Dicor Products Adding Grierson to Sales Team

May 29, 2013 by · Comments Off on Dicor Products Adding Grierson to Sales Team 

Matt Grierson

Dicor Products has added Matt Grierson to its OEM sales department. According to a press release, Grierson brings over 30 years of RV industry experience to the position.

“Matt brings a wealth of industry knowledge to complement Dicor’s mission of exceptional customer service,” said Jeff Gaff, vice president and general manager of Dicor Products, an affiliate of the Dicor Corp.

Grierson served for 26 years with Coachmen RV, starting with production scheduling in 1983. He subsequently held positions as transportation manager, assistant vice president–distribution and district sales manager.

In 2009, he moved to Quality Drive-Away where he became safety manager and then operations manager. In 2011, he assisted with the start-up of Foremost Transport as general manager.

“Matt possesses a unique viewpoint of the RV industry,” said Gaff. “His decades of experience allow him to see both issues and solutions from the perspective of both manufacturers and suppliers. His first-hand knowledge of the RV product and RV operations will help us to effectively reach out to manufacturers with new product solutions.”

He added, “Our recent growth in product development means our sales staff needs to grow as well if we are to keep serving our customers in the best manner possible.  For that, we’re very pleased to have Matt on board.”

For more information, visit

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Dicor’s ‘CoolCoat’ Reduces Heat Transfer in RVs

October 25, 2012 by · Comments Off on Dicor’s ‘CoolCoat’ Reduces Heat Transfer in RVs 

Dicor's new CoolCoat

Elkhart, Ind.-based supplier Dicor Products has introduced a heat-reducing coating option to its “Two-Part Coating System” for EPDM rubber RV roofs.

According to a press release, the company’s new CoolCoat Insulating Coating uses advanced MicroCells technology to reduce heat transfer from the RV roof to the RV interior. Dicor said that tests show this new ceramic coating can reduce the interior temperature by as much as 29% from the roof temperature.

The temperature reducing coating material is a new alternative to the acrylic coating that RVers have used for years in Dicor’s “Two-Part Coating System” for EPDM roofs.

Dicor said the use of MicroCells, which are nano-sized spheres, helps to dramatically slow heat flux — the rate of heat transfer from one surface to another. Using vacuum-filled spheres is similar to the way a thermos works in keeping liquids hot and cold for an extended period of time.

The durability and longevity of the EPDM coating is also improved. As with the other parts of the coating system, CoolCoat Insulating Coating is easy to apply and dries quickly.

Like Dicor’s EPDM Roof Acrylic Coating, CoolCoat extends the life and beauty of rubber roof membranes in forming a protective barrier with superior resistance to harsh weather and ultraviolet light.

CoolCoat Insulating Coating is expected to be available at RV dealers and stores starting this month.


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Dicor Products’ Videos Addressing Roof Care

October 19, 2012 by · Comments Off on Dicor Products’ Videos Addressing Roof Care 

Dicor Products (, the RV industry’s leading supplier of roofing materials, has begun posting a series of instructive show-and-tell videos for RV owners on its website about RV roof care.

The videos may be accessed by going to Visitors will be greeted by Rudy, Dicor Products’ roof care icon, and can click on the videos listed on that page, according to a news release.

Two initial videos feature well-known RV educator Mark Polk. In one, he walks through the steps for effectively using Dicor Products’ lap sealant to seal cracks and deterioration in existing roof seals. In another, Polk shows simple ways to determine whether an RV is covered by an EPDM membrane or TPO material (it can make an important difference in the kind of sealant to use).

Also posted on the site is a growing library of “Rudy RV Improvement Reports” — every-other-week e-Bulletins to RVers about different aspects of RV care, from getting out black streaks to using specialized roof coatings. RVers can subscribe to these helpful emails on the same webpage as the videos.

“The videos and the e-Bulletins are our way of helping RVers take good care of their roofs to extend the life of their RVs.” said Dave Majewski, vice president of aftermarket sales and marketing at Dicor Products. “We think people will find the videos exceptionally helpful because they are simple and straightforward and they allow people to see exactly what we’re talking about regarding RV roof care.”

