Atwood Purchases Aussie-Based Aircommand

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Elkhart, Ind.-based supplier Atwood Mobile Products LLC announced today (July 18) that it has closed on a transaction to acquire Aircommand, a privately held company headquartered in Adelaide, South Australia from the Henshall family. According to a press release, Aircommand is a world market leader in mobile air-conditioning, selling to the RV and specialty vehicle markets worldwide, particularly in Australia, North America and Europe.

“Aircommand has been a partner with Atwood for the past couple of years as we have worked to launch their high performance rooftop A/C’s in North America,” stated Tim Stephens, Atwood’s president. “We have developed a strong working relationship with the Aircommand team and have quickly discovered a mutual commitment to quality, innovation and product performance.

“This transaction is only going to accelerate this cooperation, leveraging Aircommand’s R&D engineering skills, sales strengths and sourcing relationships to the mutual benefit of all our customers.  We are particularly delighted that Atwood will continue to have access to David Henshall’s design and product development talents into the future. ”

David O’Brien, general manager of Aircommand, noted, “We look to the future with much enthusiasm. We are excited to formalize our relationship with Atwood and realize the industry potential of this new partnership.”

Atwood is a leading supplier of appliances, chassis and seating hardware, architectural products and gas detectors, primarily to the North American RV and specialty vehicle markets.


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Atwood Water Heater an Option for EverGreen

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Atwood on-demand water heater

Atwood Mobile Products LLC’s on-demand water heater (ODWH) is now available as an option on towables built by EverGreen Recreational Vehicles LLC.

According to a press release, the Atwood ODWH uses energy only when hot water is demanded, which ties into EverGreen RV LLC’s focus on providing energy efficient and sustainable RVs. Atwood’s ODWH delivers class leading 50K Btu performance through its high output burners, which equates to nearly 30% more heating capacity.  The Atwood ODWH also allows end users to enjoy a full flow of continuous hot water in varied climates.

“EverGreen’s emphasis on weight savings and energy efficiency coupled with their commitment to providing high quality products makes the Atwood ODWH a perfect fit,” said Bill Martin, director of OEM sales.

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Adams Joining Atwood Aftermarket Sales Team

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Wes Adams

Elkhart, Ind.-based Atwood Mobile Products LLC has appointed Wes Adams to the position of aftermarket sales representative for accounts in the southwest region.

According to a press release, Adams will be focused on building and maintaining strong working relationships with distributors and dealers to support the company’s aftermarket initiatives. He will work toward increasing sales of Atwood products into the aftermarket through promotion, training, show participation and merchandising.

Adams brings over 27 years industry experience, most recently serving as an outside sales consultant for NTP Distribution Inc.

“Atwood continues to focus on growing its aftermarket presence,” said Trey Miller, director of aftermarket sales. “Wes brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with him along with many established aftermarket relationships. Atwood has a team focused specifically on its aftermarket objectives and we look forward to the role Wes will play on the team.”.

Adams will reside in Arlington, Texas, and can be reached at  or (817) 505-7240.

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Atwood Debuting ‘Fill Your Fridge’ Promotion

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Atwood Mobile Products LLC announced its “Let Atwood Fill Your Fridge” promotion where customers can qualify for a $50 gift card. According to a press release, this is a limited time promotion directed at retail consumers in both the U.S. and Canada who purchase an Atwood helium refrigerator between May 1 and June 30.

The Atwood helium refrigerator operates using a gas absorption system with helium replacing the traditional hydrogen gas.  The result is a cooling system that minimizes stress that can be caused by using traditional hydrogen-based gas absorption refrigerators in an out of level situation.

The refrigerators are designed to fit the cabinet openings of standard 6- and 8-cubic-foot models while providing up to 10% more interior storage capacity.  They also feature a modern design with blue crisper bins, LED lighting, intuitive door handles and integrated storage latches.

For more information please visit or e-mail

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Atwood Air Command A/C Units Are Available

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Atwood Air Command A/C's

Elkhart, Ind.-based Atwood Mobile Products LLC announced the availability and shipment of its new Australian-designed Air Command line of high-performance air conditioners. According to a press release, the Air Command line is available in ducted and non-ducted versions to Atwood’s OEM partners and nationwide aftermarket distribution network.

Atwood said that lab tests demonstrate that the Air Command has distinct advantages, which “challenge traditional standards the industry uses to brand Btu performance.” Units are listed as 16K Btu and 18K Btu equivalent.

“It wouldn’t make sense to brand our 16K equivalent model as a 13.5K if it outperforms the leading 15K,” said Director of Sales Bill Martin, RV OEM, noting that Air Command models easily retrofit into existing 13.5K and 15K Btu applications. “In real world terms, Air Command uses drastically less energy input while providing more cooling output. Our 16K equivalent models are so energy efficient that we have been able to operate them via a single 2kW generator.”

Martin added that Air Command units also reduce noise level with assistance from V-Flow, a proprietary air distribution method. “You have to hear these units in person to believe just how quiet they really are,” he said.

Trey Miller, director of aftermarket sales, noted, “There’s no question that Air Command is progressive, featuring 16K and 18K equivalent performance, but dealers and OEMs want to know about reliability, durability and serviceability. Air Command may be a new name to the U.S. market, but it’s nearly 80% of the market in Australia and has been a leading supplier there since 1978.”

Air Command models are available with black or white shrouds and feature independent dual motors, a programmable digital thermostat with energy saving sleep timer and convenient digital remote control. 18K Btu equivalent models feature a heat pump as standard equipment.

All units feature Atwood’s two-year warranty and are serviceable at over 1,800 certified Atwood service centers across the U.S. and Canada. For more information visit

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Atwood Earns Vendor Partner Award from NTP

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Atwood Mobile Products was presented with a 2012 Vendor Partner Award at the 2013 NTP Distribution Tradeshow and Conference. According to a press release, the show was held Feb. 12-15 at the San Diego Convention Center and was the largest event in the company’s history.

