboard our team,” said Brad McDowell, ASA controller. “Her exceptional attention detail, strong desire for customer satisfaction, and enthusiasm will make for a wonderful addition to the ASA finance team.”

Qi noted, “I have learned that if I am going to do something, then I should put my greatest effort into it. I’m a loyal and dedicated employee who wants to do my absolute best for the company.”

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ASA Names Holtsberry ERP Programmer, Analyst

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      Elkhart, Ind.-based ASA Electronics, an international manufacturer and supplier of RV audio and video electronics and appliances, announced the appointment of Jim Holtsberry as the senior ERP programmer and analyst.

According to a press release, Holtsberry brings decades of experience to the ASA IT department. He initially started programming as a hobbyist in 1976, but transitioned to a professional programmer in 1984. He graduated from Tri-State University in 1983 with a bachelor’s in computer science.

“Jim Holtsberry comes to ASA with 20 years of J.D. Edwards experience focusing on best practices in the specific areas of EDI, manufacturing and warehousing,” said COO Julia Willis. “His ‘can do’ attitude along with his knowledge is outstanding.”

With Holtsberry’s extensive knowledge serving the IT field, he looks to help advance the department’s future ventures. “I want to utilize my experience and skills to support internal and external business growth,” he said.

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ASA Appoints Weaver Customer Service Director

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JIm Weaver

Elkhart, Ind.-based ASA Electronics, an international manufacturer and supplier of RV audio and video electronics and appliances, announced the appointment of Jim Weaver as the customer service manager.

According to a press release, Weaver brings 27 years of experience in customer-oriented positions. With his extensive background in customer service, project management, IT, pricing, and warehousing, Weaver is also well versed in customer relations, the company said. His knowledge in the LIFE leadership organization assisted him in understanding the strengths and weakness of different personalities, further enhancing his role as an effective leader.

“Bringing Jim Weaver onto our team further strengthens our industry-leading service to our customers,” said Dan Stoltzfus, director of operations. “With his exceptional attention to customer satisfaction and enthusiasm, he will make a great addition to the ASA team.”

With Weaver’s broad background serving various different departments, he looks to extend his knowledge to further the endeavors at ASA. “With my experience in customer service, I feel that I have been able to come in and provide immediate support and stability to the group,” he said. “My goal is to bring the group together and pull them to the next level of customer service by introducing new concepts and tools from working in a much larger organization.”

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Waters Joins ASA as RV OEM Account Manager

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Cedric Waters

Elkhart, Ind.-based ASA Electronics announced the appointment of Cedric Waters as an RV OEM account manager. According to a press release, Waters will serve the RV OEM base in the Elkhart area.

Waters brings 20 years experience in the RV manufacturing industry. With his extensive background in electrical, plumbing and electronics, Waters is “well versed” in RV construction. “His knowledge in creating solutions-based programs, while bringing a high level of customer value, fit well with the ASA’s reputation for stellar service,” said Jennifer King, RV industry manager.

His tenure in the RV supply chain has also forged solid relationships with customers, and he is known for a customer-focused approach. “Recruiting Cedric Waters to our team bolsters our leading service to the RV Industry,” said King. “As Cedric and I have been business colleagues for many years, I recognized his talent for service and savvy business approach. I’m pleased to have him on the ASA electronics team.”

Before joining ASA, Waters served as a service specialist in the U.S. Air Force and held sales roles in the RV industry.  “I am very excited to join ASA’s team of dedicated professionals,” said Waters. “I embrace the opportunity to promote ASA’s quality engineered products and value added services while incorporating my industry knowledge and experience.”

For further information about ASA Electronics, visit

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ASA Electronics ‘Open House’ Draws in Dealers

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During last week’s Elkhart County RV Open House, supplier ASA Electronics saw a record number of RV dealers and OEMs pass through its doors. According to a press release, visitors were given the opportunity to tour ASA’s corporate headquarters in Elkhart, Ind., and “witness firsthand how a true research and design facility operates on a daily basis.”

ASA’s convenient location between two major open house anchors provided visitors with an easy place to stop, stay dry and learn about ASA’s impact on the RV industry.

“Despite the rain, this year’s open house was a huge success with a remarkable number of RV dealers and OEMs visiting ASA,” said Jennifer King, RV OEM manager. “Everyone was very impressed with our state-of-the-art facility and our new product offerings from all of our high quality brands.”

ASA also awarded a lucky winner with a premium JENSEN 39-inch LED AC television.

For more information on ASA Electronics click here.

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ASA Participates in ’78 Terry Trailer Revamping

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ASA Electronics participated in the recent restoration of a classic 1978 Terry travel trailer by donating a 24-inch Jensen 12-volt TV, a JENSEN 12-volt wall-mount stereo and a pair of Jensen 5-inch dual cone speakers.

