Dometic Intros Self-Contained AC Unit at Show

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At the 2011 Mid-America Trucking Show underway this week in Louisville, Ky., Dometic is showing a new 15,000 BTU/hr self-contained air conditioning unit for specialty vehicles, large motorcoaches, emergency vehicles and other heavy-duty mobile applications, according to a news release.

The system runs on 120-volt AC electricity from a shorepower connection or a diesel generator. All mechanical and electrical components, including the compressor, condenser and evaporator, are mounted on a compact chassis with built-in shock and vibration isolation and an aluminum sound shield. The sealed refrigerant circuit is precharged at the factory and requires no additional charge at installation.

The system has a 2.5 kW heating capacity as well as cooling, and can be installed in an undercarriage bay or storage locker for an emergency vehicle or bus. Air is pulled directly across the evaporator coil and discharged through one or more discharge grills inside the vehicle. The evaporator and condenser discharge locations can be rotated 90 degrees in the field for flexibility in mounting.

“This new package unit is a versatile and flexible solution for cooling and heating in a variety of different vehicle platforms,” said Lou Siegel, spokesman for Dometic’s U.S. trucking business unit. “It draws on our more than 50 years of experience in vehicular air conditioners and is designed to give years of trouble-free performance under the toughest over-the-road conditions.”

Dometic will showcase its full range of air conditioning solutions, refrigerators, freezers and other products for the truck market in Booth 20075 at the Mid-America Trucking Show.

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Dometic’s LW3000 Plus: Power on the Road

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Dometic LW3000 Plus

The new LW3000 Plus portable digital inverter/gasoline generator from Dometic is the solution for a reliable power supply on the road. This model is more lightweight and efficient than other models and can run up to 10 hours, depending on the load, according to a news release. “Our new inverter/generator is 24% lighter than other models, and the Smart Throttle system automatically adjusts the engine to run at the right RPM required to power the load, so it’s more energy-efficient,” explained Brad Sargent, vice president of sales and marketing. “Plus you won’t disturb your family and neighbors because the air-cooled four-stroke engine is quieter.” Safety features of the LW3000 Plus include an engine oil alert system that automatically stops the engine before oil levels can fall below safe limits, plus sine wave technology for a safe, consistent power flow to sensitive electronic devices like computers. It stands up to tough environments with a high-impact outer casing and is easily transported with sturdy wheels and an ergonomic pull handle. Other features include two AC outlets and one DC outlet, a DC circuit breaker, overload indicator and output indicator. “Our engineers created the alternator to produce high-voltage multiphase AC power, which is then transformed to DC power and converted by the inverter back to controlled, even AC power,” Sargent said. “So we have a lightweight, portable, fuel-efficient inverter/generator that can perform in any environment and provide reliable power for extended periods of time. It’s a great tool to have on hand.” For more information, visit or call Sargent at (574) 294-2511.

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Dealers View Dometic E-Commerce Program

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Lisa Fisher (middle) of B&R Camper Sales in Theodore, Ala., was the winner of the iPad giveaway on Wednesday. Presenting the iPad was Doug Whyte, president of Dometic USA (right) and Brad Sargent, Dometic vice president of marketing (left).

Lisa Fisher (middle) of B&R Camper Sales in Theodore, Ala., was the winner of the iPad giveaway on Wednesday. Presenting the iPad was Doug Whyte, president of Dometic USA (left) and Brad Sargent, Dometic vice president of marketing (right).

During the 48th Annual National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky., RV dealers got a look at Dometic’s integrated e-commerce programs featuring, and the newly upgraded generation of

Those who signed on for the programs or verified their accounts were entered into a drawing for an iPad, which was given away at the end-of-day reception in the booth on both Tuesday and Wednesday of the show, according to a news release.

On, consumers can search for RVs for sale with a list of features, photos, a description and clear contact information for making the next step toward the sale. In addition to RV listings, offers information about Dometic’s RV products, current promotional specials and programs, and a sophisticated dealer directory.

Meanwhile, is a dealer-centric site that helps companies do business with Dometic more quickly and efficiently. It features an online catalog with online ordering capability as well as warranty registration, access to invoices and service contracts, obtaining quotes, downloading RGA forms and other files, and checking on warranty claims, payment history, item availability and order status.

“Companies in all industries are increasing e-commerce activity now more than ever, both business-to-business and business-to-consumer,” stated Brad Sargent, vice president of marketing. “We designed these online tools to help our associates sell to their customers as well as interact with us, and do both more seamlessly. These programs save time and money on all fronts.”

Scott Howe (middle) of FMB Trailer Sales, Holmen, Wisc., was Tuesday's iPad giveaway winner, pictured with Brad Sargent and Doug Whyte.

