Dometic, KOA Partner on Camping Supplies Line

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Dometic Corp., a leading supplier to the recreational vehicle and marine industries, is partnering with Kampgrounds of America Inc. (KOA) to provide a complete line of RV and camping products at KOA campground locations across North America.

“Our goal was to become more relevant to camping customers,” said Mark Minatel, vice president of after markets for Dometic. “We wanted to be where the campers are, so of course we came to KOA.”

Dometic, KOA display case

Dometic, KOA display case

Soon, campers will be able to find displays of Dometic products carrying the familiar yellow KOA brand in selected KOA campground locations. While items available will vary by location, Dometic products for sale to campers will include RV cleaner, gray water treatment, odor absorber, air fresheners, holding tank treatments, toilet bowl cleaners, toilet tissue and moist towelettes.

Small appliances will also be available, carrying both the KOA and Dometic brands, including a portable electric cooler/heater, a portable ice maker and a six-bottle wine chiller.

“We are also planning to test a Dometic vending machine at several KOA locations that will serve as an extension of the KOA convenience store,” said KOA Vice President of Brand Development Lorne Armer. The vending machines will hold camper necessities such as toilet tissue, sundries and personal hygiene products that would be available via the vending machine even when the regular KOA store is closed for the evening.

“We are also developing several product displays that will work inside a variety of store sizes,” Minatel said. “We think linking these two giant brands is a great way to provide superior products directly to campers.”

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Dometic Offering Dealer Tours For Open House

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Elkhart, Ind.-based Dometic Corp. announced its VIP activities exclusively for recreational vehicle dealers during the upcoming Elkhart County RV Open House in northern Indiana. According to a press release, dealers visiting Dometic will be treated to gifts, refreshments and factory tours on Sept. 17-18 from 2-6 p.m.

“It’s a treat for us to have so many of our RV dealer customers in the neighborhood, so we wanted to roll out the red carpet and welcome them to our facility for a visit and some nice thankyou gifts from us,” explained Mark Minatel, vice president of RV aftermarket sales.

Dometic’s RV division’s office and production headquarters is located at 2320 Industrial Parkway in Elkhart, about five minutes from the Open House’s main corridor of activity on County Road 17. Tours will be offered through Dometic’s refrigeration assembly operations, part of which was moved to Elkhart from Sweden in order to bring more of its RV division products and processes to the hub of the RV industry and Dometic’s customers.

“This production line contains robotics and other high-tech elements that make our refrigeration assembly and testing extremely precise and efficient; and really, it’s just fun to watch,” said Jim Menefee, Dometic’s vice president of operations. “We’re really looking forward to showing our RV dealer friends around and letting them see what Dometic has here.”

Visiting dealer customers will receive a goodie bag containing items such as Dometic’s Breathe Easy portable air purifier. Dealers will also be entered in the grand prize drawing as three winners will be chosen daily receive their choice of a Dometic portable ice maker or wine chiller.

Dealers can RSVP and arrange a tour time by calling (574) 294-2511 or by visiting Dometic’s special Open House information website at

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New Dometic CEO ‘Impressed’ With RV Market

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Roger Johansson

Sweden-based Dometic Group, global supplier to the RV, marine, lodging, truck, automotive and medical markets, recently appointed a new president and CEO.

According to a press release, Roger Johansson took the helm on Nov. 8 and began touring the United States to get familiar with the company’s operations and markets. He also attended the National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky., in late November, and was impressed by the industry’s optimism for the coming year.

“Roger was accompanied at the RVIA show by Doug Whyte, president of Dometic Americas,” said Dave Schutz, vice president of OEM sales and marketing. “He was impressed by the quality and innovation across the board, and how well Dometic’s advances and product ideas resonated with the newest and smartest RV developments.”

While the global economy is not as strong as it has been in the past, Johansson noted that it is encouraging to see the American RV market is actually growing. Dometic’s RV division has also enjoyed growth in the last couple of years as manufacturing and assembly operations have moved to Elkhart, Ind., from both Sweden and Mexico, adding over 200 jobs.

