ASA Launches Jensen Wallmount Media Center

September 12, 2012 by · Comments Off on ASA Launches Jensen Wallmount Media Center 

Jensen multimedia center from ASA

ASA Electronics has introduced the new JENSEN AWM968 RV specific multimedia wallmount entertainment center for RVs. According to a press release, the center can be mounted in any convenient location and provides RVers with access to radio, CDs, streaming audio and DVD movies.

The newly designed AWM968 stereo runs on 12V power and is built for easy RV use. This unit has the ability to receive Bluetooth streaming audio from any Bluetooth enabled device. Users can also stream audio content to their outside speakers without ever having to enter the RV. Other features include a slot-type DVD mechanism that withstands the bumps and jolts associated with mobile applications, blue backlit controls, a dimmable display, clock with sleep timer and alarm along with front audio and video input.

The stereo features 30 programmable station presets, preset scan, automatic memory storage and a credit card remote. When this unit is paired with a JENSEN TV, the unified remote will operate the entire system.

The AWM968 is specifically designed, built and tested to withstand the conditions commonly encountered in a mobile environment such as vibration, humidity/condensation and extreme temperature changes.

For more information, visit


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ASA Hosting Dealers During Open House Week

September 5, 2012 by · Comments Off on ASA Hosting Dealers During Open House Week 

ASA Electronics, an international manufacturer of premium RV audio and video electronics and appliances, is hosting a three-day open house during the Fifth Annual RV Open House Week from Sept. 18 – 20 in Elkhart, Ind.

RV industry professionals, including manufacturers and dealers, are invited to visit ASA’s corporate headquarters to learn more about how ASA’s JENSEN, Voyager and Advent brands are designed, tested and manufactured specifically for the RV Industry, according to a news release.

Upon your arrival at ASA, hosts and tour guides will greet you and provide you with an in-depth tour around the facility. During your visit, you will see ASA’s multi-million dollar, in-house research and development center in which a variety of state-of-the-art machines perform extensive environmental testing on all of our products.

See how our rapid prototyping machine can offer you the unique ability to customize a product to your specifications within hours so you can physically see your design. You will also have the opportunity to meet the personnel who put forth an unparalleled effort in order to make ASA the top electronics manufacturer in the industry.

Come visit ASA and see firsthand how mobile products are truly built for use over the road. Snacks and beverages will be provided along with a free gift and a drawing for a chance to win a JENSEN LED TV. ASA is conveniently located off C.R. 6 between both major open houses.

About ASA

For over 30 years, ASA has been specifically designing, engineering and testing their products to be able to handle the rigorous conditions encountered in the marine, recreational vehicle, powersports, ag/construction, bus and commercial industries. ASA’s proprietary brands include JENSEN, JENSEN Marine, JENSEN Heavy Duty, Marine Audio, Voyager and Advent. ASA is also the primary distributor of the SiriusXM and Polk Audio brands to their specialty markets. ASA’s products include high quality, feature-rich stereos, speakers, LCD TVs, observation systems, rooftop air conditioning units and other premium accessories built to the specifications of their respective industries. For further information about ASA Electronics, visit


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ASA Partnership Cuts OEM Price on SiriusXM

July 26, 2012 by · Comments Off on ASA Partnership Cuts OEM Price on SiriusXM 

Elkhart, Ind.-based ASA Electronics, a supplier of premium audio and video electronics, has entered into a new distribution agreement with Shakespeare Electronic Products Group.

According to a press release, the partnership will bring SiriusXM satellite radio antenna to the RV OEM industry and other specialty Markets at a significantly lowered price.

“SiriusXM satellite radio is a fantastic entertainment product,” said, Brent Barrow, president of ASA Electronics. “It goes hand-in-hand with enjoying the RV experience. We are pleased to help bring this service to the market at an affordable price.”

According to Barrow, an RV manufacturer can now add a complete satellite radio hardware package to their stereo system for only $49.

For more information, contact an ASA Electronics sales representative.


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ASA Electronics A/C Units in 1,000 Dealerships

June 21, 2012 by · Comments Off on ASA Electronics A/C Units in 1,000 Dealerships 

Supplier ASA Electronics announced today (June 21) that due to its exclusive arrangement with Stag Parkway in the U.S. and Atlas Trailer Coach Products in Canada there are now more than 1,000 RV dealerships offering Advent Air premium air conditioning units. In addition, RV manufacturers nationwide are selecting Advent Air and installing them at their factories, according to a press release.

