Great RV Products to Rep Doran Tire Systems

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Doran 360 TPMS Logo_72dpiDoran Manufacturing LLC has reached an agreement with Chip Aiken, owner at Great RV Products, to represent and sell the Doran 360RV™ tire pressure monitoring systems product lines to the RV community.

“First and foremost, it was a priority for us to find a mobile dealer that shares the same core values of honesty and integrity that we do at Doran.” said Doran General Manager Jim Samocki in a news release. “Chip has a wonderful reputation in the industry and is known for his technical expertise with a number of RV products. He is just finishing up his term as the president of the American Coach Chapter of the FMCA and is the policy chairman for the American Coach Association. We are fortunate to have him as a member of the team and that he decided to represent Doran’s product line as a cornerstone of his new business venture.”

“I understand the importance of monitoring tire pressures and I was an early adopter of TPMS technology and bought my first system from Doran in 2005,” Aiken noted. “I upgraded to the Doran 360RV™system in 2009 and have always been impressed with the quality of their products and how well they treat their customers. My wife and I are now in our sixth year as full-time RVers and we are looking forward to becoming an additional source for products and information that can be presented based on their own merits and advantages.”

Aiken continued, “I looked at a number of options and did my due diligence before selecting a vendor to launch my business with and it quickly became apparent that Doran was an excellent fit. They have a solid in-house team that handles customer service, engineering, quality control and product development and every person is focused on providing the best overall value to the customer. The Doran 360RV’s patent pending ‘FastLeak™’ alarm is a must-have feature for an RVer and they also have a high temperature alarm along with best warranty in the market.”

The Doran 360RV™ is ideal for RVs of all sizes and configurations, including fifth-wheels. Installation can be accomplished without any special tools in less than an hour. A simple to understand and operate digital LCD screen display comes equipped with 4-way navigational buttons. The high-impact nylon, valve-stem mounted sensors, with potting material inside, have passed rigorous SAE tests by an independent a2La accredited testing facility to ensure that they deliver the longest life and corrosion resistance on the market. Multiple mounting options including an adjustable pedestal mounting kit, visor clips and/or hook & loop fastening tape that allows the LCD screen to be mounted virtually anywhere.

Cincinnati-based Doran Manufacturing LLC has been supplying high quality transportation safety for over 35 years. In addition to tire pressure monitoring systems, the company supplies LED and incandescent Exterior Light Monitors, Sleeping Child Checks, Emergency Exit Monitors and a full range of LED lighting products to the school bus market. Also, the company continues to manufacture electric terminals and terminal boards for in the original factory that was established in 1954.

For more information on the Doran 360RVTM visit or contact them via e-mail at, write to Doran Manufacturing, 2851 Massachusetts Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45225, or call toll-free (866) 816-SAFE (7233).

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Doran Mfg. Installs New Rooftop Solar Panels

April 16, 2010 by · Comments Off on Doran Mfg. Installs New Rooftop Solar Panels 

Solar panels atop the Doran Manufacturing LLC factory in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Solar panels atop the Doran Manufacturing LLC factory in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Doran Manufacturing LLC, known for its tire pressure monitoring systems which save fuel and increase safety for trucks, RVs, motorcycles and off-road vehicles, recently completed the installation of a customized solar panel system large enough to generate up to 50% of the electricity needed to run its facility in Cincinnati, Ohio, by using power from the sun.

In addition to the many environmental and community benefits, the project is expected to provide a positive return on investment in less than four years through a combination of energy savings, Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) and other incentives, according to a news release.

“We spend so much time working with our truck fleet and RV customers on the significant economic benefits associated with using Doran’s tire pressure monitoring systems that it inspired us to look internally at the available opportunities to control our costs by investing in technology.” said Doran CEO Jeff Stegman. “Whether we can help to extend the life of tires and improve fuel efficiency for fleets or produce our own electricity with the help of the sun, it will have a positive impact on the environment and the economy.”

The system is made up of 148 solar panels and six inverters and is expected to produce 50,500 kW hours per year (enough to power more than five homes for a year) and reduce the peak kW load by 15-25 kW’s during the summer months. Based on the challenge of the layout, size and construction of Doran’s facility, the company chose to use high-efficiency SunPower solar panels to achieve the desired output per square foot and still leave usable roof space for potential expansion in the future.

Doran Manufacturing continues to produce and assemble electric terminals and terminal boards in the original factory that was established in 1954. In addition, the company has been designing, assembling and supplying transportation safety products for school buses, RVs and commercial trucks for more than 35 years. Product categories include tire pressure monitoring systems for truck fleets, RVs, commercial equipment and motorcycles; monitors for LED/incandescent lights; and Sleeping Child Check monitors for school buses.

For more information on Doran, please visit or call toll-free (866) 816-SAFE (7233).

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