Dicor Corp.’s Innovation is Making a Difference

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 Dicor Corp. companies lead the way with  components and products that make a dramatic  difference in what RVs can offer.

That’s the message Dicor is spreading at the 50th Annual National RV Trade Show underway this week in Louisville, Ky.

At the company’s “Center of Amazing” display in the North Wing Lobby, Hall 2A in the Kentucky Exposition Center, visitors see a variety of new impact products. Among them:

  • Vixen FRP — a new breakthrough family of products that address different application and finish requirements for sidewalls and panels.
  • New EPDM roofing in the color tan. Coordinate graphics with that. Also — new, more pliable TPO roofing that makes it easier to install a quality roof.
  • New manufacturing robotics for better quality seals for windows, doors and exterior hatches. With amazing manufacturing efficiencies.
  • A buzz of new shade products, including remote control capabilities, to further evolve interior RV window treatments into the 21st century.
  • New aftermarket sealants, cleaners and repair kits to take care of RVs.
  • Lightweight PolyStone solid surface material: first-class countertops at half the weight.
  • To help beat the heat, Dicor Products introduces CoolCoat, a new heat-reducing coating for EPDM RV roofs.
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Dicor Corp. Creates ‘Amazing’ Facebook Page

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What does a Norman Rockwell painting, a table dancer, R2D2, a roll top desk, tan and black lager, and a thermos bottle have in common? They’re all part of a whimsical and fun Facebook page started by Dicor Corp.. The online site provides a sneak preview of new products at the Dicor “Center of Amazing” booth during the National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky. To view the page click here.

For RV manufacturers, the page previews new Vixen FRP sidewall and external panel options, new tan-colored EPDM roof material, a table with a four-way moveable top and an exclusive robotic window sealing system. These and other new offerings are from what Dicor calls its “Center of Amazing” research and innovation.

RV dealers who don’t usually visit the Dicor booth can view some of the attractive new products at this year’s display that enhance aftermarket revenue and service, including a heat-reducing roof coating, specialized lap sealants, roof cleaning and coating systems, and shade repair and cleaning products.

The page also shows the new roof care and repair videos that Dicor Products is currently producing as part of its expanded consumer communications.

Videos and iconic pop culture photos of robots, tables and people, among other things, liven up the page while highlighting product features. New postings are made daily.

“We want it to be a fun place for people to visit, and encourage the informal exchange of ideas and feedback between us and our visitors,” said Gregg Fore, Dicor president. “It’s another channel of communication for those interested in what we do.”

More about the Dicor, its affiliates and their products, may also be found at


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Dicor’s Vixen Composites Adds FRP Products

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Dicor Corp.’s Vixen Composites affiliate has taken the next step in its strategic plan to become a complete supplier of sidewall and other external panels and composites by introducing Vixen FRP products.

“When Vixen was formed a couple of years ago, the plan we had was to develop an unmatched range of products that would bring the newest and best FRP and composite technologies to the RV market,” stated Gregg Fore, president of the Elkhart, Ind.-based supplier, in a press release. “We started by focusing on producing our Vixenite composite panels, which we have successfully introduced into a variety of non-RV markets, and quickly moved to work with manufacturers across the globe to develop RV-specific FRP panel technology to improve the long-term performance of RV exteriors.”

The new product lines are marketed under the name Vixen FRP, and are comprised of a family of products that address different application and finish requirements. The first product introduced will be FibroPlus, specifically designed to boost the performance of RV sidewalls. FibroGloss, an extra high-gloss FRP, will be introduced early in 2013, along with FibroGrip, a non-skid material, and FibroTrans, a translucent panel.

Vixen General Manager Gordon Frost said that FibroPlus and FibroGloss will be available in a variety of widths and colors and in rolls up to 200 feet in length. Frost explained that “some competitive FRP products use general purpose resins with lower fiberglass content and may sell thinner panels, while Vixen’s products are constructed of a proprietary blend of resins and manufactured using new curing technology. They have a minimum thickness of 0.050. These are all important factors in the long term performance of the FRP.”

Fore added, “After working with several global manufacturers, Dicor selected the Yucel Group to provide these specifically formulated FRP Products to Vixen Composites. Yucel made a solid commitment to meet Vixen’s specifications and quality standards, expanded their facility for RV demand, and have proven technical ability along with the integrity and strong principles needed to satisfy both Vixen and its customers.”

According to Fore, these new products are perfect complements to the Vixenite Composite panels introduced earlier by Vixen. “With the addition of this family of FRP products, Vixen will now be able to offer sidewall products that meet the needs of the majority of RV products produced on an annual basis.”

