BR Wholesale Hires Southeast Sales Director

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Rex Poehlman

Rex Poehlman

BR Wholesale Inc. has announced that Rex Poehlman recently filled the newly created position of outside sales director for the Southeast territory.

He brings years of RV experience in wholesale distribution, OEM and manufacturing, including positions with DTI RV Parts Inc. and Reese, according to a news release.

Poehlman operates from his residence in Ormond Beach, Fla., and the BR Wholesale Tarpon Springs, Fla., location. His main focus is outside sales within the state of Florida, with a secondary focus of the additional states in the Southeast.

BR Wholesale Inc. is a leading specialized wholesale distributor of product from over 200 brands and manufacturers to the RV, marine and specialized vehicle industries. These products are distributed from a nationwide network of warehouses to dealerships, service centers and OEMs throughout North America.

For additional information or to reach Poehlman, contact BR Wholesale at (800) 900-2468 or visit the website at

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Oil Spill Displaces BR Wholesale Personnel

July 30, 2010 by · Comments Off on Oil Spill Displaces BR Wholesale Personnel 

image001 An oil spill, estimated by federal officials to be more than 1 million gallons, occurred Monday (July 26) approximately 500 yards  from the BR Wholesale Inc. corporate office and warehouse facilities in Marshall, Mich. The spill has forced several BR Wholesale  team members to evacuate their homes and reside in area hotels until it is determined that it is safe to return.

“It is a tragic event that has happened to the Marshall community and to our team members in the area,” Trey Miller, president, said in a news release. “There is a heavy smell of oil in the air at times when the wind shifts or helicopters pass over and an unsettling feeling seeing clean up crews just up the road.”

The spill occurred when a 30-inch pipeline, owned by Calgary, Alberta-based Enbridge, leaked. According to a report from CBS 2 Chicago, the pipeline was built in 1969 and carries about 8 million gallons of oil daily from Griffith, Ind., to Sarnia, Ontario.

“Our main concern is the health and safety of our staff, therefore we are monitoring all available outlets to ensure they are not in harms way,” Miller continued. “If at anytime, it is determined that we should evacuate the Marshall facility we will do so immediately. This should have very little visible effect on operations and we will field calls and supply product from our other locations in Indiana, Florida and California.”

The Detroit News reported that Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officials had called it “the largest oil spill ever in the Midwest.”

BR Wholesale Inc. is a specialized aftermarket wholesale distributor to the RV industry. Supplying products from over 200 brands and manufacturers from a nationwide network of facilities to dealerships, service centers, retailers and OEMs.

For additional information contact Miller at (800) 900-2468 or

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BR Wholesale Breaks Distributor Catalog Mold

April 13, 2010 by · Comments Off on BR Wholesale Breaks Distributor Catalog Mold 

The cover of the 2010 BR Wholesale catalog.

The cover of the 2010 BR Wholesale catalog.

BR Wholesale Inc. has released its annual catalog much later than most distributors in the industry.

In addition, there are various features and illustrations throughout the catalog that do not fit the model of a ‘traditional’ distributor catalog. These changes have been made to adapt the catalog to an ever-changing marketplace, according to a news release.


The first adaptation was to release the catalog in March, much later than the traditional late November, early December timeframe. This change was made for various reasons, including the later release allowing for the inclusion of more new and enhanced products that are unveiled by suppliers around the National RV Trade Show. The cut-off for inclusion in a distributor catalog varies, but historically it falls around July or August of the year prior. Therefore, a more robust catalog offering can be provided to the dealer community without the reliance on extensive New Product supplements, which saves time and money across the supply chain.

Next, BR Wholesale included interactive symbols throughout the catalog to guide the reader to the website. These symbols include references to videos and interactive technical content to allow for more detailed information, which ensures dealerships and service centers have all the information required to make the proper buying decisions. An example of how the interactive symbol is utilized would be for Solar Panels, where an online interactive system sizing calculator provides users mobile power equipment recommendations based on their specific power usage requirements. For the video symbol, users can access videos on everything from advanced operation to features and benefits to actual field usage. These symbols allow BR Wholesale to take a static medium and incorporate advanced technology for a more complete buying experience.

Another change was to the traditional Catalog Price List. In most cases, a hard copy price list accompanies a distributor’s catalog to allow dealers to refer to the wholesale pricing. In 2010 BR Wholesale has eliminated the hard copy price list and restricted the distribution to electronic formats. Not only does it save money, it reduces the overall paper consumption. With this adjustment, coupled with a change in format to the catalog, BR Wholesale was able to eliminate more than one-third of its paper usage over previous years. Albeit a small step, it is a step towards a more “green” way of doing business.

Trey Miller, president of BR Wholesale commented, “Our 2010 catalog is just the beginning of the changes you will see from BR Wholesale in the months and years to come. Every member of our team is tasked to develop ways to further add value to our supplier and dealer relationships, while incorporating technology to improve efficiencies and ultimately reduce consumption. While everything we do may not be earth shaking, we hope that the sum of all parts at least makes a small ripple.”

