Dicor Sponsoring RVB’s ‘Capital Talk’ for 2012

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Elkhart, Ind.-based RV supplier Dicor Corp. has teamed up for 2012 with RVBusiness (RVB) to sponsor “RV Capital Talk,” the popular Internet TV show that’s accessible on as well as RVNN.TV’s own consumer Internet network.

Dicor, best known as a supplier of RV roofing and wheel products, has significantly expanded its product offerings over the past two years through its four affiliated companies: Dicor Products (roofing, wheel coverings and other specialty products), United Shade (multiple RV shade designs), Seal Design (sealants to weatherize and insulate RVs) and Vixen Composites (a new manufacturing system for RV sidewall composites).

“We’ve developed a great range of offerings, but all of our companies share the same approach of providing proven products, innovation and service that manufacturers, dealers and consumers can rely on,” said Dicor President Gregg Fore. “Our products help create a better RV experience and that is what everyone in our industry should be about. We believe ‘Capital Talk’ can play an important role in communicating such perspectives, so we’re glad to be a sponsor.”

RVB and RVNN.TV are working together to take “RV Capital Talk” to the next level in its second year as a media offering that both informs and entertains industry viewers on RVB’s busy industry news site – the leader in terms of unique “visitor” traffic.

The show also opens an industry window for consumers via the year-old RVNN.TV Internet television network, which is produced by RVNewsNet LLC and uses the same streaming technology as Netflix to deliver “RV Capital Talk” and several of the network’s RV consumer programs to over three million North American households.

“We consider Dicor’s core business principals and solid reputation a logical and fitting match for RVBusiness and the way we’ve tried to establish ourselves in our first year as an independent trade journal, “ says RVB Publisher Sherman Goldenberg, who, with partner Beverly Gardner, purchased the publication and website in early 2011. “This is an important step for us and, we trust, for our friends at Dicor.”

RVNN.TV founder Andrew McCaskey says “Dicor’s forward-thinking support and willingness to extend a bridge to consumers by making “RV Capital Talk” broadly available in new media builds consumer trust for the industry and its products, offering millions of consumers a closer look at the ‘World of RV’s.’”


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Dicor Rebrands to Unite, Strengthen Companies

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Dicor President Gregg Fore

Dicor Corp. is rebranding its companies, which operate independently of each other, to create a uniformity of design message, websites and packaging, according to a report in the South Bend (Ind.) Tribune.

“All of our companies share some very basic philosophies and basic competencies,” said Gregg Fore, president of the Elkhart, Ind.-based supplier who also serves as chairman for the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA). “Our decision to blend the strengths of the various companies into a single brand began 18 months ago. “It’s a very long process, but I can tell you that only 18 months in, the value is very real.”

Dicor primarily serves recreational vehicle markets throughout North America and is known as a supplier for roofing and wheel products. Over the years, it has expanded its market through acquisitions and startups to include United Shade, which makes window shades — including motorized ones — for RVs; Vixen Composites, a manufacturing system that addresses problems with composites used for RV sidewalls; SealDesign, which manufactures sealants to keep out the weather and insulate RVs; and Window Expression, a subsidiary of United Shade that sells to commercial construction companies instead of the RV industry.

“They are a combination of new startups to fill a market niche or new purchases of companies that we can blend into our core operation,” Fore said. “If a company blends well with our core operational values — that’s what has interest to us.”

The company is growing fast. In the first six months of 2011, revenue increased 15% compared with the same time period in 2010.

“We’ve shown a consistent pattern of growth both in terms of revenue and employment,” Fore said. “We’ve had a lot of longevity with our employment. When I started with the company 21 years ago, we had around 10 employees. Now we have about 120 or so.”

Recently the company has also added new management personnel, facilities and products. This growth and innovation landed the company on the 2011 “Indiana Company to Watch” list.

At the Louisville Show in November, Dicor showcased some of its newest products — some the company has developed and some it is partnering with other companies to make available.

