Cobra’s Jumpstarters: A Size for Every Need

April 22, 2010 by · Comments Off on Cobra’s Jumpstarters: A Size for Every Need 

Cobra JumpstartersWhether power is needed to jump start a vehicle, operate household appliances or charge mobile electronic devices, Cobra Electronics Corp. has got it all in one convenient package. Available in four, compact models to meet individual needs, Cobra’s Jumpstarters can be conveniently stored in a vehicle or boat for emergencies, kept around the house for use during brief power outages or even taken to the beach to plug in and enjoy CD or mp3 players. Equipped with a 12V DC outlet and a 5V USB output, it can power electronic gadgets, such as cell phones, mp3 players and GPS navigation systems. To easily inflate tires, sports equipment or even air mattresses, the unit has a 260 PSI air compressor. A super-bright LED illuminates work areas and is extremely helpful in emergencies. The Jumpstarter’s LED battery meter lets users know the battery’s charge status and capacity information. For increased safety, a reverse polarity indicator ensures a proper connection to the maintenance-free, high-efficiency, sealed, lead acid battery. A jump starter safety switch securely transfers power to the booster cables. With a rugged design, Cobra’s Jumpstarters are lightweight and designed with a handle for easy portability. Heavy-duty cables are provided to transfer power more effectively. Cobra Electronics’ CJIC 350 Jumpstarter/Powerpack provides 900 peak amps of power, including 400W of AC, and retails for $139.95. The CJIC 250 offers 500 peak amps, a 260 PSI air compressor and 100W of AC for $99.95. Cobra’s CJI 150 and CJS 50 both supply 500 peak amps, while the CJI 150 also provides 100W of AC. The CJI 150 is priced at $89.95. As a base model, the CJS 50 retails for $69.95. Contact Cobra Electronics Corp., 6500 W. Cortland St., Chicago, IL 60707. (773) 889-8870.;

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