According to a press release, the massive undertaking was aimed at revamping every section of the trailer ranging from a new brake configuration to an updated audio system. The installation of the Jensen TV provided the perfect solution for dry camping in a travel trailer as the TV runs on 12-volt power. The AM/FM, CD stereo also offers Bluetooth streaming audio along with front USB and auxiliary inputs. In addition, the wall-mount stereo features a new cosmetic design.

“We are pleased that we were able to participate in this renovation,” said Rick Carver, RV aftermarket sales manager for Elkhart, Ind.-based ASA. “The completed Terry trailer will be at the RV/MH Hall of Fame and Museum during this week’s Open House.”

Every step of the process will be featured in six consecutive issues of RV Magazine between June of 2013 and May of 2014. A more expanded and comprehensive format is available at the magazine’s online web page at

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ASA Rolls Out New Jensen ’14 Series LED TVs

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Jensen '14 Series TV

Elkhart, Ind.-based ASA Electronics announced it is “leading the industry” with the new Jensen 46-inch and 50-inch LED TVs with direct LED-lit illumination, according to a press release.

The introduction of ASA’s latest televisions expands the “already exceptional family of high quality and dependable TVs.” The Jensen ’14 series offers the widest range of sizes available in the RV industry starting with a 19-inch set to a large 50-inch TV.

ASA also supports their televisions with its “Hassle-Free Warranty Program” that is cost effective and provides a quick turnaround in the event an RVer needs assistance.

ASA offers the exclusive Jensen JCOM technology with their top-of-the-line televisions. JCOM provides communication from the TV to a JENSEN JCOM-equipped HDMI DVD player. This feature offers a more uniform, user-friendly platform eliminating the intimidation factor when handling multiple electronics. Each unit also includes a unified remote control and optional table top stand.

ASA stated, “These TVs have been engineered to the JENSEN quality standards the RV industry has come to appreciate from ASA.”



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ASA Electronics Touts Sept. 17-19 Open House

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ASA Electronics will be hosting an open house each day during the 6th Annual RV Open House week from Sept. 17-19 at its facility in Elkhart, Ind.

RV industry professionals, including manufacturers and dealers are invited to visit ASA’s corporate headquarters to learn more about how ASA’s JENSEN, Voyager and Advent brands serve the industry, according to a news release.

The ASA Electronics facility is conveniently situated between the two major open house anchors just south of County Road 6 on Marina Drive.

Hosts will provide an in-depth tour of ASA’s facility. Visitors will see the  state-of-the-art engineering and design lab where they can witness firsthand how a true research and design facility operates on a daily basis. Visitors may also meet ASA customer service and technical service personnel who put forth an unparalleled effort in order to make ASA the top electronics manufacturer in the industry.

Visitors will be entered to win a premium JENSEN LCD TV.

About ASA

For over 30 years, ASA has been specifically designing, engineering and testing their products to be able to handle the rigorous conditions encountered in the marine, recreational vehicle, powersports, ag/construction, bus and commercial industries. ASA’s proprietary brands include JENSEN, JENSEN Marine, JENSEN Heavy Duty, Marine Audio, Voyager and Advent. ASA is a distributor for SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio and Polk products in all their specialty markets. ASA’s products include high quality, feature-rich stereos, speakers, LCD TVs, observation systems, rooftop air conditioning units and other premium accessories built to the specifications of their respective industries. For further information about ASA Electronics, visit


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ASA Names Jim Hess as RV OEM Account Rep

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Jim Hess

Elkhart, Ind.-based ASA Electronics announced the appointment of Jim Hess as an RV OEM account representative. According to a press release, Hess will be focusing on providing RV industry professionals with “customized RV solutions” along with cultivating awareness of ASA’s premium Jensen, Voyager and Advent brands.

Prior to joining ASA, Hess held an assortment of sales and marketing positions including owning and managing Linway Fitness located in Goshen. In this position, he worked in a variety of areas including human resources, marketing, sales and customer service. More recently, Hess was in trade sales for Pella Windows and Doors both as a manager and an account representative.

“I am thrilled to welcome Jim Hess aboard our ASA team,” said Jennifer King, RV industry manager. “With his passion, vigor, and detail to customer satisfaction, he will continue to advance ASA’s dominance in the RV industry.”

“I am excited to expand upon my previous knowledge and execute new ideas on how we, as a team, can continuously create ways to strengthen the ASA name in the RV industry,” said Hess. “I hope to bring an energy and passion for networking and sales to the RV segment.”