For more information call Gordon Frost at (574) 264-2699. Vixen FRP products will be part of the “Center for the Amazing” Dicor Corp. booth in the North Wing Lobby, Hall 2A, of the Kentucky Exposition Center during the National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Nov. 27-29.


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Dicor Products’ Videos Addressing Roof Care

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Dicor Products (, the RV industry’s leading supplier of roofing materials, has begun posting a series of instructive show-and-tell videos for RV owners on its website about RV roof care.

The videos may be accessed by going to Visitors will be greeted by Rudy, Dicor Products’ roof care icon, and can click on the videos listed on that page, according to a news release.

Two initial videos feature well-known RV educator Mark Polk. In one, he walks through the steps for effectively using Dicor Products’ lap sealant to seal cracks and deterioration in existing roof seals. In another, Polk shows simple ways to determine whether an RV is covered by an EPDM membrane or TPO material (it can make an important difference in the kind of sealant to use).

Also posted on the site is a growing library of “Rudy RV Improvement Reports” — every-other-week e-Bulletins to RVers about different aspects of RV care, from getting out black streaks to using specialized roof coatings. RVers can subscribe to these helpful emails on the same webpage as the videos.

“The videos and the e-Bulletins are our way of helping RVers take good care of their roofs to extend the life of their RVs.” said Dave Majewski, vice president of aftermarket sales and marketing at Dicor Products. “We think people will find the videos exceptionally helpful because they are simple and straightforward and they allow people to see exactly what we’re talking about regarding RV roof care.”

“Rudy represents the collective expertise of Dicor Products’ 25 years of industry experience that we want to share in the helpful spirit of RVing. With Rudy, we can speak directly to RVers about the best way to use the products we put on the shelf. We know RVers appreciate information straight from the source.“

More roof care videos will be posted in the upcoming months, creating a comprehensive resource center for RV care. “We’re always looking for ways to make RVing better,” said Majewski. “That’s our commitment to our industry partners and to the RV owner. We want everyone to find what they’re looking for in an RV. We want to help make those things work and keep working.”

For more about Dicor, this consumer education initiative, and a number of new products from Dicor Corp. affiliates, visit the “Center for the Amazing” at the Dicor booth (North Wing Lobby, Hall 2A) during the National RV Trade Show in Louisville Nov. 27 to 29.

Dicor Products is an affiliate of Dicor Corp., a leading RV supplier and innovator in bringing new product solutions to the RV industry. See


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Dicor Names Larry Lebryk Director of Marketing

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Larry Lebryk

Elkhart, Ind.-based Dicor Corp. has named Larry Lebryk as director of marketing, replacing Dwayne Nickel who recently retired.

According to a press release, Lebryk joined Dicor in January of 2011, serving as aftermarket manager where he assisted with aftermarket planning and execution along with other marketing and show activities.

Prior to Dicor, Lebryk worked in marketing and communications for Girard Products in San Clemente, Calif., helping in the marketing and coordination of their “On Demand” water heater new product launch. Lebryk also logged 17 years for a major supplier to the RV market, becoming director of marketing/aftermarket sales manager/manager of international sales.

“Larry has a successful history in marketing and management roles in the RV industry,” said Gregg Fore, president of Dicor. “Larry is well respected for his work with vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, and that experience will serve him well as he directs Dicor’s marketing efforts into the future.”

“Dicor has had an outstanding marketing presence over the past few years that has brought new products and strategies to the fore,” said Lebryk. “I appreciate the opportunity to be an integral part of that momentum and to build on it. We’re focused on bringing new products and services to both manufacturers and the aftermarket that can make a difference. This is an exciting time to be at the Dicor Corporation.”

For more information about Dicor, visit


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Dwayne, Julie Nickel Retiring From Dicor Corp.

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Dwayne and Julie Nickel with their granddaughter Isla

The husband and wife team of Dwayne and Julie Nickel will be retiring from Dicor Corp. as of Aug. 31.

According to a press release, Dwayne Nickel is a 39-year industry veteran, starting with Kinder Manufacturing in 1973 after obtaining a bachelor’s degree from Wichita State University in business/marketing. He also served in the U.S. Army from 1966 to 1969, including a tour of duty in Vietnam.

At Kinder, he rose in the ranks to executive positions, including vice president of sales and marketing and president. In 1986 he left to found Contra Seating and later joined the Lux Co. division of Coachmen Industries Inc., where he served in sales management and product development. In 1995 he moved to Fabwell/Owens Corning, where he was vice president of marketing and director of business development before coming to Dicor in 2007 as director of marketing.

