RV Park Developer Eyes Utah’s Como Springs

August 15, 2011 by · Comments Off on RV Park Developer Eyes Utah’s Como Springs 

A new developer is eyeing the well known Como Springs recreation area in Morgan, Utah, and city and county officials couldn’t be more excited.

Darren Menlove, who has run the downtown Salt Lake City KOA campground and RV Park for 35 years, is in negotiations with the current owner to purchase Como, located next to the Morgan County Fairgrounds, Ogden’s Standard-Examiner reported.

Menlove’s plans for the area include a swimming pool, hot tub, general store/registration office, RV sites, camping sites, camping cabins, pavilion, wi-fi, and onsite full-time property managers. His plans would include demolishing all remaining structures except the old roller-skating rink.

“We think the property has good potential. We have found the finer a property, the higher the clientele base,” Menlove said. “It’s a good sales tax generator. You don’t have to educate or medicate (campers). They spend their money and leave.”

City and county officials agreed.

“It’s a great idea since we don’t have a hotel in our county,” Morgan City Mayor Jim Egbert said. “We have events, and people have no place to stay. It would be advantageous to us, and I am excited about that.”

Based on the history of the area, Menlove said he plans to offer swimming/day passes to locals and tourists whether they stay to camp or not.

“It would be a community swimming pool,” Menlove said. “It would add to the feasibility of the project.”

Menlove considered purchasing the land 13 years ago, and never really forgot about it.

“We are familiar with the property, but still in the very beginning of our feasibility studies,” said Menlove, who owns the KOA proprietary rights that include Morgan County. “We are putting our toe in the water.”

“As you do your planning, I would be interested in you considering other water amenities,” City Councilman Ray Little said. “That type of facility would bring a lot of people here.”

In a time where economic development is a buzz word in the county, many officials are pledging to support Menlove.

“We are interested in making Morgan County a destination spot,” County Councilman Don Mathews said. “We are willing to do whatever we can to help you.”

“Everyone remembers an excellent memory of Como,” County Councilwoman Ronda Kippen said. “Bring back that nostalgic feeling and a wonderful atmosphere. County residents support this. You have our vote of confidence, but don’t dawdle.”

Engbert said the mere history of the area would bring people in.

“It has its name. It is known all over,” Egbert said. “If you talk to the older people, they know where it is.”

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