NASA Architect Creates Out-of-This-World RV

August 2, 2011 by · Comments Off on NASA Architect Creates Out-of-This-World RV 

The following is an article appearing on “Treehugger” about a NASA architect who designed an eco-friendly, lightweight space-age trailer. To view photos of the unit click here.

Architect and designer Garrett Finney always loved small spaces, and moved to Houston to work on the habitation module (where the astronauts live) of the International Space Station.

Wanting to camp with his kids in a little more comfort than a tent, he combined his “NASA experience with his love of the earth” to design the Cricket, “an innovative lightweight, compact, and flexible small environment in which to travel and explore the world we live in.”

The design combines the low profile of a pop-up tent trailer, which dramatically increases fuel efficiency, with the benefits of a solid trailer. It is also as light and minimalist as possible.

The plan is really clever and efficient; it sleeps four, with the kids in hammocks and the adults in the bed. It has 6 foot 2 inches of headroom unfolded and weighs 2,500 pounds fully equipped, light enough to be towed by a 4-cylinder Subaru.


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