In 2012, ASA’s wholesale distributor partners provided dealers with a full line RV electronics catalog so they could become familiar with all of ASA’s products and make them available to their customers. To further support the dealer aftermarket, ASA has added several hundred Advent Air, JENSEN and Voyager authorized service centers across the nation.

The Elkhart, Ind.-based company said that its sales and technical support staff has also conducted countless distributor sales and RV dealer trainings on the new Advent A/C units, JENSEN, Voyager and other RV electronics.

“ASA has become the single largest supplier of audio, video and observation products to RV manufacturers,” said Brent Barrow, president of ASA Electronics. “We want to make it easier for RV dealers to obtain products for resale, replacement and warranty along with giving them the ability to supply their customers with the same products being installed at the factory.”


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McMurray to Head ASA Business Development

June 20, 2012 by · Comments Off on McMurray to Head ASA Business Development 

ASA Electronics, a supplier of mobile audio and video electronics and appliances, announced the hiring of Scott McMurray as the new product and business development manager.

According to a press release, McMurray will be developing new business within current distribution as well as outside business channels. He will also investigate different business opportunities, research competition and coordinate with ASA engineering on proposed product design and cost.

McMurray has over 20 years of experience in the mobile electronics industry. He most recently was with Marine Audio Engineering and Sales as a product manager. McMurray also helped design the company’s identity, trade show exhibits, website and many multimedia projects.

“I’m excited to be joining the ASA team,” said McMurray. “This next chapter will give me new opportunities to expand upon my previous knowledge and gain new insights to enrich the ASA team.”

“Scott’s extensive background in the marine industry combined with his dedication to customer service makes him a great asset to our team,” said Brent Barrow, president of Elkhart, Ind.-based ASA Electronics. “This will ensure we continue to grow through new opportunities within developing and current markets.”


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ASA Electronics Acquires Marine Audio Assets

May 4, 2012 by · Comments Off on ASA Electronics Acquires Marine Audio Assets 

Elkhart, Ind.-based supplier ASA Electronics announced the purchase of Marine Audio Engineering and Sales. According to a press release, the acquisition will diversify ASA’s portfolio allowing the company to add additional outdoor electronics to its lineup.

Marine Audio, a St. Louis-based company, has been an established leader in the audio entertainment industry for many years and is regarded as one of the leading suppliers of environmentally engineered outdoor entertainment systems.

“I am confident that with ASA’s commitment to the industry the Marine Audio brand will continue to enhance the electronics market for years to come,” said Dick Baker, CEO of Marine Audio.

ASA Electronics said it has built a reputation in the RV industry due to their unique ability to design, engineer and test their products in their in-house R & D facility. “ASA has always respected and admired Marine Audio as a competitor because of their business philosophies and expertise in the industry,” said Tom Irions, CEO of ASA Electronics. “We are pleased to add Marine Audio to our extensive electronics line.”

Marine Audio will continue to service their customers through May 31. Inquiries related to this acquisition or customer support should be directed to Pat McCullough at or 800-688-3135.


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ASA Rolls Out Enhanced Advent Rooftop ACs

May 3, 2012 by · 1 Comment 

ASA's Advent Air rooftop air conditioner

Elkhart, Ind.-based ASA Electronics, a supplier of audio and video electronics and appliances, announced the launch of its newly enhanced line of Advent Air rooftop air conditioners.

According to a press release, the units offer “superior cooling features that exceed current industry standards.”

ASA reported that the tests performed by an independent lab verify the upgraded rooftop air conditioners consistently average a 10% greater cooling capacity than the current 13.5K or 15K Btu ratings when tested to the Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI) standards. Advent said that users will gain more Btu output per unit which means on average, as the 13.5K now produces 15K and the 15K generates 16.5K Btu.

In addition, the upgraded, aerodynamically designed shrouds give the units a sleek, modern appearance. They also feature an enriched pressure system along with an optimized coolant charge for maximum cooling performance. ASA’s enhanced air conditioners are now available to the RV industry.