These include an all-new system of RV cabinetry the company brought in from Europe, that simplifies the structure and allows more design techniques and a new composite — a large, flat panel made of all synthetic products — that’s up to 10 feet wide and up to 4 inches in diameter, which is used for an RVs walls.

“We started this brand-new venture in Vixen Composites. It is rare for a private company to start something that no one else is doing,” Fore said.

The South Bend Tribune reported that the company wanted to set itself apart from others of its kind, so it built a machine capable of making up to 10-foot-wide composites. It uses a moving mold process, where the composite is molded as it travels along a production line, rather than a static — or stationary — mold process.

“It has a smaller footprint, fewer emissions, results in a panel that is seamless and has a greater strength than static panels and is lighter in weight than a static mold,” Fore said.

The company’s website demonstrates the strength of the panels with a video showing what happens to a panel when a brick or bowling ball is dropped on it from one story up. (Watch the video on the home page).

In addition to the composites, Dicor also demonstrated some of its older products at the trade show.

“We played on the long-term history. We’ve been in the roofing industry for almost 22 years and we have a majority market share,” Fore said, explaining that the company also showcased its decorative wheel products, which is a line it has produced for 27 years.

So, what are the company’s plans for the future?

“Well, we don’t want to stop growing. Our goal is to continue down that path. It will be internal growth through market share and through product line. Through acquisition or startup as those things become available to us.”

“It is important to us to build an enterprise that has longevity for the employees, that has teeth, that can continue to grow whether or not I happen to be involved or one of the other partners is involved,” Fore said. “They know that we are trying to do things in the future in their best interest, consequently they will do things today in our best interest.”

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Seal Design Launches Nitrogen-Infused Sealant

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Seal Design LLC recently introduced its Seal-Tite hot melt sealant for RV windows, doors and hatches that can “reduce manufacturers’ sealant cost by 30%,” according to a press release.

Nitrogen gas is infused into the sealant material, volumizing it and enabling the material to spread farther and seep more effectively into small gaps to create an impervious seal. Seal Design, a subsidiary of Dicor Corp., said that because of the deeper penetration, manufacturers save on material costs.

The new closed-cell, gas-sealant mixture is easier to compress when solid and also less likely to over-compress, retaining good rebound or reflexive qualities. It also reduces sagging to maintain uniform thickness while still offering a seal that is as durable as the non-infused material.

The caulk and putty replacement is a highly stable sealant that can be applied by the manufacturer quickly and accurately with a hot-gun or robotic process that keeps bleed waste and cleanup to a minimum, according to the release.

Also, unlike caulk and putty tape, Seal-Tite does not crack, shrink or deteriorate over time, maintaining a solid, worry-free seal. In addition, it is a green product manufactured in accordance with Energy Star and American Architectural Manufacturers Association specifications.

The volumized product will let RV manufacturers do more with less material, and take advantage of a newly developed robotic application option that applies the sealant with consistent automotive quality faster than ever, said Greg Kelly, general manager of Seal Design.

“We’re talking a fraction of the time it would take for an assembler to seal a fixture with standard caulking. It can replace the manufacturer’s inventory of several different kinds of caulks and sealants,” Kelly noted. “With nitrogen infused Seal-Tite applied robotically, you get a consistent, automotive quality result — a precisely placed, solid, durable seal that’s going to stand the test of time and weather,” he said.

The infused sealant also sets up faster for increased line speeds and production rates.

For more information, visit, call toll free 877-262-0954, or email



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Dicor Corp. Maintains Product Push in Louisville

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Elkhart, Ind.-based supplier Dicor Corp. will be introducing several new products during the Nov. 29-Dec. 1 National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky.

According to a press release, Dicor will be showing: A nitrogen-infused version of its Seal-Tite caulk and putty replacement for exterior windows, doors and hatches; remote controlled shades (including camouflage styles); a simpler Euro-cabinet build system; lighter and brighter motorized steps; TPO flooring that can take a caustic chemical bat; and stronger composite wall panels that can withstand a bowling ball drop from 30 feet (video is available for viewing at

Dicor Corp. said that this is the second year of a major product expansion that has seen a record number of new products from its affiliated companies.