Scott Howe (middle) of FMB Trailer Sales, Holmen, Wis., was Tuesday's iPad giveaway winner, pictured with Brad Sargent (left) and Doug Whyte.

Tuesday’s iPad winner was Scott Howe of FMB Trailer Sales in Holmen, Wis., while Wednesday’s iPad winner was Lisa Fisher, parts manager at B&R Camper Sales in Theodore, Ala. Fisher, who was attending the Louisville show for the first time, said she’ll make good use of the Internet tools. “I’m new to all this, so I was looking for some user-friendly stuff. It’s pretty swell,” she said. “I like that Dometic is so friendly, helpful and full of knowledge. I’m just soaking it all up.”

The programs were well-received by show attendees, according to Kimberly Bennett, Dometic’s e-commerce manager. “People were very interested in both and We’ve made several changes to both of the sites, and the dealers were excited to learn about them,” she said. “They were especially interested in learning more about the new online catalog on eDometic. Many said that the new features will help them be more productive.”

To learn more about and, contact Kimberly Bennett at (502) 550-2411 or

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Dometic Rolls Out New E-Commerce Program

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Dometic will be displaying 17 new products and introduce three new dealer programs at next week’s National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky.

“The whole industry is climbing out of the recession now, and we can’t wait to show everybody all the exciting things Dometic has going,” said Brad Sargent, vice president of marketing. “We’re confident show attendees will be extremely interested in what’s new and different at Dometic for the coming year.”

An  Apple iPad tablet computer giveaway will take place both Tuesday and Wednesday at the Dometic booth during the end-of-day reception with refreshments starting at 4 p.m. Dealers signing up for the new e-commerce program will be entered in the drawing and must be present to win. Joining this new Internet tool is the new online sales program and a new dealer display and merchandise program. Demos of the Internet programs will be run at the booth all day.

Dometic’s display will be located in the South Wing at booth No. 144. For more information, contact a Dometic sales representative or Brad Sargent at (574) 294-2511,

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Dometic Launches Awning Trade-Up Program

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Dometic Sale-A-Bration logoMore RVers are looking for home-improvement projects to freshen up their rigs instead of buying new units, resulting in a growing trend of RV remodeling and refurbishment. For those RVers, Dometic is launching its “Power Up!” Shade-A-Bration Sale, an awning trade-up program during which customers can trade out their old awnings to save $300 on any size 9100 Power Awning at a participating dealer, according to a news release.

Available in 10- to 21-foot lengths, the 9100 Power Awning has a one-touch wall switch that makes opening and retraction simple and easy. It comes in contemporary colors of single- or double-sided fabric made with mildew-proof and moisture-resistant vinyl that’s both stylish and durable. Its Knee Action Design flexes to avoid damage in high winds, and a weathershield protects it from the elements. It also has a built-in rain shed and 24-inch pitch adjustment for shade control.

“Awnings tend to get worn out over time after exposure to the weather and sometimes getting water or debris trapped inside when it’s rolled up. Plus, setting up and storing a manual awning can be tiresome,” said Brad Sargent, vice president of marketing. “Dometic’s 9100 Power Awning has push-button operation and is made to really withstand the great outdoors, so RVers can use and enjoy it for a long time. Just bring in your old one, get $300 off a great new awning, and drive away happy.”

The Shade-A-Bration Sale will be in effect today (July 1) through Aug. 30 at participating dealers, which can be located by clicking on the Customer Support tab at

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Dometic Thermoelectric Coolers: Eco-Friendly

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The Dometic

The Dometic Thermoelectric S28 soft-sided cooler.

Dometic introduces two Thermoelectric Coolers that keep food and beverages cool on the go. The lightweight coolers easily plug into a car, truck or RV’s 12-volt power outlet. With no moving parts, they are virtually maintenance-free and cool their contents without the mess of ice. These small and medium sized coolers transfer heat from the inside to the outside to cool the interior, with heat exchangers and air fans further enhancing cooling capacity. Their high efficiency makes them eco-friendly, and they are not sensitive to motion or tilting. The S28 soft-side cooler keeps refrigerated items at an ideal temperature during picnics and long summer shopping trips. Available in either blue or orange stripes, the lightweight cooler features an adjustable shoulder strap and a large exterior pocket. Velcro straps come in handy while shopping, allowing the user to fasten it into a shopping cart to keep it firmly in place. It can hold up to 28 liters and can cool up to 27 degrees Fahrenheit below ambient temperature. The TF-14 car cooler has three large outside pockets and an adjustable shoulder strap. It holds up to 14 liters and cools to 45 degrees Fahrenheit below ambient temperature. Find more details about these coolers and where to buy them at or contact Dometic at (574) 294-2511.

