Camping Equipment Sales Rose 70% in South Korea

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RV camping site in a campground in South Korea

RV camping site in a campground in South Korea

Editor’s Note: The following blog about RVing and camping in South Korea was posted as a tourism promotion by Gyeonggi Province, the country’s most populous province with some 22 million inhabitants. The post was undated but appears to have been posted in late summer.

Last year, auto-camping started to lead the domestic travel trend. While the travel industry was damaged by the economic slowdown, sales of camping equipment managed to increase by 70%. In the summer vacation season this year, it was hard to secure weekend bookings at the most popular campsites. But if you didn’t manage to go camping this summer, you still have a chance in September. Actually, September to October is the best season for camping. Veteran campers wait eagerly for this season. The campsites, which are crowded with people in the summer, recover their quietness. Also, you can be free from attacks by mosquitoes and flies. The atmosphere is clear and bright, and the wind is cool. It’s fun to make a fire in the open air in the morning, and the night is fairly good. It is good to enjoy a refreshing time while camping.

If you were to ask me to select a campsite that is ideal for the fall, I would recommend the auto-camping site in Jaraseom, Gapyeong. This campsite, which is located in Jaraseom on the way to Namiseom (island), is where the 2008 IFCC Gapyeong World Camping Caravanning Contest was held. This place was refurnished as an auto camping site for this contest. As there is an abundance of things to see in the surrounding area, including Namiseom, Yongchugyegok (Valley), Achim Goyo Sumokwon (arboretum), etc., this place is very suitable to enjoy a family outing.

Tent camping site in South Korea

Tent camping site in South Korea

The campsite in Jaraseom is considered the best in terms of facilities, along with the Yeoncheon Hantangang (River) auto camping site, the Haenam Ddangggeut auto camping site, and the Donghae Mangsang auto camping site. It is equipped with a mobile home, a log house, a camping trailer, a caravan site where camping cars can be parked, and an auto camping site where tents can be pitched. The auxiliary facilities are excellent as well. The turf square with a width of more than 100 m, the inline skate field, and the fun park are world-class. The one disadvantage is that it lacks shade, but despite this, it is a nice place to enjoy camping in the fall.

The campsite is basically divided into two sections. The first section consists of an auto camping site and a caravan site. The second section consists of a caravan site and a mobile home site. Nowadays, many campers prefer campsites that are equipped with electrical facilities, so if campers want to use a power source, they should use the caravan site. Since a distribution board is installed in each site, it is easy to bring and use electrical devices.

Even if you don’t have any camping equipment, like a tent, tarp, camp stove or burner, you can still enjoy camping. You can use a camping caravan or mobile home. If you enter the caravan, you will be surprised at the well-decorated interior. A bunk bed is installed, as well as a clothes chest, shoe chest, etc. Even a sofa, table, sink and dish drier are installed. The drawers are full of various cooking tools, such as pots and vessels. A shower booth is prepared, and above the bed, there is even an air conditioner. Next to a caravan, there are a wooden table and chairs for about six people, which is enough to produce a camping atmosphere. The mobile home is close to a cottage in size. If you fold the backrest of the sofa in the living room, it changes into a bed. Electric kitchen appliances and a refrigerator, etc., are installed. But while these are convenient, they do take a bit away from the fun of camping.

Charge for using facilities: Mobile home (4 persons): High-demand season (July to August), $100, weekends and holidays in off-season $75, weekdays $50. Caravan (4 persons): High-demand season $80, weekends and holidays $75, weekdays $40. Caravan site: High-demand season, weekends, and holidays $16, weekdays $11. Auto camping site: High-demand season, weekends, holidays, weekdays $8.

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