“We’re really changing the face of Dicor Corp. with the wealth of product solutions we’ve put on the table,” said Dwayne Nickel, marketing director. “They’re all aimed at creating better solutions and experiences for RV manufacturers, dealers and consumers.

“For more than 25 years we’ve been principally known for our rubber roof and wheel products. Today we’re putting our long-standing reputation for service, quality and reliable products behind a number of new product lines. These are all tested and proven offerings, and provide simple, innovative products that customers can have confidence in.”

Dicor Corp. said the company “ramped up its commitment to RV quality considerably last year” with a multi-million dollar investment in a high-tech, proprietary system for manufacturing composite wall panels called Vixenite, which will bring a new dimension of rugged stability and quality to the RV structure.

Since then, Dicor Corp. has added five new websites, new management personnel and more new products to further expand its operations. This past summer, Dicor Corp. was named one of 43 Indiana “Companies to Watch” — mid-sized firms that experts see as primed for rapid growth, with the potential to significantly contribute to the state’s economic development.

Along with new products, show goers should be prepared for some “Altered Reality” at the Dicor booth. This could also be called “fun with holograms” (participants can download an app) and is just one part of the company’s entertaining booth display that includes experiments and videos demonstrating product features.

Dicor will be displaying at Booth No. 236 in the North Wing Lobby, Hall 2A, of the Kentucky Exposition Center (KEC).


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United Shade Rolls Out ‘Camo’ Fabric Choices

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"Camo" options from United Shade

Elkhart, Ind.-based United Shade has extended the use of Mossy Oak, Realtree and StealthCover camouflage fabrics to its Day/Night Roller Shades, combing their outdoorsy look with advanced, UV-blocking SmartWeave screen options.

According to a press release, the popular camo materials provide the blackout fabric for the shades, which can be motorized and controlled by either remote control or wall switch, either for one or several shades. There’s a non-motorized option that features a “Slow-Up” mechanism to reduce rewind speed and prevent flapping. This shade series also offers a heat-sealed enclosed aluminum hembar to prevent “clanging” and internal noise while driving the RV.

“Especially for hunters, fishermen and others who enjoy getting up close to nature and its creatures, Camo Shades supply the perfect inspiration for whatever expedition they may be on, while providing a stunning piece of décor that will command anyone’s attention,” said Braden McCormick, president of United Shade. “The extensive mix of styles we offer also takes our fabrics far beyond what most people might think of as ‘camo.’ It lets people make their own custom statement. It lets them bring their passion indoors.”

The Camo Shades come in a variety of expressions from traditional camo looks to computer-enhanced views of woodsy plant life in realistic texture and depth.

The Mossy Oak and Realtree Camo expressions with the new Day/Night Roller Shades will be on display in the Dicor booth No. 236 at the upcoming 49th Annual National RV Trade Show Nov. 29-Dec. 2 in Louisville, Ky. Visit for detailed information and to order.


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Dicor Adds Rust-Inhibitive Roof Coating System

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Elkhart, Ind.-based Dicor Products has enhanced its Metal Roof Coating System with a Metal RV Roof Rust Inhibitive Primer. According to a press release, the primer provides better coating adhesion and prevention of rust bleed-through as part of a restoration system that also includes Dicor Products’ Elasomeric Metal RV Roof Coating and Coating Ready Cover Tape.

Dicor Products is introducing Metal RV Roof Rust Inhibitive Primer for use anywhere rust appears on the metal roof, both to reduce further corrosion and to enhance the adhesion and look of the roof.

“The rust inhibitor is a tested and proven product in other industries that we think will be a great choice for RVers who want to restore their metal roofs,” said Dave Majewski, Dicor Products vice-president of aftermarket sales and marketing. “This a product that RVers can have confidence in as far as helping to protect and enhance one of the important core components of an RV.”

