Texas Retailer Seeing Resurgence in RV Sales

June 24, 2013 by · Comments Off on Texas Retailer Seeing Resurgence in RV Sales 

It may be a sign of a stronger economy.

“With the recession we had, naturally, a little downturn, but it’s coming back,” said┬áBilly Sims, owner of Billy Sims Trailer Town in Lubbock , Texas.

According to a report by FOX 34, Lubbock, the desire to own a home on wheels has RV sales rolling again, and his business is seeing the benefits.

“The oil business has naturally had a little influence,” Sims said. “The biggest thing we have is the repeat business. We’ve got second and third generations trading with us now.”

Sims, who’s been in the business for 43 years, said it’s the family camaraderie that keeps customers coming back.

“This is a family affair,” Sims said. ‘Some of the fondest memories we have as a family and our children are the camping days that we had. You get out away from a telephone, you build you a campfire, you roast some marshmallows. You have a togetherness that you don’t get in a home atmosphere.”

He said the price of investing, as well as the price of gasoline, can be deterrents for some, but the payback is well worth it.

“The price of not having the family togetherness and the camaradie that you get with this is even greater,” Sims said. ‘You can’t put everything on the price of gasoline. You have to consider the benefits that you get and your family gets out of camping.”

“You can’t justify it, you just have to buy it and just enjoy it. It’s something you’ll have and make memories for a lifetime.”

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