ADP Lightspeed Offers Credit Checks on DMS

October 28, 2010 by · Comments Off on ADP Lightspeed Offers Credit Checks on DMS 

ADP Lightspeed, a provider of dealer management systems (DMS), today (Oct. 28) announced integration that allows dealers to run credit checks within the LightspeedEVO Dealer Management System. Credit Check gives dealers the ability to submit customer information to all three credit bureaus without have to re-enter information, according to a news release.

“In today’s difficult financing environment it is critical to handle deals correctly to secure the financing customers need. With integrated Credit Check, LightspeedEVO allows sales and F&I representatives to pull credit information early on in the deal process. This provides the sales representative the ability to make critical adjustments that will help increase the chances of a closed sale and makes it easier for F&I management to determine an appropriate lender,” the release stated.

“Savvy dealers know they can make more money if they understand financing,” said Chris Hauck, product manager at ADP Lightspeed. “It is important for the customer and the sales team to understand what is achievable. This vital information helps dealers speed up the sales process and avoid disappointing customers with finance declines.”

Along with the ability to check customer credit scores, the information can also be passed through a credit gateway for contracting companies to search for financing. Since the information is pulled directly out of the sales deal, there is no need to re-enter or handwrite finance deal information.

The Credit Check integration will be available for dealers using LightspeedEVO later this fall. For more information on the Credit Check integration or ADP Lightspeed’s Marine Dealer Management Software visit

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