Johansson previously served as CEO of BE Group, a leading trading and services group in steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Other prior experiences include vice president of General Motors in Europe and president of Trelleborg Automotive in Sweden.

“Roger’s background in the automotive industry provided him with a real appreciation for some of the unique products at the show,” Schutz said. “He’ll be returning to the U.S. again in a couple months and is looking forward to visiting many of our OEM customers.”

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Dometic Launching ‘Dealer Center’ on Website

October 23, 2012 by · Leave a Comment, a website powered by industry supplier Dometic Corp., now includes a new Dealer Center offering several dealer classified advertising packages and an enhanced interactive dealer locator.

“We want to help dealers have more web-based sales opportunities because more and more consumers are turning to the Internet for shopping and product research,” said Kimberly Bennett, e-commerce manager for Dometic USA. “So we created more dealer advertising tools and we expanded our dealer locator to include Canadian dealers, allowing them to reach more consumers and help consumers find those dealers that are close to them, whether they’re at home or on the road.”

The new Dealer Center classified ad packages give dealers the ability to personalize their plans by selecting both how many units they want to list and for how long. They can access their listings throughout the entire subscription period in order to update ads as often as desired, including the 24-photo cache that comes with each listing.

If a unit is sold or a dealer wants to test a new listing, any active listing can be replaced with a new one at no additional cost. Dealers can also monitor each ad’s performance with’s impression and click tracking program. also allows visitors to browse RVs for sale based on size, manufacturer and location, plus an online catalog of RV accessories from Dometic with a dealer locator button on each product page so consumers can find a Dometic dealer nearby when they’re ready to make a purchase. In addition, contains an industry news section, blog articles from featured RV writers, and RV tips gathered from a variety of sources, including contributions from website visitors.

“It’s our mission to make our dealer partners’ best lead generation tool. With thousands of unique visitors every day, puts dealers’ inventory and contact information in front of serious customers who are ready to make a purchase,” Bennett explained. “We really enjoy helping them make those connections so everyone can get what they need, and we can all end up with happy customers and happy RVers.”

Visit to sign up for a free dealer membership, or contact your Dometic sales representative for more information.

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Dometic Sets New A/C Strategy for ’12 and ’13

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High Performance A/C

The RV air conditioning market has gotten highly competitive ever since the recession, and Dometic Corp. – one of two traditional leaders in the A/C sector – has a new strategy in place to retain and grow its market share in the years ahead, reports Dave Schutz, vice president of sales and marketing for the RV-OEM division of the 950-employee company headquartered in Louisville.

Dometic, which built its first rooftop A/C in 1968 and is equally known today for awnings and refrigerators, markets the following A/C lines:

Dometic Brisk Air Rooftop Air Conditioner, a conventional line available in 13,500 and 15,000 BTU models and in lower BTU ratings.

Dometic Penguin II Low Profile Air Conditioner/Heat Pump, a slimmer unit available in 11,000, 13,500 and 15,000 BTU models for which a revamped design was introduced in January.

Dometic High Performance Air Conditioners, “HP” units designed specifically for a Dometic Quiet Zone Ducted Air System, in 13,500 and 15,000 BTU ratings.

Dometic Cool Cat Heat Pump, a non-rooftop line tailored for smaller units offering 10,000 BTU’s of cooling capacity and 8,200 BTU’s of heating that fits inside a coach, typically under a bed or gaucho.

Brisk Air rooftop A/C

For years, Schutz notes, the air conditioning marketplace was rather quiet in terms of new entrants, with Dometic and Wichita, Kan.-based Airxcel Inc. the decided leaders. Now an array of new entrants have changed the game to an extent, and Dometic’s preparing to roll out some new products over the next two years.

