Exhibitor Shortfall Cancels Bangor RV Show

January 3, 2011 by · Comments Off on Exhibitor Shortfall Cancels Bangor RV Show 

For the second year in a row, the Bangor, Maine, Camping and RV Show has been canceled for lack of vendors, the Bangor Daily News reported.

The 2011 edition of the show, organized as an in-house event by Bass Park and Civic Center staff since 1986, was scheduled for the weekend of Jan. 22-23, according to the Bass Park website.

Bass Park Director Mike Dyer said Wednesday that in order to make the event work financially and be worthwhile for attendees, at least three large vendors are needed. The show also typically features 20 smaller vendors, most of them area campgrounds.

Dyer said that the city had three large vendors lined up until about a week and a half ago, when one of them pulled out for financial reasons.

According to Dyer, the poor economy, staff reductions in the recreational vehicle industry and shrinking co-op advertising dollars have made it difficult for vendors to participate in shows like the one just canceled in Bangor. He also said it has been getting tougher for dealers to get their new models in hand in time for the January show.

“It’s disappointing for everybody, but I think it’s a sign of the times,” Dyer said. “Shows are suffering all over the country. The RV business has shown a slight uptick, but it’s still pretty tenuous.”

Consumer spending habits also have shifted, Dyer said.

“A staple of the shows used to be the current owners who were looking to upgrade,” he said. “Now people are happy with what they’ve got and tend to hang on to their RVs longer.”

In an effort to keep the show going two years ago, shortly after gasoline prices spiked, organizers offered a half-off discount for display space, for which the city’s standard rate is $225 for each 8-by-10-foot space, Dyer said. He said that vendors typically require at least 10 such spaces, at a cost of $2,250.

In good years, the city makes about $7,500 from the RV show, Dyer said. In 2009, the most recent year the event was held, the city barely cleared $1,500, he said.

Though the discount was offered again for this year’s show, only two vendors signed up. As a result, he said, the city decided to cancel the show.

“We decided it was better not to do the show. We can recover from that. But a show that’s not worth the price of admission, a crummy show, that’s a lot harder to recover from,” he said.

The city’s other in-house production, the Bangor Boating and Marine Show, held each March, continues to enjoy some success, however.

“Boats are a different animal,” Dyer said. “More people can get into a $10,000 boat than a $100,000 RV.”

Dyer said that while the RV show’s long-term prognosis is unclear, the city hopes it will resume in the future.

“There’s always hope, but the shows may be getting more difficult to put on from everyone’s perspective, and I totally understand,” Dyer said.

“On some level, absence makes the heart grow fonder,” he said. “We’re shooting for next year.”

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Lack of Interest Cancels Bangor, Maine, RV Show

January 26, 2010 by · Comments Off on Lack of Interest Cancels Bangor, Maine, RV Show 

The 25th annual Bangor, Maine, Camping and RV Show scheduled for this weekend at the Bangor Civic Center has been canceled due to lack of interest from vendors, according to Bass Park Director Mike Dyer.

The event, which is organized by Bass Park and Civic Center staff, has been held every year since 1986. Dyer explained, however, that in order to fill the space at the Civic Center, at least three large vendors are needed. This year, only two had committed, according to the Bangor Daily News.

“It actually goes back to last year when dealers lost some of their co-op money (from RV manufacturers) to participate in the show,” Dyer said. “Last year, we cut the amount of rental space in half with the thought that something was better than nothing. This year, we were going to proceed that same way, but it didn’t happen.”

Mike Dalton, vice president of McKay’s RV and Marine Center in Holden, said his company was committed to the show — which would have run from  Jan. 29 through Jan. 31 — and was disappointed to see it canceled.

“Some dealers don’t care, but we always do pretty well at shows,” he said. “It’s hard to say how much business the show might generate, but it’s certainly a good way to show new products. It’s not like this is a busy time of year for us.”

McKay’s has participated in the show since its inception, as has D&M Trailer Sales of Medway.

“It’s a good show,” said David Guy of D&M. “I’m sure it’s helped business.”

Webb’s RV Center in Bangor has participated in the past but was not interested this year, Dyer said.

In addition to the RV vendors, the Bangor Camping and RV Show has drawn approximately 20 small vendors in past years — mostly area campgrounds, Dyer said.

“Rather than attempting to deliver a subpar show, with fewer options for the show attendees, management has opted to take a year off,” Dyer said in a statement on Bass Park’s website. “It is our intention to come back in 2011 in an improved economy, stronger than ever.”

All vendors have been notified and will receive refunds, Dyer said. The event was never a huge moneymaker for the Bangor Civic Center, but Dyer said, “We always made something on it.”

Dalton, meanwhile, said his company likely will take the money it spent participating in the Bangor event and use it on other forms of advertisement.

Both Dalton and Guy said they would be more than happy to return in 2011.

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