Aussie MH Owners Angry at Hike in Camp Fees

December 8, 2011 by · Comments Off on Aussie MH Owners Angry at Hike in Camp Fees 

Anger is growing at a move to charge or increase fees at camp sites around Tasmania used by motorhomes.

According to The Mercury, Hobart, Tasmania, motorhome clubs and associations have already threatened to boycott the state because of a government proposal to increase fees, which comes on top of the $2,000 many motorhome users already pay to travel to and from Tasmania.

Caravan groups said that many travellers would simply drop Tasmania off their tours of Australia.

“This plan is a big deal for RVers. Crossing the strait already costs a lot; it costs me $1,000 return and I’m a pensioner,” said Don Mackrill, Tasmanian representative for Campervan Motorhome Club of Australia. “Others pay $2,000. It’s a hell of a cost on a trip to Tasmania. These people spend a lot of money travelling around our beautiful state. We’re not suggesting they should all be free, we’re talking about low-cost short stays.”

He said that caravan parks had showers, toilets and amenities that many motorhomes, which were almost completely self-sufficient, did not need. Most short-stay cheap or free sites are owned by councils.

Doug Richardson, whose vehicle is a former school bus, helped set up the well-known Sorell rest stop, which charges $6 a night. “The municipality of Sorell has no caravan park, and neither does Hobart,” Richardson said.

“I’m a ratepayer like many travelers so we already contribute,” Richardson said.

National Association of Caravan Clubs chairman Brian Kelleher said many grey nomads had sold the family home to buy a motorhome to travel the country.

“We need budget camping areas, otherwise it’s economic madness,” he said.

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