First of all, the company plans to develop a new Brisk II platform for unveiling at December’s Louisville Show. “And then in 2013 at Louisville,” Schutz told, “we’ll launch an all-new line of air conditioners. So, there’s a bunch of really nice new enhancements coming to the present product that we’ll show in Louisville and that we’ll start shipping in early 2013. And then, at the 2013 Louisville Show, we’ll be shipping an all-new line of air conditioners for early 2014.”

Although it sells some to distributors, Dometic takes a factory-direct approach to aftermarket distribution through 3,800 dealers and nearly 2,000 service centers across the U.S. and Canada. The rest go to RV manufacturers.

Dometic, whose European parent company has 22 plants worldwide, manufactures the HP and Cool Cat in Elkhart, Ind.

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Dometic Debuts Innovative Product in Louisville

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Breathe Easy air purifier

Key industry supplier Dometic Corp. displayed several new products during this week’s 49th Annual National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky., including the new 300 RV toilet and Breathe Easy air purifier.

According to a press release, the lightweight 300 RV toilet utilizes Dometic’s PowerFlush Gravity Discharge, a powerful swirl-jet action that removes waste completely. A three-direction nozzle provides 360-degree cleaning action with minimal water usage. The full-size residential-style seat and china bowl, available in standard or low-profile height, present contemporary styling with a rim design that prevents spills or overflow. An optional hand spray is available. It carries a two-year limited warranty with a 10-year limited warranty on the bowl finish.

Other upgrades include improved directional pressurized rim wash, better foot pedal ergonomics and increased reliability in its water valve and spring cartridge. Installation labor is reduced because there are no shrouds or covers to install, saving money and time.

First introduced as a prototype at last year’s Louisville show, the Breathe Easy has been fully developed into a compact portable unit that purifies up to 800 cubic feet of air.

It combines innovative photocatalytic nano-mesh technology and ultraviolet (UV) light to destroy airborne biological contaminants such as mold spores, bacteria, pollen, viruses, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide and chemical fumes. Its process has been proven to reduce volatile organic compounds up to 96% and bacteria and fungi by 99%.

In addition to cleaning the air, the Breathe Easy eliminates unpleasant odors from irritants such as pets, smoke, cooking, cleaners and gasoline. It is UL, California Air Resources Board (CARB), CE, and E-Mark certified and is safe to use around people, pets or plants without ventilation.

The Breathe Easy system’s RV version has the capability to be applied to any existing Dometic RV air conditioner or heat pump system, but being portable, it can be set up in homes, boats, pet areas, trucks – wherever users see a need. Its AC/DC operation and compact size (only about six inches by five inches, and two inches thick) make it extra versatile and able to be used just about anywhere. A worldwide power adapter with plugs and a 12V DC power plug are included. Plus, the UV bulb is easy to replace, and the unit operates quietly with two fan speeds.



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Dometic Adds RV Mattresses to Product Line

January 31, 2011 by · 1 Comment 

e1296481858RVers can now rest easy on the new Better Homes & Gardens mattress collection by Serta, available only from Dometic. The companies recently announced an exclusive agreement to offer this line of mattresses now being made specifically for RVs, according to a news release.

“Serta’s track record and reputation for building quality mattresses is a good fit for our continued mission to provide only the best to our customers,” stated Brad Sargent, vice president of marketing. “This collection is a perfect addition to the Dometic family of RV products.”

Serta’s Better Homes and Gardens mattress collection for RVs consists of the Horizon Innerspring mattress, Adventurer Euro Top Foam mattress and Horizon Euro Top Innerspring mattress. All are available in 60-inch by 74-inch, 60-inch by 80-inch or 72-inch by 80-inch sizes.

  • The entry-level Horizon Innerspring uses the Bonnell hourglass-shaped coil system with lofted fiber fill and firming foam for full support and is covered by a two-year replacement warranty.
  • The Adventurer model features a dense foam core with three inches of pressure-relieving egg-crate convoluted foam, two layers of luxurious memory-foam style comfort foam, and Euro Top surface. The Adventurer is designed to fit smaller bedroom floorplans and is covered by a five-year replacement warranty.
  • The Horizon Euro Top is the top of the line in the collection with a Bonnell coil system, three inches of convoluted foam and two layers of comfort foam finished with the soft and supportive Euro Top, providing the best combined technology of coils and foam for ideal comfort and support. It carries a 10-year replacement warranty.