Julie Nickel has been in the RV industry for 22 years, serving with Dometic Corp. for 20 years before coming to Dicor in 2011 as website administrator and events coordinator. At Dometic, she managed and coordinated collateral materials, samples, literature and point-of-purchase fulfillment for the aftermarket and manufacturers. She also operated Dometic’s internal resource center for print materials.

“Dwayne and Julie are well respected in the RV industry for their talents and contributions to the companies they have worked for, and to the associations they have been involved with,” said Gregg Fore, president of Dicor. “They will be missed not only by their Dicor colleagues, but by the wider RV family as well.”

Dwayne Nickel noted, “I really appreciated the opportunity at Dicor to help bring a new and different product perspective to the industry. Establishing global relationships and sourcing new products are among the highlights of my time here.”

Julie Nickel added, “It’s been a pleasure to be part of the Dicor family. This past year it’s been exciting to be part of launching our extensive new website.”


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United Shade Focusing on Commercial Market

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Elkhart, Ind.-based Dicor Corp. affiliate United Shade has created a new contract division to refocus its efforts on the commercial market for window coverings.

According to a press release, United Shade has shifted personnel from its Window Expressions affiliate, which formerly served both decorator/designer home markets as well as commercial customers, to the new contract division. This division will exclusively focus on larger commercial accounts, offering a full line of window coverings. Window Expressions no longer exists as a separate corporate entity.

“We see larger opportunities in the commercial market,” said Braden McCormick, president of United Shade. “This move allows us to take advantage of our manufacturing strengths for commercial products. Our main manufacturing facility in Indiana offers exceptional capacity for quick production of large orders, and our central location in the U.S. enables delivery within a couple days to any part of the country.”

Commercial applications involve offices, schools, hospitality, health care operations and other demanding environments. Smart Series Roller Shades have been the core products for Window Expressions’ business, and will remain so with the contract division, including Smart Power Roller Shades, Smart Rise Roller Shades, Smart View Roller Shades and SmartWeave Roller Shades. Other commercial products include vertical blinds, horizontal blinds, mini blinds and honeycomb blinds.

The United Shade contract division website ( has been expanded to accommodate all Window Expressions products as well as new products in the Contract Division. The site will also contain product demo videos and installation and repair videos.


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Seal Design to Market New RV, Marine Product

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Dicor Corp. affiliate Seal Design is opening up another market niche within the marine and RV industries as the exclusive distributor of a new mold release coating, said Greg Kelly, general manager of the division.

The latest expansion of Dicor Corp.’s offerings is for FRP, ABS and fiberglass molding suppliers serving the RV and marine industries. Such molding operations make boat hulls, interior molded ABS, injected molded and roto cast parts for marine products, and a number of significant parts for RVs, such as front and rear caps, ground effect products and various ABS parts.

Called Release Rite 7000, the mold release features a tough, durable film that allows multiple mold releases with one spray-on application, and can easily be touched up as needed. It has an exclusive chemistry composed of an aqueous co-solvent blend of a semi-composite release agent intended for most general composite and FRP molding operations, including phenolic, epoxy and fiberglass applications.

“Release Rite has a very complex chemistry and is a very high quality mold release agent that we’ve been able to make cost-competitive,” said Kelly. “Its big advantage is the cost savings in terms of productivity that it brings to molded parts suppliers. With Release Rite, they can get a lot more ‘pulls’ before they have to recondition the mold. And when they do recondition molds, it will take less time and create lest disruption. Its spray-on application also facilitates ease-of-use and makes it perfect for bigger molds.”

Seal Design will also be introducing a complete line of new release agents for the broader injection molding industry, including injection and compression rubber molders.

“As the exclusive supplier of this product, this is a great opportunity for us in a whole new market,” said Kelly.


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RV Supplier Dicor Corp. Entering Marine Market

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Elkhart, Ind.-based Dicor Corp., a major, long-time supplier for the RV industry, has announced its intent to enter the marine market. Directed by its Seal Design affiliate, this expansion will bring a range of new components and aftermarket offerings to marine manufacturers and dealers, including a number of products Dicor recently introduced to the RV market.

According to a press release, Dicor’s initial product offerings include new, more durable and easier to apply sealants, deck hardware, new floor and furnishing options, and new motorized or manual Sun Screen roller shades.