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ASA Stereo Offers WeatherBand, Camera Inputs

April 12, 2012 by · Comments Off on ASA Stereo Offers WeatherBand, Camera Inputs 

JENSEN JRV212T stereo system

ASA Electronics, an Elkhart, Ind.-based manufacturer and supplier of mobile electronics, has introduced the JENSEN JRV212T stereo featuring AM/FM/CD/USB/NOAA Weatherband, iPod, SIRIUS-ready and three camera inputs.

According to a press release, the stereo system “gives RVers all of the audio features they have been searching for along with the option of having an observation system.”

The 2.0-DIN has 4x40W audio output power, an electronic AM/FM tuner with RBDS and a rear channel pre-amp audio output. The unit features a large 6.1-inch LCD touch screen with blue LED backlight allowing for easy readability in any setting. The system also features three camera inputs with auto-trigger, which enables the JRV212T to assist drivers when merging, changing lanes or reversing.

Other features include:

• An AUX input which allows for an external media device to easily be connected to the system.

• USB 2.0 front panel connection for MP3 playback.

• The system is iPod ready and offers drivers the ability to fully control and charge their portable music devices.

• CD player with 30-second ESP.

• NOAA Weatherband radio to keep drivers informed of approaching inclement weather.


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ASA Debuts Wireless Add/On Camera, Receiver

April 3, 2012 by · Comments Off on ASA Debuts Wireless Add/On Camera, Receiver 

ASA's WVRXCAM1 with WiSight

Elkhart, Ind.-based ASA Electronics, an international manufacturer of mobile electronics, has introduced the WVRXCAM1 digital wireless camera and receiver system featuring WiSight technology.

According to a press release, the system allows users to easily add a Voyager wireless back-up camera to their existing wired monitor. Designed to replace outdated systems or broken cameras, the digital receiver component connects to an existing observation monitor using RCA jacks.

Voyager’s all digital Wi-Sight technology provides for frequency matching, which digitally locks the camera to the monitor creating a signal strong enough to transmit through and around objects with no interference.

This system includes a wireless receiver box, wireless camera, monitor adapter cable, scotch fasteners, stainless steel hardware and a non-corrosive camera mounting bracket.



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ASA Debuts All-in-one Stereo, Observation Unit

March 30, 2012 by · Comments Off on ASA Debuts All-in-one Stereo, Observation Unit 

ASA 's new VM9424

Elkhart, Ind.-based ASA Electronics has introduced the VM9424 multi-media high-definition radio receiver with built-in GPS navigation and rear camera input for RVs. According to a press release, the system will save space on any RV dash by combining the stereo and observation system into one unit.

The 6.2-inch touch-screen stereo features 160 watts of power, an AM/FM tuner with 18 FM and 12 AM presets along with a high-definition radio receiver.

Other features include:

• Full iPod and iPhone audio capabilities.

• Playback of multiple digital media files and a MP3 ID3 tag that displays the current title, artist and album.

• XM satellite radio ready with subscription and Bluetooth technology via the JENSEN BTM10.

• Two composite video outputs which allow for support of additional video screens.

• A rear camera input enabling drivers to have vision at the rear of their vehicle and have better sight when merging or changing lanes.

According to ASA, the VM9424 is “an ultimate multimedia system in that it not only includes the necessary stereo features, but also enhanced features such as observation and navigation.”


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ASA Electronics Offering a Variety of RV Products

January 16, 2012 by · 1 Comment 

Advent white-gloss shroud

ASA Electronics, a leading supplier of premium mobile RV electronics, is known for specifically designing, engineering and testing  products in an on-site facility to ensure they will withstand the rigors associated with a mobile environment. According to a press release, high quality brands include JENSEN TVs, stereos and speakers, Voyager Observation Systems and Advent rooftop air-conditioners and appliances.

Advent Air, the company’s newest product line, will be introducing an all-digital thermostat to the RV market that will simplify installation by using a single wire connection between the upper unit and the thermostat. This year, units will also be available with an integrated heat pump. Advent Air will also be offering newly designed aerodynamic shrouds in black or white. Plus, the 13.5K or 15K BTU air conditioning units feature a multitude of ceiling assemblies to address a variety of RV A/C applications.

