Career Ladder Brings New Path to Certification

November 26, 2012 by · Comments Off on Career Ladder Brings New Path to Certification 

The RV industry’s RV Technician “Career Ladder” offers a pathway to success for RV dealers and their service technicians by adapting to the demands of a fast-paced business environment and streamlining the process to make certification more convenient and accessible for RV dealerships, according to a news release.

Unveiled last year by the Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) and the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), the RV Technician Career Ladder allows technicians to choose from two career paths after completing the candidate and registered technician tests. Path 1 is the current certification testing option in which the registered technician becomes a Certified or Master technician (Generalist).

Path 2 is the Certified Specialty option in which candidates can pass one or more of the offered specialties — body, chassis, electrical systems, appliances or plumbing — to become a Certified Specialist. Technicians who achieve and maintain certification in all five specialties and have five years’ experience attain the Master Certified designation.

This new approach improves certification opportunities for technicians, particularly for the growing number who specialize only in a few areas. It also is scalable to the size of an RV dealer’s service operation, providing more flexibility to management teams when making decisions about certification.

The enhanced program also makes it easier to engage technicians in the certification process. Testing now takes place online, eliminating the need for travel, time away from the dealership and travel expenses.

Making the process more convenient and accessible for RV dealers to certify their service technicians also provides the potential to boost their bottom line.

A survey by the Boone Group of 600 RV dealers found that 80% of dealers confirmed certified technicians make them more money than their non-certified counterparts; 75% reported certified technicians perform better quality work than non-certified techs; and 72% felt that certified technicians create more satisfied customers.

“As an RV dealer who sees the benefits certification brings to my dealership and the service technicians I employ every day, I recommend my dealer colleagues learn more about the Certification program and the improvements that have been made,” said Rick Horsey, owner of Parkview of RV Center and co-chairman of the RV Service Training Council. “This new program will make it easier than ever to certify your technicians, which will lead to better service capabilities, more satisfied customers, and a bigger bottom line.”

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