“Rudy represents the collective expertise of Dicor Products’ 25 years of industry experience that we want to share in the helpful spirit of RVing. With Rudy, we can speak directly to RVers about the best way to use the products we put on the shelf. We know RVers appreciate information straight from the source.“

More roof care videos will be posted in the upcoming months, creating a comprehensive resource center for RV care. “We’re always looking for ways to make RVing better,” said Majewski. “That’s our commitment to our industry partners and to the RV owner. We want everyone to find what they’re looking for in an RV. We want to help make those things work and keep working.”

For more about Dicor, this consumer education initiative, and a number of new products from Dicor Corp. affiliates, visit the “Center for the Amazing” at the Dicor booth (North Wing Lobby, Hall 2A) during the National RV Trade Show in Louisville Nov. 27 to 29.

Dicor Products is an affiliate of Dicor Corp., a leading RV supplier and innovator in bringing new product solutions to the RV industry. See


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Dicor Products Debuts Innova Euro Cabinetry

December 15, 2011 by · Comments Off on Dicor Products Debuts Innova Euro Cabinetry 

Dicor Products is introducing the Innova cabinet component line, providing a range of design choices that simplify the Euro-style build process.

“The panels are made in Italy and are some of the best we’ve found in the European market,” said Dwayne Nickel, director of marketing for parent company Dicor Corp., in a press release. “Innova panels help provide an alternative style to grab the RV customer at the point of sale. Virtually any design can be custom built for different floorplans and tastes.

“The cabinet components are very lightweight, which makes them ideal in terms of aiding fuel efficiency and bringing a distinctive look to small RVs, with the marketing cache of modern Italian design and quality. Our Italian partner supplies many of Europe’s leading caravan manufacturers, and has done so for 50 years.”

Nickel added, “The Euro look is an emerging trend here in the U.S. market, but it has needed a local source to help with efficient design concepts because of challenges in the production process. We think our Innova panels are a real answer to those challenges.”

Dicor said that RV manufacturers have found that curved and flat-panel doors/panels require very different designs and manufacturing techniques. “RV manufacturers typically don’t have the experience required with Euro-style products to achieve consistent, well-fitting results without a very time-intensive effort,” said Nickel. “With Innova panels, we can help manufacturers with an easier, more foolproof way to achieve this popular look without the headaches.”

Dicor Products also takes care of the import paperwork and logistics. Its design support can create a custom program for each manufacturer to help them make best use of the materials.

For more information, go to


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Dicor’s New Slider Steps Fit Low-Profile Chassis

December 2, 2011 by · Comments Off on Dicor’s New Slider Steps Fit Low-Profile Chassis 

Dicor's single slider step

Dicor Products has introduced a new series of compact single slider steps for smaller, lower-to-the-ground motorhomes.

According to a press release, the steps feature motorized models and more compact footprints than other RV steps. The slider steps extend on a straight plane from under the floor and are a barely noticeable part of the sleek, aerodynamic profile of today’s motorhomes.

“It’s a simple, elegant solution for the evolving designs of motorhome manufacturers looking to do more with less bulk and weight,” said Dwayne Nickel, director of marketing for Elkhart, Ind.-based Dicor Corp., parent to Dicor Products. “The very compact dimensions of this ‘hidden step’ provide manufacturers with excellent installation flexibility without a bulky, step-box look. The slide-out steps complement other innovations and add to the appeal of current motorhome design.”

Dicor Products is offering the 17-inch 1085 step series in different dimensions that are applicable on Mercedes-Sprinter and GM-Chevrolet chassis.

The motorized steps also come with optional LED lights embedded in the steps’ non-slip rubber safety grips for nighttime safety. The electric steps are powered by the coach’s 12-volt battery.

The steps themselves are anodized aluminum surrounded by a galvanized steel box casing. The motorized steps can stay in an open mode for campsite convenience and automatically retract with engine ignition. The gear-motor on ball bearings provides smooth, reliable operation, with a gear-motor protection system in case of an excessive load or stress. There is a manual emergency release if power fails, and the motorized steps also have a sensor for an open step warning light inside the coach.