“We knew when we released these products for RVs that many of them would crossover very well into marine applications,” said Gregg Fore, president of Dicor Corp. “With the economy slowly reviving, marine manufacturers are looking to upgrade their offerings to bring back customers. We thought this would be an optimum time to help them do that. It’s the next step in a number of steps we’ve taken lately to grow our business.”

“We’ve been studying the marine market for some time,” said Greg Kelly, general manager of Seal Design. “And that is one of the first things the industry needs to know about us. We do our homework. We have high standards. All our products are proven and tested before going to market. And once they are sold, we’re still around to help. We do everything we can to make sure manufacturers have a successful experience in installing the product, that dealers have a successful experience in selling it, and that consumers have a better boating experience for using it.

He added, “That means we provide a lot of ‘back door’ engineering help with things like production efficiency and inventory control as they relate to our offerings. We pride ourselves on pro-active and timely service, and in aggressively seeking out solutions for our customers. That’s been at the heart of our success for more than 25 years in the RV industry, and it will be the heart of our success with the boating community.”

Among Dicor’s marine offerings will be a number of flexible table options from the company’s Dicor Products affiliate that allow for comfortable but space-saving seating in tight cabin areas. From its United Shade affiliate, Dicor is offering some of the recent trends in window coverings for both aftermarket and manufacturer sales.

Seal Design also brings its line of automotive and residential quality sealants along with Dicor’s TPO flooring. Seal Design’s SealTite hot melt caulk replacement and Touch-N-Seal polyurethane sprayed foam system not only provide tighter, more durable seals, but also simplify and improve manufacturing application.

For more information about Dicor Corp.and its affiliated companies, visit



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RV Execs Break Bread with Stutzman, Buchson

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Marlin Stutzman

A group of eight RV industry executives met Thursday (April 12) evening with two freshmen Republican U.S. Congressmen at Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Mishawaka, Ind., in what amounted to a “bridge-building” session for both sides.

The meeting was called by U.S. Rep. Marlin Stutzman, a farmer from Howe in LaGrange County just east of Elkhart whose 3rd District includes much of Elkhart County, and Congressman Larry Buchson, a heart surgeon from Newburgh in southern Indiana’s 8th District and a member of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.

The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association’s (RVIA) staff had a hand in pulling together the get-to-know-you session, according to Gregg Fore, current chairman of RVIA and president of Elkhart, Ind.-based Dicor Corp. “The primary goal, as I had talked to Marlin Stutzman about this some months ago, was about trying to find an opportunity to get some RV folks together to meet with him because he had not had the opportunity to do that since he had been elected to office,” said Fore.

Stutzman, who currently serves on the House Committees on Agriculture, Budget, and Veterans’ Affairs, says Buchson’s seat on the Transportation makes his role rather pivotal for Elkhart County’s RV contingent.

“Yeah, I had been working with Congressman Buchson, and the RV industry had an issue with trailer-axle weights, and he was willing to take the lead on that and actually get the issue into the transportation bill to promote the RV industry,” said Stutzman, whose own father once worked for Coachmen Industries Inc. “So last night, I thought it would be helpful both to folks in the RV industry and to Congressmen Buchson to have the opportunity to sit down and meet each other and build those bridges and work together with myself and Larry and folks in the RV industry. We had a great visit and we’re looking forward to working together in the future as well.”

Among the topics discussed: A stymied transportation bill, formaldehyde issues, energy policy, the economy, the budget — or a lack thereof — and potential standards issues affecting recreational park trailers.

Doug Gaeddert, a general manager for Elkhart-based Forest River Inc. and 1st vice-chairman of RVIA, said it was time well spent. “It was productive and they’re (the two freshmen Congressmen) far more educated than they were before we got there. All in all, it looks like both of them ran for public office for the right reasons.”

“They were very interested in learning more about the industry, getting an update on industry trends as well as any challenges and difficulties we were facing that might impede our progress,” added RVIA Public Relations Committee Chairman B.J. Thompson, president of BJ Thompson Associates, Mishawaka.

Suffice to say that this probably isn’t the last the industry has heard from Stutzman, who’s unopposed in the primaries but faces re-election this fall against any one of six Democrats, as a potential political ally.

“No, absolutely not,” said Stutzman. “I have an agriculture background and also a trucking industry background, and we used to haul cargo trailers and other products for the RV industry when we were in the trucking business. So, obviously it’s a huge part of our economy in northern Indiana. And, with friends and neighbors that work in the industry, I know how important the RV industry is to our economy and also to the lives of people in our community. So this is something that I feel very passionately about, and the hard work and the values of the RV industry are the kinds of things we want to promote and support as much as we can.”

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