EcoSmart: New Choice for Holding Tanks

May 6, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

Lineup of Thetford's EcoSmart products.

Lineup of Thetford's EcoSmart products.

Green holding tank deodorants and cleaners are an important market segment for Thetford Corp. Although its current formaldehyde-free holding tank deodorant lineup, SupremeGreen, has a strong market presence nationally, Thetford has replaced it with an even smarter environmental choice, EcoSmart. “The upgrade is part of the company’s continuous improvement program,” according to Kevin Phillips, Thetford vice president of marketing and sales. “Our customers want to be sure we are meeting higher standards and delivering products that provide them a meaningful choice in the market.” EcoSmart is third-party certified and meets the stringent criteria of North America’s oldest, most respected environmental standard and certification agency EcoLogo. An EcoSmart formulation has already been successfully marketed throughout Europe for over 20 years and in Canada for almost 10 years. Providing 70% better odor control than other products in the “green” category, EcoSmart quickly breaks down waste and tissue to prevent messy clogs. The EcoSmart product line is available in formaldehyde-free and enzyme formulas to better meet the needs of individual outdoors enthusiasts. Both liquids are offered in 32- and 64-oz. bottles, while the formaldehyde-free formula also comes in toss-in form for the ultimate convenience and one-gallon bottles. Contact Thetford, 7101 Jackson Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48103. (800) 543-1219 or (734) 769-6000; Fax: (734) 769-2023.;

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