The primer comes in gallon and quart sizes and is easy to use with simple water clean up. Dicor Products, an affiliate of the Dicor Corp., is well known for its rubber roofing care and restoration systems. To learn more about Dicor Products’ Metal RV Roof Rust Inhibitive Primer, visit



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Dicor Corp. Offers RV Roof Restoration System

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Elkhart, Ind.-based Dicor Products, the leading supplier of aftermarket roofing care products for RVs, is  adding a special coating and primer system for fiberglass RV roofs.

This new system includes Dicor Products’ Fiberglass Clean and Prep along with Fiberglass RV Roof Coating. Dicor Fiberglass Clean and Prep ensures the needed bond for the coating and is specially formulated to remove all wax, oils, road grit and other contaminants on a gel coat, while enhancing the adhesion of the fiberglass coating. It comes in a one-gallon container and is easy to apply and clean up. It’s also biodegradable.

The Fiberglass RV Roof Coating Formula includes 100% acrylic resin and forms a flexible layer that both protects and beautifies any fiberglass roof. The coating gives roofs a super bright white finish, which resists mildew and algae and reflects the sun’s rays to help cool the interior. It comes in both gallon and quart containers, is easy to apply, and cleans up with soapy water. One-gallon covers 350 square feet per coat. Two coats are required. It is not recommended for EPDM rubber or TPO roofing.

“The new Dicor Fiberglass RV Roof Coating is s proven product that RVers can be confident will work well for them,” said Dicor Products’ Dave Majewski, vice president of aftermarket sales and marketing. “The combination of Fiberglass RV Roof Coating with Fiberglass Clean and Prep provides a superior aftermarket system for fiberglass roof care and restoration.”

Dicor Products is an affiliate of the Dicor Corp. with a long-standing history of roof expertise. To learn more about the Fiberglass RV Roof Coating and Fiberglass Clean and Prep system, please visit



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Dicor’s New Website Stresses Product Range

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Elkhart, Ind.-based Dicor Corp. has launched its new corporate website along with new websites for several of its affiliated companies.

The new corporate site at features the company’s recent rebranding and the introduction of its affiliates’ new products under the theme of “amazing breakthroughs with boring stuff,” according to a news release.

The site links to easy-to-use online product catalogs for three Dicor Corp. affiliates — Dicor Products ( Seal Design ( and United Shade ( — along with a repeating slide show of the major breakthrough products Dicor Corp. companies have recently introduced to the RV market.

The websites will offer an expanding library of videos about products and their uses and provide product specs, warranty information, and installation instructions.

For RV manufacturers, the websites contain “Factory Friendly” notes for each product that explain how the product benefits the manufacturing process as well as the RV owner, and the extensive support offered by Dicor Corp. companies to effectively integrate the product into a manufacturer’s production line. Items for aftermarket purchase and installation are also featured through each site.

“These sites are part of the expanded capabilities we’ve been putting in place over the past year,” said Gregg Fore, president of Dicor Corp. “The websites are designed to make it easier for our customers to quickly obtain information about our many new products as well as our familiar offerings. Many people are not aware of the great variety of products we have. We expect to build on this online presence in the months and years to come.”

The easy-to-use sites highlight each product with its own page. Visitors can view a summary of product’s features and benefits as well as available videos, specs, installation procedures, service and warranty information — all accessible with just a few clicks.

“The information on these sites can be used for a quick reference, or for extensive data analysis, or for precise installation instructions,” said Fore. “Furthermore, they raise the profile of our extensive, quality product offerings, and communicate the innovation and customer support we apply to every product line.”

