Blue Sky’s Solar Product Extends Battery Life

July 19, 2013 by · Comments Off on Blue Sky’s Solar Product Extends Battery Life 


Solar Boost 3000i from Blue Sky

Blue Sky Energy Inc. has released its most flexible MPPT solar charge controller to date, the Solar Boost 3000i, allowing for a range of batteries to be charged using conventional solar modules without suffering power losses from voltage mismatch.

According to a press release, Blue Sky Energy’s patented MPPT technology increases charge current up to 30% or more compared to conventional controllers, saving RV owners and other off-grid solar users on space and system costs. It regulates the transmission of power from the solar module to the battery to improve efficiency while making the system safer and extending the battery’s lifetime.

The SB3000i 12V/30A or 12V/22A MPPT solar charge controller regulates the transmission of power from the solar panel to the battery safely and efficiently to promote the longevity of the battery and the entire off-grid solar system.

Features include:

• Supports up 400 watts at 30 amps with 36-cell modules or 290 watts at 22 amps with 60-cell modules for 12-volt systems.

• Operates as a stand-alone controller or as an IPN Network Master device controlling additional controllers like the SB3024iL to allow for maximum flexibility.

• The IPN network interface allows communication, coordination, and output display of up to eight IPN-compatible controllers.

• The three-stage charge control algorithm matches the output of the charger with the battery during the charging process and optimally charges flooded, GEL, and AGM lead-acid batteries

• Provides advanced fully user-adjustable digital set points.

• A manual or automatic equalization function periodically conditions the battery to improve battery performance.

• The solar charge amp-hour counter/tracking function monitors the amount of amp-hours delivered to the battery.

• A low-power LED display shows battery voltage, input and output current, auxiliary battery voltage, and total amp-hours produced.

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