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Dometic Unveils New Products at Louisville Show

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Dometic unveiled a number of new products for the RV industry at last week’s National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky. Among the new products are the following, based on a news release:


3-burner oven with broiler

3-burner oven with broiler

Dometic Cooktops

Each cooktop features patented jet-flow sealed burners with linear brass valves to allow precise control of the burner flame and superior cooking performance. An exclusive of Dometic, each has a thermocouple gas safety shut-off. The cooktops use 33% less fuel than competitor’s models and have the lowest CO2 and CO emissions. Ranges deliver higher-temperatures faster, reducing cooking time by 30%. Cooktop models include the three-burner oven with broiler, three-burner oven without broiler, two-burner cooktop and modular two-burner cooktop with matching sink.

Extra Deep Sink

An industry first, the extra deep sink features molded stainless steel, tempered glass cover and flush-mounting thanks to its below-level faucet. When the glass is raised, the faucet unfolds for full functionality and a large sink basin. When closed, the flush-mount creates extra counter space for increased work area.

Wall Oven

The stainless steel wall oven features a turntable for quicker, more even cooking. It performs 40% greater than competitive products and uses 33% less fuel.


Doors and Hatches

The new-line of doors are built with security, quality and functionality in mind. The three-hinge design offers a tighter, more secure door to give greater peace-of-mind. The weather-proof Heki roof hatches add ventilation, while the insulation and robust locking system keep unwanted exterior elements out of the RV.


The line of windows features intelligent design and are built for endurance. An industry first, the double-glazed acrylic glass panes offer a high level of insulation to ensure that hot and cold do not transfer. Dometic’s lightweight windows are a major contributor in helping to reduce a vehicle’s towing weight, which allows for tow vehicles that provide better fuel economy. Flush-mount styles are also available for increased appeal.


WeatherPro and A&E 9100 Power Awning

The WeatherPro and A&E 9100 Power Awnings now have adjustable arms to provide the perfect shading solution. The awnings also feature intelligent engineering, such as the exclusive knee-action design that prevents damage from sudden wind gusts and easy operation.

Cabana Lightweight RV Dome Awning


Cabana Lightweight RV Dome Awning

Cabana Lightweight RV Dome Awning

The Cabana Lightweight RV Dome Awning increases living space by as much as 881 cubic feet. The self-contained awning stows on the side of the camper and comes in four widths (7, 9, 11 and 12 feet), all with an 8-foot projection. The durable water-pressure proof fabric dome offers cool, dry shade. The awning features roll-up mesh sides, a removable front panel and a roll-up side door for quick and easy privacy or entry/exit.



Climate Control Center

The easy-to-use, easy-to-read Climate Control Center now includes a built-in thermostat. The control center allows users to simply program it and relax in comfort without worries and confusion. The fully programmable unit offers one-source control of up to four zones. It shows indoor and outdoor temperatures on its large bluelight display, along with a real-time clock. Click-response buttons and internal memory make for easy programming and use. The Climate Control Center is available in black or champagne.

Digital Thermostat

For smart climate management, the digital thermostat features contemporary styling, set-and-forget operation and a large digital display for easy viewing. It works with air conditioners, heat pumps and furnaces and is available in black or white.

Dometic Dehumidifier/Air Conditioner Combination

Dometic offers an industry-exclusive dehumidifier/air conditioner combo unit. The powerful unit removes as much as 12 gallons of water every 24 hours, helping to protect an RVer’s investment from mold and other humidity-related concerns. Another first, the low-profile dehumidifier/air conditioner is the first in the industry to use 410A refrigerant, making it more environmentally friendly. The hands-off operation works seamlessly with the new Dometic Comfort Control Center to provide RVers with all-around comfort and peace of mind. The unit features 11,000 BTU compressor capacity.


CoolFreeze Portable Refrigerators/Freezers

The CoolFreeze line of portable compressor refrigerator/freezers features quick chill, quiet operation and seven convenient sizes up to 3.77 cubic feet. They are composed of high-impact, weather-resistant materials and offer convenient cooling options for those on the go. The quick-chill/turbo function runs the Danfoss compressor at maximum performance until the desired temperature has been reached. They can refrigerate or freeze to zero degrees Fahrenheit and have a memory feature that will maintain preset settings if the system is turned off. A three-stage battery monitor has a low-voltage shut-off to protect against a dead battery.




310 Toilet

The 310 toilet features best-in-class gravity flush. The power flush technology offers the only true, 100 percent swirling bowl coverage for complete cleaning action. The lightweight 310 toilet features a longer, full-size seat and ideal bowl height to ensure comfort. The flushing technology includes a drop-away ball and valve with a new seal-tight system. The waterline quick-connect function and one-piece base with two-bolt connection provide easy installation, servicing and cleaning.

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