Trey Miller, director of sales, aftermarket, for Atwood noted, “We are very pleased to receive this award. Atwood is focused on continued support of our customers and continuous product improvement and advancement. With Atwood bringing so many new products to market it is imperative that we are in close contact with our distributor partners to ensure their teams are well versed on the advantages these products bring to the market.”

In keeping with the event’s movie theme, Atwood’s booth featured various props depicting the movie The Wizard of Oz.

“The venue provided a great environment to interact with dealers,” Miller added. “The addition of various decorations to people’s booths based on the show theme, including many suppliers dressing in costumes, added an extra touch of fun.”

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Atwood Develops RV On-Demand Water Heater

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Atwood Mobile Products LLC’s high performance On-Demand Water Heater (ODWH) is now available to the RV industry, according to a press release.

Over the past several months, Elkhart, Ind.-based Atwood has placed On-Demand Water Heaters into retail consumers units for extensive real-world testing. These units were strategically located throughout the U.S. in order to expose them to a wide range of temperatures and conditions. Feedback from retail consumers using these test units has been “extremely positive,” according to Atwood.

The Atwood ODWH is available in a 50,000 Btu model, which provides up to 50% more output than any other large production unit on the market today, the company said. The Atwood ODWH offers the heating power and technology necessary to provide the comfort and ease of use for a residential shower in the customers coach.

Exclusive to the Atwood ODWH is a modulation valve that senses the flow of incoming water that allows the unit to adjust the burner flame based on hot water demand. By eliminating the need for a tank, the ODWH offers a weight savings of up to 115 pounds and is energy efficient due to the fact that gas is consumed only when hot water is demanded. In addition, the Atwood ODWH can be installed in nearly any current water heater opening without any cutting or sidewall alterations.

The Atwood ODWH is available in the aftermarket through major distributors and to OEM customers. For more information visit



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NTP Projecting Record Numbers for Trade Show

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Wilsonville, Ore.-based NTP Distribution announced Atwood Mobile Products LLC as the title sponsor of its annual trade show and conference, which the company is projecting to be its largest event to date. According to a press release, the upcoming NTP show is set to run Feb. 12-15 in San Diego.

“Atwood has been a partner with NTP for over 30 years and we’re proud to have them as the title sponsor of our annual trade show,” said Greg Boyd, president of NTP. “This year, we are seeing increased supplier participation and are expecting a record number of RV dealers.”

NTP said that RV dealer attendance, in part, is being driven by the its “logistics expansion” derived from parent company Keystone Automotive Operations’ network of five distribution centers and 20 cross-docks serving the U.S. and Canada. The expected attendance from Canada alone at the NTP Show is up over 50%.

Atwood will be showcasing some exciting new products at the show this year.

“We have made significant investments in the RV aftermarket,” said Kip Ellis, vice president of sales and marketing. Products such as the Atwood AirCommand and helium refrigerator are well established in the marketplace while the Atwood on-demand water heater is beginning to garner the same widespread appeal.”

NTP will be offering exclusive pricing and promotions at this year’s event. “One area which has generated a tremendous amount of buzz has been the announcement of ‘Power Hours,’” stated Jon White, vice president of sales at NTP. “These at-show-only deep-buying opportunities are attracting a lot of dealer interest”. This year, six suppliers have partnered with NTP to participate in the “Power Hour” program.



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Indiana Consolidation Made Sense for Atwood

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Elkhart, Ind.-based Atwood Mobile Products LLC will add 132 new jobs in Elkhart by 2015. According to a report by the South Bend Tribune, some of those new jobs already have been filled and many more will be in 2013, said Kip Ellis, vice president of sales and marketing for Atwood.

As reported yesterday by, Atwood Mobile Products was among nine companies announcing more than 2,500 jobs coming to Indiana over the next few years during an event Tuesday (Dec. 11) in Indianapolis.

Atwood said it will invest $5.9 million to consolidate manufacturing operations from its Fan-Tastic Vent subsidiary in Imlay City, Mich., and distribution and warehousing operations from Tennessee and other locations to Elkhart County.

Atwood Mobile Products, a component supplier, already has 368 employees at four sites in Elkhart. It has 700 employees nationwide.

“We’re an RV-oriented company,” Ellis said in a phone interview. “It’s a good portion of what we do. Our customer base being located here, our manufacturing capability here, these products are a good fit for some of the capacities that we have in the area.”

“Atwood has seen tremendous growth the last few years, particularly in our recreational vehicle and specialty vehicle markets,” said Tim Stephens, president of Atwood Mobile Products in a news release by the Economic Development Corp. of Elkhart County.

The business climate in Indiana once again played a role, as did incentives, said Ellis and Stephens.

To read the entire article click here.

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Atwood Among Firms Creating 2,552 Ind. Jobs

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Elkhart, Ind.-based Atwood Mobile Products LLC, a vehicle components supplier to the RV industry, was among a statewide announcement today (Dec. 11) proclaiming that new investments from nine companies are expected to create a combined 2,552 new jobs over the next few years.

According to the press release, Atwood will invest $5.9 million to consolidate manufacturing operations from its subsidiary Fan-Tastic Vent in Imlay City, Mich., along with distribution and warehousing operations from Tennessee and other locations to Elkhart County, creating up to 132 new jobs by 2015.

With more than 700 associates nationwide, Atwood currently employs 368 employees at four Elkhart County sites.

Other companies making investments include Angie’s List, BidPal Inc., Brunswick, Cafe Valley Inc., ExactTarget, Inventure Foods, Mitsubishi Engine North America and Moorehead Communications.

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