For additional information on the BR Wholesale Master Catalog contact the Sales Department at (800) 900-2468 or

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BR Wholesale Inc. to Offer Logistics Services

January 18, 2010 by · Comments Off on BR Wholesale Inc. to Offer Logistics Services 

BRW 20th Anniversary Logo High ResBR Wholesale Inc. announced Friday (Jan. 15) that it will diversify the business and begin to offer third-party logistic services (3PL). These services will be available to manufacturers and suppliers in the RV industry in need of an alternative to the ever-increasing costs associated with warehousing, shipping and receiving, according to a news release.

Trey Miller, president of Marshall, Mich.-based BR Wholesale, commented, “History has shown that companies who incorporate diversification coupled with sustainable growth in their primary business are far more likely to be successful long term. In bad market conditions it is easier to weather the storm when you are not completely reliant on a single product or service. This simply allows us to fully utilize our resources on complementary services, while continuing to be very committed to RV aftermarket wholesale distribution.”

The services offered in the new BR-3PL program include contract and public warehousing, small- product pick-and-pack fulfillment, case and skid-quantity pick-and-ship fulfillment, cross-docking, timely shipping, receiving, delivery, freight and small-package rate reductions and inventory management. These programs can be customized and scaled to the customers needs based on market conditions and the ever changing demand for products. BR Wholesale will initially offer these services in its facilities in the Midwest and Florida. Additional locations will be added as the program expands and the need arises.3PL Logo BRW copy

“I truly feel this is a win-win situation for both BR Wholesale and the businesses utilizing our services,” Miller continued.  “We are able to offer a valuable program to companies that are in need of cost reductions, while allowing them to provide the equivalent or higher level of service to their customers. Our vast knowledge of the industry, the ability to accommodate even the smallest jobs, and by allowing companies to pick and choose the individual services sets us apart from traditional 3PL providers. We have had this program in place, in a test environment, for the last year with a select number of suppliers and the expenses associated with the warehousing, shipping and receiving of the products have reduced by as much as 70%.”

For additional information on the third-party logistics program contact Miller at (800) 900-2468 or

BR Wholesale Inc. is a specialized aftermarket wholesale distributor to the RV industry. Supplying products from over 200 brands and manufacturers from a nationwide network of facilities to dealerships, service centers, retailers and OEMs.

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BR Wholesale Inc. Marks 20th Anniversary in 2010

November 9, 2009 by · Comments Off on BR Wholesale Inc. Marks 20th Anniversary in 2010 

BRW 20th Anniversary Logo High ResIn 2010, BR Wholesale Inc. celebrates 20 years of service to the RV industry.

Started by J.R. and Ruby Watts, a typical couple living on a typical American street, their Marshall, Mich., home wasn’t much different from those of their neighbors, except that an RV wholesale distributorship was churning along in their garage, according to a company news release.

Having worked for RV electrical manufacturers, Ruby knew the areas of the business where RV dealers and service centers struggled to acquire products and support. The Watts initially focused the operation on the electrical side of the business (inverters, converters, etc.). They then began a campaign to convince the rest of the aftermarket community that BR Wholesale could become a valuable liaison between product OEMs and the dealer community.

BR Wholesale quickly earned a reputation for fast, reliable delivery, personable customer service, and a large parts inventory, which eventually grew from the electrical side to a wide array of aftermarket products. As their vendor list grew, so did the garage and despite opening two additional satellite warehouses in California and Mississippi, BR Wholesale still required extra facilities and staff to serve its growing vendor and dealer base.

In 2001, the company was ready for a major expansion, beginning by moving into a new 25,000-square-foot warehouse. They then commenced plans for a new warehouse in Florida and explored an entirely new market in the marine sector.

In late 2008, Trey Miller joined the company as president and worked with the Watts to begin a transition of ownership, which will ultimately allow the Watts to enjoy the fruits of their labors. Bringing years of experience in RV wholesale distribution, Miller quickly implemented a new growth strategy that began by opening a location in Elkhart, Ind., to allow the company to pull from the seasoned pool of RV industry professionals in the area. He then worked with various suppliers to further round out the company’s product offerings. In addition to the new office in Indiana, an additional warehouse location is planned for the Southern region in 2010. The expansion will allow for one- to two-day ground shipping to a majority of all dealerships in the continental United States.

“I am so proud to see how this company has grown to enjoy such a high level of success,” said Miller. “J.R. and Ruby exemplify the American dream. They show how hard work and determination can grow a small family-owned company into the specialized distributor of choice for many of the dealers and service centers in the U.S. and around the world. I look forward to continuing this growth by relying on the same principles of customer focused service and support and by surrounding ourselves with some of the most talented team member in the industry.”

Today, BR Wholesale is a leading specialized distributor of products from over 200 brands and manufacturers and over 30,000 unique SKUs to the RV, marine and specialty vehicle aftermarkets from a nationwide network of strategically located facilities.

For additional information visit us online at or call (800) 900-2468.

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