Saskatchewan Tenters Criticize RV Invasion

July 19, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

Tents and RVs comingle at Saskatchewan's Echo Valley Provincial Park

Tents and RVs comingle at Saskatchewan's Echo Valley Provincial Park

Some Saskatchewan camping enthusiasts are unhappy with the increasing number of recreational vehicles encroaching on Saskatchewan campgrounds, CBC Canada reported.

Jeremy Pilon is an avid camper with a bent for the traditional.

For the past several days, he’s been tenting and trying to enjoy the quiet and look at the nighttime stars at Echo Valley Provincial Park just east of Regina.

But Pilon said the growing number of RVs at provincial parks has disrupted the sense of peace and quiet at the campground.

“It’s bothersome,” Pilon said.

“They’re louder, they’ve got a lot of bright lights … it gets late at night and there’s still people buzzing around with generators on.

“We just come for the quiet so it will be bothersome. It’ll be troublesome,” Pilon said.

He said he’d resist the creature comforts of an RV even if offered one for free.

“I’d stick with the tent. It’s really, really comfortable,” Pilon said.

But the province seems to be equally comfortable with the number of RVs now coming to campsites across Saskatchewan. In the past few years, parks officials have added electrical service to 1,000 spots.

RV enthusiasts told CBC News that heading into the wild with the vehicles makes life easier — especially if kids are along for the trip.

For Bart Thistlewaite, having the option of dining and sleeping indoors is why he’s happy with his RV.

“As you get older, [you’d like] a little more comfort. Don’t like sleeping on the ground anymore,” he said.

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