B&W Debuting 20,000-Pound Companion Hitch

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B&W Trailer Hitches has introduced its new RVB3500 Companion fifth-wheel aftermarket trailer hitch sporting a 20,000-pound capacity. According to a press release, the new Companion hitch employs B&W’s unique Turnoverball mounting design that promotes quick, single-point hitch installation. The quiet riding hitch is designed to handle today’s heavier trailers and pickups with varying truck bed configurations.

B&W’s earlier Companion model had an 18,000-pound towing capacity, but remained virtually unaltered since its inception in 1998. The new 20,000-pound rated Companion fifth-wheel trailer hitch has all the features that RV owners and dealers favored in its predecessor.

“The combination of product quality and reliability, along with B&W’s reputation among customers, have made the B&W Companion fifth wheel hitch our most popular,” Don Collins, president, DC’s RV Campers. “With its 20,000-pound towing capacity, enhanced height adjustment and flexible installation design, we anticipate that the new Companion will be even more commercially successful than its forerunner.”

The new Companion hitch features two adjustable pivot arms that can be oriented horizontally, relative to the truck’s axle, and vertically to allow trailers to clear the taller truck bed walls now on many late-model pickups. The new hitch also features adjustable plastic feet that allow the hitch to adapt and mount snugly to an ever-increasing variety of truck bed corrugation patterns.

The entire system is made of top-quality American steel and is finished top to bottom with a tough, durable powder coating. Once installed, the substructure leaves the truck bed totally unobstructed. The substructure’s socket accommodates any of seven different Turnoverball-style hitches, including the RVB3500 Companion.

The single-post hitch base drops easily into the socket and, once married to the substructure uses adaptable leveling feet for stabilization and bolts to lock it securely into position. Pivot arms are also fully adjustable with a height range of 16 1/4 inches to 18 1/4 inches. The arms feature thick polyurethane bushings that allow the locked coupler head to pivot effortlessly, and the coupler head itself is fitted with a hydraulic dampening mechanism that absorbs road shock and tilts up to seven degrees. The whole hitch system operates so smoothly and quietly that drivers and passengers sometimes have the sensation that there is no trailer being towed.

“Our new 20,000-pound rated Companion hitch is a response to recent trends in the structure and shape of truck beds, along with the increasing lengths and weights of trailers,” Cleat Stockebrand, product design engineer for B&W Trailer Hitches, said. “The new Companion hitch base takes advantage of the structural features of late model truck beds, optimizing the capacity of the hitch and giving customers the needed adjustments to accommodate their towing needs.”

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B&W Releases Part For Ram 2500, 3500 Trucks

June 28, 2013 by · Comments Off on B&W Releases Part For Ram 2500, 3500 Trucks 

Companion fifth-wheel hitch

B&W Trailer Hitches has developed a part for its Companion fifth-wheel hitch that is compatible with 2013 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 pickup trucks.

According to a press release, the Companion works in conjunction with the Turnoverball under-bed mounting kit. B&W said that Turnoverball model GNRK1314 is available for the 2013 Ram 3500.

This additional part attaches to the legs of the Companion and fills in the recess in the corrugations of the 2013 Ram 3500 trucks.  Some of the 2013 Ram 2500 trucks also have this recess and will require the additional spacers.

“So many fifth-wheel owners have been waiting on a hitch so that they can get on the road and enjoy the season,” said Beth Barlow, marketing manager for the Humboldt, Kan.-based supplier. “We are pleased that we have been able to design a solution in short order.”

The additional spacer is available free of charge by calling B&W Trailer Hitches directly at (800) 248.6564.

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B&W Trailer Hitches Garners Governor’s Award

June 24, 2013 by · Comments Off on B&W Trailer Hitches Garners Governor’s Award 

Kansas Governor's Award of Excellence

The Kansas Department of Commerce has announced that B&W Trailer Hitches, a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty trailer hitches and aftermarket truck and trailer accessories, was chosen as the 2013 Governor’s Award of Excellence winner.

According to a press release, the Kansas Department of Commerce described Humboldt-based B&W Trailer Hitches as a company that “believes that investment in employee development helps it manufacture better products and has committed extensive resources to worker training programs. The company relies upon innovative technology for its advanced manufacturing, and training helps workers gain technical expertise in many areas.”

They added that “B&W also encourages its employees to participate in local and regional leadership training programs. The company and its employees remain active members of the Humboldt community, especially in their support for the local school district. In addition, B&W works closely with the city to develop land for local retail stores and attractions.”

Award qualifications included:

• Business expansion in Kansas.

• Successful employee retention and recruitment practices.

• Employee training/educational programs.

• Capital investment in Kansas.

• Support of local activities including school activities, community events, economic development and leadership programs.

Kansas Commerce Secretary Pat George stated that “Kansas is fortunate to have so many successful businesses generating economic growth and creating great jobs. We will continue to work towards ensuring that Kansas provides these companies with the best business environment possible.”

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B&W Offers 1st Gooseneck Hitch for RAM 3500

May 21, 2013 by · Comments Off on B&W Offers 1st Gooseneck Hitch for RAM 3500 

Turnoverball hitch from B&W

Humboldt, Kan.-based supplier B&W Trailer Hitches announced that it has begun shipping its new GNRK 1314 aftermarket gooseneck trailer hitch to its nationwide distribution network. According to a press release, the new hitch features B&W’s popular Turnoverball design that is simple to install and easy to use.