ASA is also offering a revolutionary WiSight digital wireless observation system. This observation system features a monitor along with a camera that installs into the running lights or other 12-volt circuits to help eliminate blind spots and provide vision at the rear of the vehicle. This innovative technology digitally locks the Voyager camera to the monitor so it only communicates with that monitor thus ignoring outside signals and eliminating interference. This new unit is perfect for fifth-wheels and travel trailers because it eliminates wires or cables and the monitor can easily be transferred to any tow vehicle. The system also features a portable, simple mounting solution and a 12-volt DC power plug for the monitor. To learn more about this innovative system and all of its benefits, check out ASA electronics’ video at

ASA is also proud to offer state-of-the-art televisions equipped with top-of-the-line features. Its LED TVs have 12-volt DC power which makes them the ideal choice for customers that want to go dry camping. In addition, TV’s have convenient front controls and speakers, conformal coated circuit boards, reinforced mounting points along with including a unified remote for JENSEN stereos. Televisions also feature CEC function with JENSEN CEC-equipped HDMI DVD players. JENSEN CEC automatically turns on the television when a disc is inserted into the DVD player, but only when an HDMI cable is used. This technology can greatly increase the ease of functionality for any user.

Since 1977, ASA Electronics has been an international manufacturer and supplier of mobile electronics to the RV, van, marine, bus, truck and heavy-duty industries. ASA’s proprietary line of products includes:

• JENSEN stereos, speakers, LCD televisions/monitors and DVD players

• JENSEN Marine waterproof/water resistant stereos, speakers, DVD players and accessories

• JENSEN Heavy Duty stereos, speakers and accessories

• Advent microwave ovens, refrigerators and roof-top air-conditioners

• Voyager observation systems


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ASA Electronics’ Wireless ‘Back-up Camera’

January 14, 2011 by · 1 Comment 

Pat McCullough, vice president of sales for Elkhart, Ind.-based ASA Electronics, showing the 5.6-inch LCD monitor of the company’s Voyager wireless observation system.

Pat McCullough, vice president of sales for Elkhart, Ind.-based ASA Electronics, showing the 5.6-inch LCD monitor of the company’s Voyager wireless observation system.

Vehicle observation systems — referred to by many as “back-up cameras” — have been available for several years. Elkhart, Ind.-based ASA Electronics ramped up the technology at the recent National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky., as the company unveiled its new Voyager wireless camera-and-monitor system.

“This is new digital wireless — we’re calling it Wi-Sight technology — where there is no cabling or wiring between the camera and the monitor, both of which run on 12 volts,” noted Pat McCullough, vice president of sales for the Elkhart, Ind.-based supplier. “The camera is simply mounted on the back of the unit and you would run your 12 volts from your vehicle running lights or wherever to the camera to give it power. Inside the vehicle, the 5.6-inch LCD monitor plugs into a 12-volt accessory plug which makes it very portable from vehicle to vehicle.”

Realizing, perhaps, that the unit’s wireless technology might have some expressing concerns about interference, ASA rigged the system’s camera to a remote support and mounted its monitor inside the company’s exhibit.

“We’re running more than 100 feet between the camera and monitor — a much farther distance than between a tow vehicle and the rear of a trailer or fifth-wheel — and there’s no interference whatsoever,” McCullough pointed out. The camera and monitor are locked-in to one another, but according to McCullough, if they ever are mismatched each has a reset button. The system goes on sale in April.

For more information, contact ASA Electronics, 2602 Marina Dr., Elkhart, IN 46514; (877) 305-0445,

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ASA Debuts Digital Wireless Observation Unit

December 13, 2010 by · Comments Off on ASA Debuts Digital Wireless Observation Unit 

If you’ve ever had your garage door open without nudging the remote button, you’ve experienced the sort of signal spillover that can sometimes haunt wireless communications. Elkhart, Ind.-based ASA Electronics has introduced a new Voyager digital wireless observation system that incorporates WiSight technology to digitally lock the Voyager camera to its monitor — eliminating interference and “noise” typical of analog wireless systems. The WiSight technology is strong enough to travel through and around objects and works on vehicles 60-plus feet in length, a significantly longer distance than wireless analog systems. Designed and tested to withstand the rugged conditions commonly found in RV environments, the observation system also delivers a sharp, vivid picture of the vehicle’s surroundings to the 5.6-inch color LCD monitor. Available in April, the WiSight package includes an LCD color monitor with integrated receiver, 12-volt accessory plug, suction cup monitor mount, rear color camera with integrated transmitter, stainless-steel hardware and non-corrosive camera mounting bracket. For more information, contact ASA Electronics, 2602 Marina Drive, Elkhart, IN 46514, (574) 266-3193,