Two other new offerings include a 10751 Series motorized 25-inch wide drop-down single step with the embedded LED lights option, and a 12474 Series manual 19-inch wide drop-down single step, which weighs 13 pounds.

“We’re happy to have the new single slide-out step series as part of our growing list of products,” said Nickel. “All these products add up to a great new motorhome experience.”

For more information about this and other offerings from Dicor Products, visit


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Dicor Products Offers One-Stop Display System

November 8, 2011 by · Comments Off on Dicor Products Offers One-Stop Display System 

Elkhart, Ind.-based Dicor Products is now offering one-stop display systems for the company’s proprietary product lines including roof restoration, replacement and cleaning items, and new primers and coatings for metal and fiberglass roofs.

According to a press release, the easy-to-order, standard display planograms “help retailers present the variety and quantity of popular Dicor roofing products needed to cover almost any consumer need.” The display packages come in 6-foot, 4-foot and 3-foot widths and provide a central place for customers to find all the products they need to restore, protect and maintain their roof, whether rubber, metal or fiberglass.

Each display package includes an informative header to help customers understand the products and their application. Products include:

• Dicor Lap Sealant with several formulations and colors available in the display package.

• DiSeal sealing tape for quick and easy membrane tear repair.

• EPDM-safe roof cleaners.

• Two-part coating system for EPDM roofs.

And new for 2011:

• Two-part fiberglass roof coating system.

• Metal roof coating system.

Dicor Products is an affiliate of Dicor Corp. and a major, long-time supplier to the RV industry. For more information, visit, or call toll free, 800-837-2059, or email


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Dicor’s New Website Stresses Product Range

September 9, 2011 by · Comments Off on Dicor’s New Website Stresses Product Range 

Elkhart, Ind.-based Dicor Corp. has launched its new corporate website along with new websites for several of its affiliated companies.

The new corporate site at features the company’s recent rebranding and the introduction of its affiliates’ new products under the theme of “amazing breakthroughs with boring stuff,” according to a news release.

The site links to easy-to-use online product catalogs for three Dicor Corp. affiliates — Dicor Products ( Seal Design ( and United Shade ( — along with a repeating slide show of the major breakthrough products Dicor Corp. companies have recently introduced to the RV market.

The websites will offer an expanding library of videos about products and their uses and provide product specs, warranty information, and installation instructions.

For RV manufacturers, the websites contain “Factory Friendly” notes for each product that explain how the product benefits the manufacturing process as well as the RV owner, and the extensive support offered by Dicor Corp. companies to effectively integrate the product into a manufacturer’s production line. Items for aftermarket purchase and installation are also featured through each site.

“These sites are part of the expanded capabilities we’ve been putting in place over the past year,” said Gregg Fore, president of Dicor Corp. “The websites are designed to make it easier for our customers to quickly obtain information about our many new products as well as our familiar offerings. Many people are not aware of the great variety of products we have. We expect to build on this online presence in the months and years to come.”

The easy-to-use sites highlight each product with its own page. Visitors can view a summary of product’s features and benefits as well as available videos, specs, installation procedures, service and warranty information — all accessible with just a few clicks.

“The information on these sites can be used for a quick reference, or for extensive data analysis, or for precise installation instructions,” said Fore. “Furthermore, they raise the profile of our extensive, quality product offerings, and communicate the innovation and customer support we apply to every product line.”

To learn more about Dicor Corporation and its affiliated companies and the difference they make, visit


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RV Industry Accepting Dicor’s ‘Dancing Tables’

March 14, 2011 by · Comments Off on RV Industry Accepting Dicor’s ‘Dancing Tables’ 

A four-way directional table top on a Cosmo Round Table Pedestal.

Dicor Products' four-way directional table top on a Cosmo Round Table Pedestal.

Compact, adjustable wall mount and pedestal tables may be one of the new features found in RVs this year as a number of RV manufactures are integrating these amenities into their product lines.

Dicor Products introduced several versions of these tables at the National RV Trade Show in December and they garnered a lot of attention, Dwayne Nickel, director of marketing for Dicor Corp., parent company of Dicor Products, stated in a news release.