For more information, contact a Dometic sales representative or Brad Sargent at (574) 294-2511,

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Dometic Redefines Ducted AC Systems for RVs

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Dometic QuietZone Ducted Air System

Dometic QuietZone Ducted Air System

The Dometic Group has introduced a new RV air conditioning system that combines a 15,000-BTU air compressor, residential-style air duct system and Comfort Control Center to create the most power-efficient AC system available for RV use.

According to Brad Sargent, vice president of marketing for Dometic USA, the QuietZone Ducted Air System results in the highest-performance air conditioner and the lowest power draw in the industry.

“Because the High Performance air conditioner (HP) is so powerful, cool-down time is much better, reaching the RVer’s comfort zone faster” Sargent said in a release. “And once there, it continually makes quick adjustments to ensure the set temperature is maintained.

Vehicle manufacturers can choose a single-zone LCD thermostat or a comfort Control Center II multi-zone thermostat for precision control of their internal climate preferences.

Combined with the HP’s three-speed blower and QuietZone’s other components, the system delivers a 26% higher airflow while decreasing noise and vibration in comparision to previous generations. Contributing to this is the placement of the top-mount unit away from living spaces below.

“The HP’s top-mount installation is extremely fast and easy with Molex 110-volt connectors, saving installation time and money,” Sargent said. “We also provide expert application specialists for on-site design assistance and maximum efficiency in the production process — and we have access to the industry’s only full-scale environmental test facilities to optimize overall performance and comfort.

For more information on the QuietZone, visit, or contact Dometic at (574) 294-2511.

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Elkhart County, Ind., Touts ’09 Job Formation

September 3, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

The Economic Development Corp. (EDC) of Elkhart County honored 10 local business leaders at its Investors Meeting for their contribution to the winning trend, according to a news release.

Elkhart County, IN was the top destination for new corporate investment in 2009 for areas with their population size. The Economic Development Corp. (EDC) of Elkhart County honored 10 local business leaders at its Investors Meeting for their contribution to the winning trend. Participants were (first row) Isaac Torres, InterCambio Express; Dorinda Heiden-Guss, EDC of Elkhart County; Jim Hiatt, EDC board Chairman. (second row) Martin Miranda, All American Group; Brent Kuhn, Kem Krest; Rick Glasser, izzy+. (third row) Tom Kemeny, THINK North America; Doug Whyte, Dometic Corp.; Tom Alexander, Dwyer Instruments. (fourth row) Riad “Ray” Baker Ardahji, LP Store Fixtures Group/ Syndicate Systems; Mike Beckman, Truck Accessories Group; and Jeremy Perez, Navistar.

Elkhart County, IN was the top destination for new corporate investment in 2009 for areas with their population size. The Economic Development Corp. (EDC) of Elkhart County honored 10 local business leaders at its Investors Meeting for their contribution to the winning trend. Participants were (first row) Isaac Torres, InterCambio Express; Dorinda Heiden-Guss, EDC of Elkhart County; Jim Hiatt, EDC board Chairman. (second row) Martin Miranda, All American Group; Brent Kuhn, Kem Krest; Rick Glasser, izzy+. (third row) Tom Kemeny, THINK North America; Doug Whyte, Dometic Corp.; Tom Alexander, Dwyer Instruments. (fourth row) Riad “Ray” Baker Ardahji, LP Store Fixtures Group/ Syndicate Systems; Mike Beckman, Truck Accessories Group; and Jeremy Perez, Navistar.

Elkhart County, Ind., transformed quickly from a symbol of recession to a sign of recovery, recently celebrated last year’s stunning success, when more than $245 million in investments created 4,700 new jobs, including many in the RV industry.