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ASA Electronics Introduces ‘Flash Freeze’ A/C

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Advent Air ACRG14

Elkhart, Ind.-based ASA Electronics announced the introduction of a new cooling solution to the RV air-conditioning market with the Advent Air ACRG14 ducted ceiling assembly with flash freeze.

According to a press release, the system’s flash freeze capabilities work by allowing direct airflow from the upper unit to flow in a downward motion into the RV living area. Campers will experience a shower of refreshing crisp air that will radiate down to cool their RV.

The improved, curved cosmetics of the ACRG14 depart from the rigid industrial look of other ceiling assemblies. This enhanced design allows the unit to seamlessly integrate into the décor of any RV. The ACRG14 also features louvered openings while  providing RVers with versatile new options once installed. The unit is compatible with all of the Advent Air air-conditioners and can be used with the Advent Air analog or digital thermostats.

Advent’s product line provides the industry with a broad selection of premium RV appliance solutions including microwaves and refrigerators. These products offer a variety of feature options without sacrificing the durability needed to survive the rigors associated with use over-the-road.

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ASA Appoints Wood as Operations Supervisor

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Kurt Wood

Elkhart, Ind.-based ASA Electronics announced the appointment of Kurt Wood as the supplier’s new operations supervisor.

According to a press release, Wood will supervise various different warehouse operations such as shipping, inventory control, fabrication and warranty. He plans to “bring a positive attitude and a hard work ethic to ASA in his new role as operations supervisor.”

Wood previously served in the U.S. Army for 24 years before retiring in 2008 as a first sergeant. During his time in the military, he was responsible for the inventory, operation and maintenance of a company sized unit of about 72 personnel, 20 vehicles and all related equipment. Following his retirement from the military, he took a job with the Army ROTC Department at the University of Notre Dame.

“Wood’s extensive experience serving the military will play an integral role in allowing him to coordinate with all other Warehouse personnel and complete the required daily tasks. “We are very enthusiastic about Wood joining our ASA team,” said Brent Barrow, President of ASA Electronics. “We are confident he will be a good leader and set a good example for everyone here.”

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Atlas Trailer Expands ASA’s Warranty Program

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ASA Electronics has expanded its partnership with Calgary, Alberta-based Atlas Trailer Coach Products, according to a news release. Atlas is now stocking service inventory of ASA’s Jensen audio, video and Voyager observation products to better support the ASA “Hassle-Free Warranty” program.

Atlas currently maintains additional “for warranty” inventory on ASA’s line of Jensen and Voyager RV specific electronics that are used by nearly every RV manufacturer. Atlas is also the exclusive Canadian distributor of ASA’s Advent brand of RV air conditioners and heat pumps.

ASA said that its “Hassle-Free Warranty” program ensures availability of inventory and faster turnaround times on warranty work. If it is determined that the product is defective, ASA immediately authorizes Atlas to ship the replacement from a Canadian distribution center. ASA also pays the dealers direct for their labor and at their posted labor rates within two weeks.

“We are pleased to be expanding our relationship with Atlas and to be able to offer better service along with faster turnaround times for the Canadian RV aftermarket,” said Brent Barrow, president of ASA Electronics. “With the success we have already had, we are excited about the new opportunities this expansion will bring us and our Canadian partners.”



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ASA Electronics Offers New Advent Heat Pump

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New Advent heat pump from ASA

Elkhart, Ind.-based ASA Electronics has introduced a new line of Advent air conditioners with heat pumps to the RV industry. According to a press release, this new line brings “innovation and increased performance” by offering either a 13,500 or 15,000 Btu output option.

Advent units feature more copper tubing, increasing system efficiencies, along with silicone coating on the cooling fins that improves air flow and reduces freeze-ups. The heat pumps can eliminate the need for a furnace with propane gas and increase overall heating efficiency in the RV. Advent heat pumps also use the newest digital thermostat which features three fan speeds and a compact, sleek design.

The heat pumps are also built with heavy-duty metal construction and six mounting pads, which provides support and reduces vibration making for a quieter operation.

For more information visit



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ASA Names Jennifer King as RV OEM Manager

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Jennifer King

ASA Electronics, a supplier of RV audio and video electronics, announced the appointment of Jennifer King as the RV OEM industry manager.

According to a press release King has served for the past seven years as RV OEM account manager for Elkhart, Ind.-based ASA. “I am thrilled to be able to turn over the reins of the RV industry to Jennifer,” said Pat McCullough, commercial industry manager. “With her enthusiasm, energy, and exceptional detail to customer satisfaction, she will help continue to lead ASA’s dominance in the RV industry.”

King looks to expand market offerings by continuing to serve the industry in new and innovative ways. “Product development has been my passion since the beginning,” King said. “I look forward to advancing industry leading AV and appliance products with the highest level of service to the RV industry.”


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