In fact, the adjustable tables were No. 1 on the 12-item list of what one RV trade writer  called “excellent examples of the RV industry’s ingenuity and innovation” in its “Louisville features innovation on display.”

“Everybody loved the tables,” said Nickel. “We called them our ‘Dancing Tables’ because of the multiple ways they can move, all of which provides a brand new level of flexibility for this common RV feature.” The tables are designed to make efficient use of space in smaller RVs while retaining the comforts of a larger dinette or table.

The wall mounted tables, typically used for dinettes, include the Quick-Flip Leaf Wall Table, which quickly deploys a flip-up leaf near the wall that extends the table 12 inches with one easy action. Once deployed, the table can also be moved from side to side along the wall mount for easier seat access.

The Up-Down Wall Table also slides from side to side as needed for comfortable seating and uses a hinging system that allows it to be lowered to bed height. The RV owner never needs to lift the full weight of the table when changing heights. The wall mount tables are all supported by steel and aluminum hardware for durability and safety.

The wall mount tables are flexible, complete table systems that also combine a choice of attractive aluminum single and double legs with table tops that fit the specific décor needs of manufacturers.

The Cosmo Round Table Pedestal provides the mount for another table system. The single, telescoping leg can raise and lower the table to two levels from 13 to 28 inches high, aided by a smooth, single-lever auto lift.

The Four-Way Directional Tabletop System can move the pedestal table top in four directions, side-to-side and lengthwise. The tables also use steel and aluminum hardware. “Additional table top systems may be offered in the future as we get a better feel for manufacturer desires in this area,” said Nickel.

“The various ways the tables move and extend make them adaptable to a variety of floorplans. The dinette can have a smaller footprint, for example,” said Nickel. “They make table adjustments quick, easy and safe for RVers and help them make better use of limited space in smaller RVs.”

Currently the tables are being integrated into prototypes for new RV models. “The manufacturers need a little time to work with them, but we expect them to be dancing in public before long,” said Nickel.

To see animated videos of the tables in action, go to and click on the table link at the bottom of the page.

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Dicor Products Touts Diverse RV Offerings

December 1, 2010 by · Comments Off on Dicor Products Touts Diverse RV Offerings 

Innova door sample

Innova door sample

A truckload of new offerings from Dicor Products is ready to impact tomorrow’s RVs with functional and stylish improvements that will continue to help make RVs quite different than your father’s RV, or even your older brother’s RV.

These offerings range from cabinet aesthetics to wheel treatments to new, lightweight plywood that can help improve gas mileage and protect the environment, according to a news release. Dicor Products is one of several companies affiliated with the Dicor Corp., a leading supplier for the RV industry.

These and other products from Dicor Corp. brands are on display in the Dicor Corp. booth, No.260, North Wing Lobby, at the National RV Trade Show in Louisville today through Thursday.

“We are extremely excited about this year’s show,” said Gregg Fore, president of Dicor Products and the Dicor Corp. “We have never introduced so many new products at one time. We continue to actively listen to our OEM partners, and this represents our latest effort to deliver what they need to make better RVs.”

A few key examples:

  • Innova all-new curved cabinet doors. Curved cabinetry is a stylish new look in RVs that has been drawing consumer interest. Innova will enable RV manufacturers to offer attractive curved cabinets that are as much as 60 percent lighter than conventional solid-wood, raised-panel doors. The curved doors can also be fitted with end caps, which allows them to be installed on existing flat-faced cabinets, giving OEMs an economical way to provide a new, contemporary style.
  • Cor-Lite plywood. This exceptionally lightweight and smooth plywood material is about half the weight of conventional plywood and MDF, while retaining similar sturdiness. It comes in 4 X 8 foot sheets in six thicknesses ranging from 2.7 mm to 22 mm, and can be applied anywhere plywood, MDF and lauan are currently used. Core-Lite’s smooth surface makes it especially effective for cabinets and other finished uses. Made from poplar wood, it is an environmentally friendly, non-rainforest product.
  • Traktr Chrome composite wheel liners. The latest addition to Dicor Products’ popular wheel cover line for OEMs and the aftermarket, this is the first technological advance in motorhome wheel liners in 20 years. Made by a Tier One automotive supplier, it is lighter weight and will not peal, pit or rust, and provides superior impact performance, abrasion/dent resistance.
  • Extendable pivoting wall table. Imagine being able to pivot a wall-hung table away from you while you slide in behind it. That’s what this does! It also has a flush-fit leaf that easily extends the table another 14 inches, and it also easily drops down out of the way. This is one of a number of new, ingenious, adjustable table systems being introduced.
  • Electric single slider step with LED footboard light. A very slim profile makes this step easier for manufacturers to integrate into units. It stays open at campgrounds and automatically retracts with the engine ignition or with emergency manual retraction. A bright, colored LED light strip is embedded in a rubber safety grip for entry/exit safety at night. A two- or three-step option with quiet flip motion is also offered.

