Dexter Axle Introduces Sway Control System

July 28, 2014 by · Comments Off on Dexter Axle Introduces Sway Control System 

Dexter Sway Control system

Dexter Sway Control system

Dexter Axle Co., a leading manufacturer of trailer axles and trailer brakes for over 50 years, announced the launch of the Dexter Sway Control system (DSC).

According to a press release, the DSC system is a critical safety item to stabilize the sway of a trailer or RV by continuously monitoring trailer yaw – the side-to-side movement, left and right of the tow vehicle. The electronic system uses data collected in the event of sway to apply the brakes on the correct side of the trailer in a timely manner and with the proper braking level required based on sway conditions.

“Extensive testing comparing a trailer without a sway control device as well as with a mechanical anti-sway device to a trailer with our system, proves that Dexter Sway Control significantly reduces potentially dangerous sway,” states Tim Meckstroth, vice president of engineering for Dexter Axle.

“The next generation technology detects trailer sway and applies either the left or right brakes dampening the sway much quicker than other systems that apply brakes on both sides at the same time,” explains Bryan Thursby, VP of Sales and Marketing. “We are excited to offer this state-of-the-art system to our customers.”

The Dexter Sway Control is available to manufacturers for installation on trailers or RVs with electric brakes. The system will also be available to Dexter’s distribution network to OEMs or for installation on pre-owned units at a service center by a qualified technician. For more information contact your Dexter Sales Engineer, Dexter Axle at (574) 295-7888, or click here.

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Sterling Group Finalizes Buyout of Dexter Axle

November 1, 2012 by · Comments Off on Sterling Group Finalizes Buyout of Dexter Axle 

The Sterling Group, a middle market private equity firm based in Houston, Texas, today (Nov. 1) announced that its affiliated investment fund, Sterling Group Partners III L.P., has completed the acquisition of the Dexter Axle business from Tomkins Industries Inc., a subsidiary of Pinafore Holdings B.V.

According to a press release, Dexter is the second business Sterling has acquired from Tomkins in the last fourteen months.

Dexter, based in Elkhart, Ind., is a leading designer and manufacturer of trailer axle, brake, and suspension assemblies and related replacement parts and components for use primarily in the industrial and utility trailer and RV markets in North America.

“For over 50 years, Dexter has provided customers with the highest quality axles in the industry,” said Adam Dexter, CEO of Dexter. “The entire team is thrilled by Sterling’s support of our business, our culture, and our commitment to delivering the best customer service and product quality in the trailer running gear market.”

During its 30-year history, Sterling has sponsored the “carve-out” of 22 businesses from larger corporate parents, including multiple acquisitions from DuPont, British Petroleum and Tomkins.

“We are excited about the opportunity to draw on our deep experience with corporate carve-outs to transition Dexter to a stand-alone business,” said Kevin Garland, partner at The Sterling Group. “We look forward to partnering closely with management to achieve new levels of profitability and create value for all shareholders.”




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Dexter Axle Retains Philips’ Ventline, Door Business

June 11, 2009 by · Comments Off on Dexter Axle Retains Philips’ Ventline, Door Business 

Dexter Axle, a supplier of axles, frames and related components in the utility trailer, recreational vehicle, heavy duty and manufactured housing markets, is reminding the industries it serves that in March it acquired the RV, cargo, and horse trailer door business of Philips Products, as well as its Ventline product offerings. 

The transition of this business, along with the hiring of 112 Philips employees into Dexter, was completed May 4, according to a Dexter Axle press release Wednesday (June 10).

So those product lines were not affected by the June 3 announcement by Tomkins Industries, parent of Dexter Axle and Philips Products, that it was closing operations employing 675 in six states of Philips Products, which produces doors and windows for the manufactured housing and residential commercial markets.

“The addition of these quality product offerings were natural complements to markets that Dexter already serves, and where Dexter is well known for providing superior quality, service and support,” Dexter Axle President Adam Dexter explained.
“Dexter is committed to the markets it serves,”  the Dexter Axle release states. “The management team at Dexter has an existing knowledge and extensive level of experience with door and venting products. Though employees of Dexter Axle are saddened by the impact the decision to close Philips Products will have on employees, Dexter’s plans to grow the recently acquired business from Philips is unaffected by the closing of Philips Products.

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