The company noted that many 2013 RAM 3500 owners have found that the accessories necessary for their factory-installed gooseneck trailer hitch to function are not yet available.

“This unfortunate set of circumstances has caused inconvenience and confusion among my customers,” Hayden Elder, principle of Elder Dodge, Athens, Texas. “Our customers prefer the B&W brand over any other gooseneck hitch, and I’m grateful that we have their GNRK 1314 hitch available now, as the RAM 3500s begin hitting our lot.”

An online video demonstrates that the GNRK 1314 installs much like the other B&W gooseneck trailer hitch kits. B&W said the product is also comparably priced with its other gooseneck offerings with an MSRP of $494, and fits on any 2013 RAM 3500 without a factory-installed hitch prep package. In addition, B&W’s signature Turnoverball feature allows the hitch ball to invert in its mounting socket when not in use to stow securely and flush with the bed of the truck.

In contrast to B&W’s Turnoverball design, the RAM’s OE hitch ball, when it eventually becomes available, will need to be removed from its mounting socket and stowed elsewhere. Removing the hitch ball from its mounting location leaves it prone to being lost, misplaced and generally becoming a storage nuisance.

“Since we introduced the Turnoverball in 1992, gooseneck users have grown accustomed to turning over and stowing the hitch ball where they use it, and it’s hard for us to imagine why the OE would revert to an outdated, less practical design,” Travis McCall, product engineer for B&W Trailer Hitches, said. “Our new GNRK 1314 honors B&W’s reputation for creating easy-to-install hitches that are easy to use as well.”

B&W’s GNRK 1314 aftermarket gooseneck trailer hitch has been engineered to match the towing capacity of the 2013 RAM 3500. The product has been extensively tested and is certified as meeting the vehicle tow rating (VTR). As with any towing scenario, B&W strongly recommends that users never exceed a VTR.

“For over a quarter of a century, we’ve enjoyed serving truck dealers of all brands,who love installing our hitch products for their customers,” said Beth Barlow, marketing manager for B&W Trailer Hitches. “Our quick assessment of this needs gap and our rapid response to fill it are a testament to B&W’s dedication to our RAM dealer customers, their customers and the towing marketplace at large.”

B&W’s GNRK 1314 aftermarket gooseneck trailer hitch can be used to replace the product designation 53W 5th Wheel/Gooseneck Towing Prep Group, for the 2013 RAM 3500. A fifth-wheel hitch is expected to be introduced within several weeks.

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B&W Hitches Aligns with ‘Mobile RV Academy’

May 6, 2013 by · Comments Off on B&W Hitches Aligns with ‘Mobile RV Academy’ 

Terry and Evada Cooper's F-350 outfitted with a B&W hitch

Humboldt, Kan.-based B&W Trailer Hitches has named Terry and Evada Cooper, owners of the Mobile RV Academy, as product ambassadors to promote the company’s line of hitch products.

According to a press release, B&W has provided the Coopers with the Companion OEM fifth-wheel hitch system that is being used in their new F-350 King Ranch truck.

“We are excited to be working with Mobile RV Academy. The Coopers are experts and will help spread the word about the B&W family of towing products,”  said Beth Barlow, marketing manager for B&W Trailer Hitches.

The Companion line of fifth-wheels hitches provides a smooth ride while towing an RV. The original Companion offers a single-point attachment that allows consumers full use of their truck when not towing. The Coopers will be towing with the Companion OEM hitch that utilizes “four in-the-bed pucks” available in some Ford truck models. B&W reported that it added the Companion Slider this year, while the entire line continues to gain market share.

The Coopers will be calling on dealerships across the U.S., visiting RV shows, speaking at seminars and conducting training sessions.  “We are proud to be product ambassadors for B&W Trailer Hitches,” Terry Cooper said. “As we do our on-site professional training and visit with RV enthusiasts throughout America, we will be sharing our knowledge and experiences that will include the great ‘Made in the USA’ products of B&W Trailer Hitches.”

Terry Cooper is an RVDA/RVIA master certified RV technician and professional instructor/trainer with over 30 years of experience in the industry.  He has spent this last year overseeing the eight Texas locations of ExploreUSA RV as the director of service sperations.  He also oversaw the business startup of a mobile RV service company in Watford City, N.D., along with teaching online for the RV maintenance program at Northampton Community College in conjunction with the Pennsylvania RV and Camping Association (PRVCA).

Evada Cooper is the author of “The RV Centennial Cookbook – Celebrating 100 Years of RVing” and a full-time RVer. She teaches consumers how to live easier in their RV kitchens with packing, storing and learning tips through her seminars.

For more information visit or

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B&W Trailer Hitches Truly ‘Making a Difference’

March 19, 2009 by · Comments Off on B&W Trailer Hitches Truly ‘Making a Difference’ 

B&W Trailer Hitches in Humboldt, Kan., was recently showcased on a “Making a Difference” report by NBC Nightly News as employees helped spruce up a local playground. Joe Works, founder and co-owner, said that even though the company has lost half its business, he has retained his 180 employees. So, instead of building hitches, Works dispatches employees on projects to help the town.

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