A host of new and innovative TV mounts will also be introduced, and Dicor Products will present its stable of roof and flooring products. “People are amazed at how much ‘stuff’ comes through us,” said Fore. “And everything is researched and tested before we put it out. These are all category-leading products.

“Some of them, such as the Innova doors and table mounting systems, offer a dramatic change that RVers will quickly notice in terms of style and functionality. But all address core functions of an RV and collectively create a better RVing experience for the RV user. These are the products that will give RVers plenty to look forward to.”

For more information visit

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Dicor Products Debuts Lightweight Materials

October 28, 2010 by · Comments Off on Dicor Products Debuts Lightweight Materials 

Dicor Products is set to introduce new lightweight materials for cabinets and and other wood surfaces at the 48th Annual National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky., Nov. 30 to Dec. 1.

These materials include a lightweight solution to facilitate the use of European-style curved cabinet treatments in the RV market.

Dicor Products, a Dicor Corp. brand, will unveil Innova, an all-new curved door material. Curved cabinetry is a stylish new look in RVs that has been drawing consumer interest. Innova will enable RV manufacturers to offer attractive curved cabinets that are as much as 60% lighter than conventional solid-wood, raised-panel doors. As an especially useful feature, the curved material can be fitted with end caps, which allows curved doors to be installed on existing flat-faced cabinets, giving them a new, contemporary style.

Simple, cost-effective

“We’ve tested and verified that this material provides a cost-effective solution for bringing ‘Euro-style’ to a broader range of RVs, including moderately priced travel trailers,” said Gregg Fore, president of Dicor Corp. “It’s a very practical way to plug into this trendy look, while also subtracting from the vehicle’s weight.”

Innova cabinet doors can be used horizontally for overhead cabinets or vertically for base cabinets, and come in two radius widths of 200 mm and 1,000 mm. They are also Phase 2 CARB compliant for formaldehyde.

Core-Lite plywood

Dicor Products will also introduce a new, exceptionally lightweight and exceedingly smooth plywood material called Core-Lite. Core-Lite is about half the weight of conventional plywood and MDF, while retaining similar sturdiness. It comes in 4-by-8-foot sheets in six thicknesses ranging from 2.7 mm to 22 mm, and can be applied anywhere plywood and MDF are currently used in an RV. As well as a substrate material, Core-Lite’s smooth surface makes it cost effective for cabinets and other finished uses. It is also an environmentally friendly non-rainforest product.

“These kind of aesthetically pleasing and lightweight materials are what our manufacturing customers are looking for,” said Fore. “As with all of Dicor Corp.’s affiliates, we see it as our job to bring innovative and simple ways to make new technologies, products and materials useful across a broad spectrum of RV products. We have a lot of experience in working with manufacturers in integrating new products effectively into their production schemes. We make sure our products are proven winners, and these products are accordingly trusted for their quality and performance,” said Fore.

“Innova provides a great opportunity for virtually every manufacturer to deliver some elegant new looks to the RV consumer,” continued Fore. “At the same time, it and our new Core-Lite offering provide OEMs with significant ways to reduce weight while maintaining quality.”

New Innova Euro-style doors, Core-Lite plywood, and other products from Dicor Corp. brands will be on display in the Dicor Corp. booth, No.260, North Wing Lobby, at the Louisville show.

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