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RV Firms Retrofit Bus into Mobile Science Lab

February 25, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

Left to right:  Glen Homes, Sales and General Manager MPV Division @ Turtle Top;   Phil Tom, Vice President of Turtle Top;  Doug Rhude, retired (associated with A & R) and one of the Co-Chairman of the Science 2 Go Committee;   Tom Delvecchio, Director of Engineering @ dicor  and one of the Co-Chairman of the Science 2 Go Committee;

Helping to convert a school bus into a mobile science lab for Elkhart Community Schools in Elkhart County, Ind., are (from left) Glen Holmes and Phil Tom of Turtle Top; and project co-chairmen, Doug Rhude representing A & R Machine, and Tom Delvecchio of Dicor Corp.

Several Elkhart County, Ind., RV manufacturers and suppliers are donating their time, materials and funding to help transform a four-year-old, 84-passenger school bus into an innovative mobile science center.

The “Science-2-GO Bus” is the brainchild of ETHOS (Encouraging Technology and Hands On Science), an affiliate of Elkhart Community Schools.

“Imagine a state-of-the-art science training center that is easily available to Elkhart County students and teachers that gives them the opportunity to explore science in new ways and look at their world through the eyes of a scientist,” said Dana Knapp, a master science teacher with ECS.

That’s what a handful of local firms are creating this winter. The bus is being outfitted with computers, solar panels and other features that will help bring science closer to students and teachers in Elkhart County schools.

The total cost for this community initiative is well over $250,000, sponsors estimate.

Participants include A and R Machine, ASA Electronics, Bayer Corp., Cleer Vision Windows, Dicor Corp., the Elkhart Country Community Foundation, Forest River Inc., Home Energy, Interlink Computers, Jayco Inc., Performance Graphics, Show Hauler Trucks, Summit Fiberglass, Turtle Top and Wiley Metal.

The idea began to evolve more than a year ago and sprouted when the Bayer Foundation came forward with a $64,000 grant. “Several local companies came on board right away, then the economy went down,” explained Patsy Boehler, executive director of ETHOS.

The project was put on hold for nine months, then was revived over the winter.

Boehler contacted the office of northern Indiana Congressman Joe Donnelly, who pointed her in the direction of Dicor Corp. in Elkhart. Dicor staff warmed to the idea and drafted some preliminary designs.

She then contacted the Elkhart Community Foundation and was put in contact with Forest River, which joined the effort and identified some local suppliers who could help on the project.

“It was just amazing how many companies said they could donate things,” Boehler said.

The project got off the drawing board this winter, and the bus is making the rounds to area firms, each modifying the bus using its special skills. The first step was to remove the seats and raise the ceiling by 14 inches.

Thanks to the donations from the local firms, only $19,000 of the original grant has been spent so far. The balance of the grant will help furnish the lab. Boehler anticipates the bus will be completed in March or April.

Phil Tom of Turtle Top, Doug Rhude representing A & R Machine and Dennis Boehler are co-chairmen for the project.

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ASA Electronics Takes On Hamilton Beach Line

January 27, 2010 by · Comments Off on ASA Electronics Takes On Hamilton Beach Line 

MW900BKASA Electronics, an international manufacturer and supplier of mobile electronics, has expanded its mobile electronics product line to include Hamilton Beach microwaves and refrigerators, according to a news release. The Hamilton Beach microwaves are designed as built-in units with one-touch easy-to-use electronic controls that let users quickly and easily adjust cook times, cook settings, power levels, clock and timer. They have glass turntables, push button doors, and pre-programmed one-touch digital cook settings that let you easily prepare popcorn, pizza, frozen entrees, or beverages at the touch of a button. Skimping on power is also nothing to be concerned over as the Hamilton Beach microwaves have 900 watts of cooking power and 10 adjustable power levels that let users boil, reheat, defrost, and more.  REF35B-black-closeAll Hamilton Beach microwaves are also extremely easy to install into any mobile application as they each include an easy one-piece trim kit. The 3 1/2-cubic-foot Hamilton Beach refrigerator accommodates any application while sleek in design is perfect even in the most compact environments. Additional features include chiller compartments, slide shelves, door racks, 2-liter bottle racks, an egg tray, interior lamp and vegetable crisper.

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