To learn more about Dicor Corporation and its affiliated companies and the difference they make, visit


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Julie Nickel to Manage Website, Events for Dicor

August 31, 2011 by · 1 Comment 

Julie Nickel

Julie Nickel has been hired as website administrator and events coordinator within the Dicor Corp.’s Marketing Group, according to a press release

“This is an entirely new position we’ve created to help us handle our rapid growth in these two key areas of communication,” said Gregg Fore, president of the Elkhart, Ind.-based Dicor Corp.

For the past 20 years Nickel has been employed by Dometic Corp., working in marketing/communications as well as special events coordinator, including show planning for Dometic RV.

“As people saw with our booth at the at the last RVIA show, Dicor Corp. is looking to develop a bigger profile in the RV industry,” said Fore. “We’ve come out with a number of new products that we believe can seriously address some of the important issues our clients and others in the industry face.”

“To help us better reach out to those we serve, we will soon have completely redesigned websites for Dicor Corp. and for each of our affiliated companies, complete with extensive product catalogs. For this and for our show displays, Julie is an industry veteran who brings to us tremendous experience from her years at Dometic. We are fortunate to have her recognized talent on board to help us use these marketing tools to maximum advantage.”

With Dometic marketing, Nickel also managed and coordinated collateral materials, samples, literature and point-of-purchase fulfillment for the aftermarket and manufacturers. She also operated Dometic’s internal resource center for print materials.

In 2010, Nickel was elected member of the Commercial Council with the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA).

“I am attracted to Dicor Corp. as an Elkhart-based company with a consistent presence in the RV industry. It is doing some really great things and I look forward to being a part of this team,” said Nickel. “I’m excited about our new website launch and the opportunity to help position new products for Dicor Corp. I believe this is an excellent way to align my skills with a growth oriented company.”


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Dicor Earns Award as Indiana ‘Company to Watch’

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Congratulating Dicor Corp. President Gregg Fore (second from right) on the company’s 2011 “Companies to Watch” award are, (L-R): R Marcus Chandler, partner, Barnes & Thornburg; Vic Lechtenberg, Vice-Provost for Engagement, Purdue University; and Jeff Heinzmann, Indiana Small Business Development Center.

The Dicor Corp. of Elkhart, Ind., was among 43 companies feted at a special award ceremony yesterday (Aug. 25) evening for being named an Indiana “Company to Watch” for 2011. The Indiana Roof Ballroom in Indianapolis was the setting for the banquet and accolades.

The honor was presented by the Indiana Development Corp., its Small Business Center network, Purdue University and the Edward Lowe Foundation. Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels was present to offer his remarks, which were earlier summed up by Mitch Roob, secretary of commerce and CEO of the Indiana Economic Development Association. “These ‘Companies to Watch’ are among the firms fostering Indiana’s economic growth. This group deserves our congratulations and our thanks for helping to make Indiana a great state for business,” said Roob.

A special video presentation featured representatives from 10 of the winning companies, including Gregg Fore, president of the Dicor Corp. The executives commented on their success as an Indiana company, with a definite eye on business growth and accompanying job creation.

Fore also represented Dicor Corp. as one of four award recipients to participate in a roundtable discussion about growing a successful business in the state, and what makes a company one to watch. The discussion appears in the September-October issue of BizVoice magazine, which is being distributed to 15,000 Indiana chamber members and others in the business community.

The 43 selected companies for 2011 are projected to have combined revenues in excess of $600 million, while adding more than 550 new jobs this year. These projections are up more than $100 million or 33 percent from 2010,

“This is a good way to recognize what growing companies are doing here in Indiana. For Dicor Corporation, this is a great honor for the special team we have established — we accept this honor on behalf of all our employees,” said Fore, who was present along with six members of the Dicor leadership team.

The Dicor Corp. is a major, long-time supplier to the RV industry through its affiliated companies: Dicor Products, Seal Design, United Shade and Vixen Composites. An affiliate of United Shade, Window Expressions also serves the residential and commercial construction markets. Although selling a wide range of products, all of the Dicor Corporation companies thrive as customer-driven and focused on simplicity, innovation and customer confidence in whatever they sell. For more information, visit






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