United Shade Obtains Child Safety Certification

October 26, 2011 by · Comments Off on United Shade Obtains Child Safety Certification 

United Shade LLC, an affiliate of the Dicor Corporation, recently had its corded shade products certified by the Window Manufacturer Association (WCMA) according to the new industry standard the association has adopted in consultation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). United Shade is the only window coverings supplier to the RV industry awarded the certification.

“Concern about child safety around window covering cords has always been an issue, and we are taking a proactive approach to ensuring the ongoing safety of our products. We’ve taken the guidance provided by our WCMA membership and ensured that our product meets all necessary specifications,” Braden McCormick, president of United Shade, said in a news release.

He added, “RVing has become a great lifestyle for families young and old, and we want safety to be a non-issue when it comes to new window coverings. In this, as with our product lines in general, people can count on United Shade to be proactive in seeking the best and safest products for our industry.”

The Dicor Corporation, based in Elkhart, Ind., serves the RV industry through its affiliated companies: Dicor Products, Seal Design, United Shade and Vixen Composites. An affiliate of United Shade, Window Expressions, also serves the residential and commercial construction markets.


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Dicor Fills Purchasing and Operations Slots

June 22, 2011 by · Comments Off on Dicor Fills Purchasing and Operations Slots 

Anne Cavanaugh

Anne Cavanaugh

Dicor Corp.’s Jerri Hisey has been promoted from director of purchasing to director of operations, while Anne Cavanaugh has been hired to be purchasing manager of Dicor and its affiliate, Vixen Composites.

According to a news release, Hisey has been with the Elkhart, Ind.-based RV supplier since 1991 when she began as office manager. Subsequent positions have included purchasing manager, operations manager and director of purchasing. Her new duties will be to continue purchasing of non-production/non-resale items and supervise all Dicor warehouse and transportation activities.

Cavanaugh comes to Dicor with experience in customer service, materials management and purchasing management. She began her career working in customer service for an RV and manufactured housing distributor, IDC Limited, a division of Kevco. She followed that with customer service work for Owens Corning, and later earned positions in materials management for Owens Corning Fabwel in Nappanee, Ind., and as purchasing manager for Owens Corning Fabwel in Goshen, Ind. Most recently she was employed by another composites manufacturer.

Cavanaugh’s duties will include managing the inventory and conducting the purchasing of all materials for Dicor and Vixen Composites.

Jerri Hisey

Jerri Hisey

“Dicor has a sterling reputation in the RV industry, and the caliber of people here is outstanding,” she said. “I have always known Dicor by reputation and it is a natural fit for me, having worked in distribution and composites. That this feels like a close-knit family makes it even better.”

“Dicor is family,” affirmed Hisey. “The people I work for are the best of the best. I feel I can better serve Dicor in an operations capacity. I enjoy being involved in almost every aspect of the business on a daily basis, both internally and working as needed with customers.”

“Both Jerri and Anne bring great enthusiasm and years of experience to their respective tasks,” said Gregg Fore, president of Dicor. “They will be key players in enabling us to provide innovative products and service that give our customers confidence.”

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Supplier Seal Design Earns Energy Star Label

May 11, 2011 by · Comments Off on Supplier Seal Design Earns Energy Star Label 

Along with innovative new products, Seal Design, an affiliate of Elkhart, Ind.-based Dicor Corp., has taken steps to make the core of its business environmentally friendly, the company said in a news release.

“We’re the only sealant innovator in the RV industry that is an Energy Star partner,” said Greg Kelly, general manager for Seal Design. “We have a number of products, including Touch-N-Seal insulating spray foam, that have the Energy Star label.”

Energy Star is a government-backed symbol for energy efficiencies that help protect the environment through energy-efficient products and practices as rated by EPA standards. Many Seal Design products have also been certified by AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturer Association) for their environmental benefits.

“Energy Star and AAMA are not certifications that any product can get,” said Kelly. “These products have been tested, tested and retested. All these products must meet the features and performance demanded by consumers while also achieving greater energy efficiency. They are proven products.”

“At Seal Design we are green driven and well as performance driven. We have developed a number of green practices along with products designed to preserve the environment and people’s health. We want to be a green and health-conscious supplier for the industry, and we think that’s something RVers, in particular, appreciate.”

Seal Design’s green solutions include:
• No toxic or carcinogenic materials used in production or installations.
• No rainwater or soil contamination (no runoff).
• No off-gassing in either production or application.
• Zero chemical migration.
• No specialty disposal requirement.
• No specialty freight regulations or restrictions.
• Zero volatile organic chemicals (VOCs).
• Biodegradable materials.
• Non-allergic materials.
• No HCFC’s or CFC’s — chemicals that deplete the ozone layer, which increases skin cancer, cataracts, and potential damage to some marine organisms, plants and plastics.
• Moisture-resistance systems and systems that inhibit growth of biological contaminants in structures.
• Sustainability. Seal materials that never dry out or harden, providing a longer lasting, more energy efficient seal with less replacement material and labor.
• Recycling: Waste from Seal-Tite applications is reprocessed, and TPV extrusions are 100 percent recyclable.

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