Increase in RVs Prompts Alberta Parks Facelift

July 18, 2012 by · Comments Off on Increase in RVs Prompts Alberta Parks Facelift 

Provincial campgrounds in Alberta are getting a $24 million facelift this season.

CBC News reported that the Alberta government is spending the money this year to modernize several of its campgrounds, as the number of people using holiday trailers steadily outnumbers the tents.

John Mullin is camped at Gooseberry Campground in Kananaskis this weekend. His says his large trailer is a progression from his a tent trailer a few years ago and a tent even earlier.

“It’s a 24-foot trailer, we have a TV and air conditioning,” says Mullin. “We tented when we were younger and we just moved to a trailer because it’s more comfortable, and for the luxuries — the bed, having a shower and we don’t have to pack coolers.”

Mullin isn’t the only one “going big.” RV sales this year are up 42% from last year according to Go RVing Canada.

The province’s improvements include adding power and water hook ups to its campgrounds, adding nicer washrooms and bigger sites for RVs, says Katrina Bluetchen of Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation.

“We’re interested in keeping pace with what campers are interested in. So, for us, that’s meant making some changes to our parks,” says Bluetchen.

Last long weekend, provincial reservations were up 25% from the year before.


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Ontario’s New Plan Offers Savings to RVers

June 28, 2011 by · 1 Comment 

Starting July 1, Ontario drivers can tow recreational vehicles if they have a full class G license. This will make it easier for Ontarians to travel this summer and save RV owners about $200 in initial license costs, according to a government news release.

Until now, Ontario drivers have needed a class A licence to tow RVs that weigh more than 4,600 kg. (10,120 pounds). With this change, Ontarians can tow and operate RVs with a full class G license as long as:

  • The combined weight of the motor vehicle and RV is not more than the current 11,000 kg limit (24,200 pounds).
  • The RV is attached to the motor vehicle by a fifth-wheel hook-up.
  • Only one vehicle is being towed.
  • The RV meets Transport Canada manufacturing standards.
  • The RV is being towed for personal use only.

These changes will make it easier for Ontarians to travel with RVs, support the province’s RV industry and promote tourism, while keeping roads safe.

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