Bowstern Set to Launch Survey at Tampa Show

January 7, 2013 by · Comments Off on Bowstern Set to Launch Survey at Tampa Show 

Representatives from BowStern, a national marketing firm specializing in the RV industry, announced today (Jan. 7) they will launch the 2013 survey immediately following the Florida RV SuperShow in Tampa, Fla.

Bowstern stated in a press release that in preparation for the launch, the company is inviting members of the industry to submit questions to include in the annual survey.

“In our on-going efforts to best serve the RV community, we are calling for questions from vendors,” said Tom Derzypolski, president of BowStern. “What information would you find useful? Let us know what you want to know.”

The survey is designed to be short and easy so that RV owners will take the time to respond. Industry leaders have and opportunity over the next week to suggest questions for consideration in this survey. Last year, almost 700 users responded to the survey, providing the industry with a broad view of RV owners’ habits and preferences.

Historically, the survey is limited to 20 questions and takes just under five minutes to complete. It covers a broad range of topics from average distance traveled in a year to how RVers plan trips and various product preferences, and is offered in both print and online formats.

To incentivize RV users to complete the survey, BowStern is giving away numerous free stay certificates, gas cards and other prizes.

Submit questions to Tom Derzypolski at The survey will begin the week of Jan. 21 and the survey report will be published in late February. A copy of last year’s Survey Report can be obtained by visiting

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Marketing Firms Term Beijing Show a Success

August 17, 2012 by · Comments Off on Marketing Firms Term Beijing Show a Success 

RVs on display at Beijing RV show

The recently completed 5th International RV and Camping Exhibition held in Beijing China attracted around 40,000 attendees, according to reports from two U.S. marketing firms that presented during the event.

Kidd Group, parent of Kidd RV Consulting, said in a press release that in addition to a record turnout to the event, the RV show also enjoyed the participation of 150 RV dealers who boasted sales of over 300 RVs.  The Beijing show was hosted by

Kidd RV, which specializes in marketing for the RV resort sector video, gave a presentation that included an overview of the past and present of the RV industry in the U.S., while also discussing expectations for the future of RVing in the U.S., Canada and China, based on economic trends and developmental opportunities.

“We were completely overwhelmed with the number of attendees and the sales of RVs at’s RV Show in Beijing,” says Aobo Dong, Chinese communications representative at Kidd Group. “Our team was very excited to be represented at the show and possibly aid the Chinese recreational vehicle industry through what has been done in the U.S. As a Chinese citizen learning about the RVing culture in America, I fully realize the potential of the RV market in China and look forward to being a part of its progression.”

Representatives from BowStern, a Florida marketing firm specializing in the recreational lifestyle industry, made presentations that covered a broad range of subjects including emerging trends, resort design, marketing and investment opportunities here in the United States. Shovel-ready projects in the U.S. and resort marketing were among the top subjects attendees wanted to know more about.

“The trip was a huge success and we made some great new contacts and frankly, friendships,” Kelly Robertson, CEO of BowStern says. “The Chinese have a beautiful country to explore. It was wonderful to have an opportunity to share best practices with this group and presenting investment opportunities for projects here in the United States.”

Plans for a second trip to China by the BowStern team have already started with target dates of October and again after the New Year in January 2013.


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Study: RV Resort Sales Register Rebound in ’11

January 5, 2012 by · Comments Off on Study: RV Resort Sales Register Rebound in ’11 

Representatives from BowStern, an integrated marketing firm specializing in the RV industry, released today (Jan. 4) its recent study examining the RV real estate industry performance in 2011.

The study looked at sales from 17 RV resorts representing seven states, which tracked average number of lots sold, price points and square footage for 2011. The numbers show a strong rebound in 2011 compared to other segments of the real estate market.

Recreational vehicle resort real estate sales appear to have positively spiked in 2011. According to self-reported data from 17 properties across the nation, year-end sales are up significantly from 2010. A quick snapshot of this market showed:

• Reporting properties sold an average of 27 sites in 2011. This reflects an average of 44.75% increase among reporting properties.

• The average size of the sites was 3,500 square feet with the smallest reported site at 1,200 square feet and the largest site at 5,000 square feet.

• The average price of the sites was $130,593 with the lowest reported price at $42,000 and the highest price at $419,000. Sales prices were not up significantly from 2010.

The data, which includes new construction as well as resales, represents a wide range of product from new resorts such as Heritage and Bella Terra on the Gulf Coast in Alabama to long-established projects such as Pelican Lake in Naples, Fla., and Motorcoach Country Club in Indio, Calif.

“From a marketing perspective we are seeing an increase in inquiries across the board,” said Tom Derzypolski, president at BowStern. “Response to print, online, social media and direct mail indicate the consumer is starting to really explore ownership opportunities. The difference is that the period of time between first inquiry and closing is taking a little longer than we experienced in the years prior to the current economic downturn.”

Baby Boomers by an overwhelming majority represent those who purchased in 2011.

“Boomers took a hit to their investment portfolio, but I believe they have decided it’s time to get out there and live again. These folks are not just going to sit in their rocking chair and get older – these are the folks that put a man on the moon and went to Woodstock, you can’t slow them down,” said Derzypolski.

While BowStern’s expertise is in the world of integrated marketing, they conducted several focus groups at the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) convention last August to better gauge the mindset of the consumer. In addition, they completed their online consumer survey in December. The survey can be viewed at This recent real estate study was an attempt to gather information on behalf of their clients.

“We have seen a nice uptick in 2011,” said Tripp Keber, COO Bella Terra Realty Holdings LLC. “Our properties weathered 2010 and look to have had a really nice 2011. Being able to see the collective trends of the marketplace is helpful in making business and marketing decisions across the board. The kind of information BowStern provides is a helpful snapshot for us and other properties across the nation.”

The self-reporting study was not paid for or underwritten by any organization and was an attempt to gather data on this niche real estate segment. To learn more about BowStern please visit:



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BowStern Releases 2010 RV Industry Study

January 12, 2011 by · Comments Off on BowStern Releases 2010 RV Industry Study 

imageRepresentatives from BowStern, a national marketing firm specializing in the RV industry, announced today (Jan. 12) the completion of their 2010 RV Industry Survey Report.

The survey was conducted online over an eight-week period with 660 participants nationwide, according to a news release. Data from this survey is compiled in an extensive report available for the first time at the Tampa RV Super Show, which started today and runs through Sunday.

“This report will provide valuable data to many industry segments – helping shed light on current trends and preferences in the marketplace,” said Tom Derzypolski, principal, BowStern. “Today’s marketplace requires a smart, deliberate marketing approach. As a marketing communications firm, we conduct this type of survey annually to look for trends and opportunities on behalf of our clients.”

BowStern has made the survey available at no charge. For a copy visit their their webpage at and requesti one on the contact page.

Sample questions include:

  • What kind of RV do you currently own?
  • What size resort do you prefer to visit?
  • How far is your average RV trip?
  • How far in advance do you plan your trips?
  • What websites do you use to plan your trips?
  • Do you have internet access when you travel?
  • Do you have a “smart phone” (Blackberry, iPhone, Droid or other)?

“Information found in the survey, coupled with the focus groups we are conducting this week in Tampa, provide a solid base from which to make decisions on behalf of our clients,” Derzypolski continued.

Organizations wishing to recommend questions for inclusion in the 2011 Survey should e-mail them to Tom Derzypolski at The 2011 Survey begins with several strategic focus groups conducted over the first quarter of 2011. The online survey is expected to launch later in 2011.

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