TekModo Debuts Fortis Composite Floor Panels

October 22, 2012 by · Comments Off on TekModo Debuts Fortis Composite Floor Panels 

Elkhart, Ind.-based TekModo LLC, a manufacturer of composite panels for the RV, commercial truck and marine industries, announced the introduction of its Fortis line of structural composite substrates.

According to a press release, the Fortis brand is a line of “design-engineered structural substrates targeted specifically for use as ruggedized, lightweight floor and composite panel skins.” The products are intended for use in applications that demand extreme durability and environmental resiliency. RV applications include: main floor and mid-deck structures; ramp doors; patio floors; roof decking; and slideout drawer trays.

TekModo said the Fortis line is superior to plywood, luan, and fiberglass composite floor/panel systems by eliminating wood, seams, rot, mold and other floor failures. The Fortis line “enables manufacturers the ability to produce significantly more durable structures with reduced unit weight and increased service longevity.”

The Fortis line is available in widths up to 9 feet and lengths up to 600 feet in coil form or as cut-to-size panels. The 9-foot width capability allows manufacturers the ability to produce large, one-piece, seamless floor and/or composite panels.

For additional information contact TekModo at 2700 Jeanwood Drive , Elkhart, Ind., 46514; (574) 970-5877; or


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Hanwha-Azdel Nearing a Production Milestone

September 14, 2011 by · Comments Off on Hanwha-Azdel Nearing a Production Milestone 

Forest, Va.-based Hanwha-Azdel will reach another significant milestone this month since entering the market in 2006 by shipping the 50th million square foot of their composite product to the RV industry.

According to a press release, Hanwha-Azdel has experienced continued success for its composite panels, which are ultra-lightweight, weather resistant and more energy efficient than wood-based products. Hanwha-Azdel said that 20 leading RV manufacturer brands now use AZDEL panels in some or all models.

The firm reported that it continues to engage and educate OEMs, dealers and consumers on the advantages of using AZDEL panels through major trade publications, industry-related websites and industry events. Hanwha-Azdel has also updated its website,, to “further assist in advancing the knowledge of their innovative products.”

The company, along with its exclusive distributor Robert Weed Plywood Corp., is currently at the Pennsylvania RV & Camping show in Hershey, operating a booth display and also sponsoring the event’s public transportation.


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