The county, once described as “the white-hot center of the national recession,” was named the top destination for corporate expansion among metropolitan areas with populations of less than 200,000 in 2009. It also earned Site Selection Magazine’s Governor’s Cup for the year.

“The EDC is currently working in partnership with existing businesses, the state of Indiana and utility companies for new and diversified investment opportunities,” said EDC President Dorinda Heiden-Guss.

Secretary of State Mitch Roob, the CEO of the Indiana Economic Development Corp., presented data about the state’s improving economic climate – with Elkhart County as a major contributor. The event was sponsored by Indiana Michigan Power and NIPSCO.

The honorees, the value of their investments and their products or services were:

  • All American Group of Elkhart and Middlebury, which builds systems-built houses and specialty vehicles, $3.5 million.
  • Dometic Corp. of Elkhart, which manufactures goods for the RV, truck, marine and hotel industries, $6.8 million.
  • Dwyer Instruments of Wakarusa, which provides industrial controls such as gages, switches and transmitters, $505,000.
  • InterCambio Express of Elkhart and Goshen, which provides the service of transferring money to Central American and South American countries, $700,000.
  • izzy+, which makes furniture, $640,000.
  • Kem Krest of Elkhart, which provides supply chain management solutions, $3.3 million.
  • Navistar International Corp., which makes electric trucks at its Wakarusa plant, $39.2 million.
  • Syndicate Systems Inc. of Middlebury, which makes household furniture, $460,000.
  • THINK North America, which makes electric cars, $56.2 million.
  • Truck Accessories Group of Elkhart, which makes fiberglass, plastic and aluminum components, $2.45 million.

In his presentation, Roob said job commitments in the state by early August had already climbed to 16,556, far above last year’s total 10,679 and a significant improvement over the pre-recession 14,956 in 2006. (See Chart.)

The number of projects was up to 115, compared to 89 for all last year, and investment was already at $2.74 billion, nearly three times the 2009 total. Wages from the IEDC projects are at the national average, far about the state average.

The growth was achieved with a modest cost to the state for expenses such as tax credits, training grants and infrastructure assistance.

Indiana is one of only nine states with the top rank from all three credit rating agencies and enjoys lower business tax and regulation than almost any other state, he noted.

Last year, Elkhart County was the location of 15 deals in the state – second only to the Indianapolis area, and including 3,512 job commitments more than any other county.

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Elkhart County EDC Honors Dometic Corp.

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Douglas Whyte (left, president of Dometic Corp., receives a gift from Jim Hiatt, president of the Economic Development Corp. of Elkhart County.

Doug Whyte (left, president of Dometic Corp., receives a gift from Jim Hiatt, president of the Economic Development Corp. of Elkhart County.

The Economic Development Corp. (EDC) of Elkhart County, Ind., recently honored Dometic among 10 companies for their commitment to leadership in the growth and prosperity of the local economy.

About 100 people were in attendance at the 2010 Investors Meeting during which the EDC identified and showed appreciation to the companies with congratulatory remarks and the presentation of crystal globe awards, according to a news release.

Keynote speaker Mitch Roob, CEO of the Indiana EDC, talked about Elkhart County’s impressive efforts to bring commerce to the area over the last year, and Dorinda Heiden-Guss, president of the Elkhart EDC, said companies working with them announced the investment of $245 million in 2009, resulting in 4,700 new jobs.

“We’re elated to have Dometic among our existing manufcaturers growing and expanding in Elkhart County,” said Heiden-Guss. “Dometic was our success story, as they surpassed their 10-year-goal their first year.”

Dometic promised 241 jobs between its Elkhart and LaGrange facilities but has created almost 400, just over 300 of those in Elkhart. Dometic was third highest in investment dollars among the companies honored at the meeting, spending $6.8 million in equipment and facilities.

“We were very honored to be recognized by the EDC,” said Doug Whyte, Dometic president. “We’ve moved factory operations here from overseas and constructed new facilities for product assembly and manufacturing because Elkhart is a great place to work and do business. This award is very meaningful to us.”

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