Bella Terra Donates to Gulf Coast Oil Cleanup

September 10, 2010 by · Comments Off on Bella Terra Donates to Gulf Coast Oil Cleanup 

Representatives from Bella Terra Realty Holdings LLC presented the Mobile Bay National Estuary Program with a check in the amount of $1,096.05 this week as part of their national effort to mobilize the RV community in support of the Gulf Coast cleanup and recovery following the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster earlier this year, according to a news release.

This cash contribution was made in addition to the hundreds of volunteers and outpouring of support along the coast over the past four months.

Since early May, Bella Terra of Gulf Shores and its resort host team have been proactively working with the Alabama Gulf Coast Chamber of Commerce to provide volunteer services for oil spill coastal cleanup, should they be required. The primary role of Bella Terra has been to coordinate a nationwide outreach effort bringing thousands of volunteers, specifically those in the RV community, to the region. Part of this effort involved providing discounted rates to visitors and a 10% donation from rental income from the first 45 days of this effort – which included the peak July 4 holiday.

“We are extremely grateful to Bella Terra for their generous donation to Mobile Bay NEP’s Coastal Estuary Restoration Fund (CERF),” said Sarah Shields, communications manager. “In May 2010, we set up the CERF to ensure that we could quickly accomplish on-the-ground projects that benefit our coastal habitats and wildlife in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. This gift is a great step forward in achieving those goals.”

In spite of a regional downturn in tourism, Bella Terra has worked hard to attract visitors and has encouraged guests to get out and explore the great dining establishments and attractions along the Gulf Coast.

“Our resort is part of the Gulf Shores family and as a result we decided to jump in and do our part to ensure our beaches and natural attractions remain the national treasure that they are today,” said Chuck Smith, president of Bella Terra Realty Holding LLC. “Our business dropped significantly after the spill but we are starting to see signs of it coming back. Now it’s time for folks to come back to the Gulf Coast and support our beautiful region. When people call and ask me how things are going down here I simply tell them, ‘This is our coast … and the coast is clear!’”

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Acquisitive Alabama Resort Launches Website

August 27, 2010 by · Comments Off on Acquisitive Alabama Resort Launches Website 

Representatives from Bella Terra Realty Holdings LLC (BTRH) announced Thursday (Aug. 26) the launch of their new corporate website, The site was developed to serve as the consulting and resort acquisition platform for BTRH, the parent company of Bella Terra of Gulf Shores, in Foley, Ala., the organization’s flagship property.

“Over the past two years we have been bombarded by two requests. The first, guests and owners asking where our next resort will be located and secondly, developers from coast to coast wanting to join the Bella Terra family,” Chuck Smith,BTRH president and CEO, said in a news release. “The BTRH team was put together to both actively seek out additional locations for Bella Terra resorts, as well as consult with existing and yet to be developed properties in the United States and internationally.”

The website features an extensive list of services provided by BTRH in addition to those provided by their strategic partners. These include: site acquisition and design, construction management, sales and marketing, HOA management, rental management, resort management, legal and financing.

Features that will be added in the coming months include a section for best practices, blogs, research, newsletter and key industry news links.

“BTRH has brought together a great resource for the industry,” said Tom Derzypolski, principal of BowStern, an integrated marketing firm specializing in the RV industry. “I would say the vast majority of developers contemplating or attempting to develop an RV resort have likely never owned an RV nor visited an RV resort. The resources available through this website will not only provide valuable insight to the nuances of the RV industry, but also improve the products being developed for the RV consumer. It’s a win-win for all.”

Through their flagship property, Bella Terra of Gulf Shores, BTRH has developed multiple proprietary processes and advanced practices that offer projects seamless transition through design, development and launch of RV resorts.

“We have spent well over $1 million developing what is being recognized by industry leaders as one of the finest brands in the nation,” said Tripp Keber, COO of Bella Terra Realty Holdings LLC. “A strong brand coupled with effective systems, offer our projects early recognition, credibility and speed to market. These are winning combinations for us and our partners.”

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