‘Grow From Google’ Session Open to Marketers

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Steve Schmidt

How to grow your company’s sales through Google search rankings will be the next in the series of business topics presented as a free luncheon program by Spearhead Sales & Marketing of Elkhart, Ind.

Designed for sales and marketing executives in Elkhart and St. Joseph counties, and across Northern Indiana, the program will be Feb. 21 from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Spearhead offices in downtown Elkhart.

Takeaways include:

• Know what it takes to rank No. 1 on Google.

• Identify the various Internet marketing channels.

• Understand how Social Media impacts your ranking.

• Know how to find out if SEO (Search Engine Optimization) looks profitable for your company.

Guest speaker will be Steve Schmidt, web strategist and president of Effect Web Agency, Warsaw. Schmidt has planned and developed more than 150 websites since founding Effect in 2003.

Schmidt is a graduate of Goshen College with a bachelor’s in Computer Science. In 2007, he won the Fort Wayne Business Weekly Innovator Award in the technology category for his web product, StatsAdvisor.

“The web has become a necessary marketing tool for business, yet many companies don’t take full advantage of what it has to offer as an economical way to promote their brand and spur sales growth,” said Chad Root, president of Spearhead. “SEO is the baseline for really making the web work for you, and it doesn’t take a big investment. Steve is good at providing some very practical tips in that regard.”

“Our monthly luncheon program has been very well received and we intend to keep it going,” Root added. “We had 28 executives at our December topic presentation and 33 at our January program. It’s all about best practices for growing sales.”

Spearhead provides consulting services, presentations and workshops on effective sales and marketing approaches. In conjunction with its business partners, TaigMarks Advertising and Public Relations and Effect Web Agency, Spearhead offers a turnkey service for implementing those approaches in a way that effectively coordinates sales and marketing functions to achieve sales goals.

Seating is limited; so executives are encouraged to register soon to reserve their spot. They may do so online at

Lunch will be provided, and there is no cost or obligation. Questions may be directed to Chad Root at 574-294-6900 or


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TaigMarks Hosts Marketing Alliance Debut

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TaigMarks President Steve Taig (L) and Vice President David Marks (R) talk to an area businessman about branding.

TaigMarks President Steve Taig (L) and Vice President David Marks (R) talk to an area businessman about branding.

A breakfast open house Monday (June 29) morning at TaigMarks Inc.’s office in Elkhart, Ind., officially launched a new business alliance formed by Spearhead Sales & Marketing, TaigMarks and Effect Web Agency.

According to a press release, more than 20 representatives from area businesses attended the open house that featured a series of brief presentations about different services provided by each agency, as well as a brief presentation about The Whale Hunters, national consultants focused on closing bigger deals with “whale size” customers in business-to-business sales.

The alliance, announced earlier this month, synthesizes the particular strengths of the three agencies into “a unique village of sales and marketing expertise that has been constructed to do one thing and one thing only: create a marketing environment to help generate business-to-business and dealer based sales,” said Chad Root, president of Spearhead, also of Elkhart.

“Too often, marketing and sales operations just don’t synchronize the way they should,” said Root. “Marketing needs to be judged on how effectively it supports sales, and sales needs to make more effective use of marketing.”

“What we like about this alliance is that it’s all about results,” said Steve Taig, president of TaigMarks. “Whether it’s building a corporate brand, producing brochures or generating public relations exposure, the overarching goal is to help the client make more sales.”

“And it’s not like working with three different agencies either,” said Steve Smith, president of Warsaw, Ind.-based Effect Web Agency. “The services of our ‘village’ are made seamless and synergistic under the direction of one strategic planner. That definitely helps in marshalling all the expertise needed nowadays while keeping a central focus that really drives sales.”

Presentations by the different firms encouraged businesses to use the SM-art sales and marketing workshops offered by the alliance. The workshops are for businesses wanting clear direction for sales and marketing initiatives. It includes a “no charge” guarantee if the session is not deemed helpful.

“That’s another thing that is different about us,” said Root. “We want to be held accountable. We don’t want companies to spend their money on consultants that tell them what they already know, or for pretty brochures and ads that nobody reads. If we’re not giving clients a good return on investment, we’re not doing the job.”

Other presentations included a look at branding and what it can do, the effective use of web-based communications, and “Office Autopilot,” an automatic contact management system.

“We were very pleased with the turnout,” said Root. “It allowed us to get to know a number of people and what they’re looking for in the way of sales and marketing help. All the agency partners are very excited about moving forward with what we’ve introduced.”

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TaigMarks Pools Talents in Business Alliance

June 10, 2011 by · Comments Off on TaigMarks Pools Talents in Business Alliance 

TaigMarks President Steve Taig

TaigMarks President Steve Taig

TaigMarks Inc., a full service marketing and public relations firm serving clients in the RV industry based in Elkhart, Ind., has joined with Spearhead Sales & Marketing of Elkhart and Effect Web Agency of Warsaw, Ind., to form a unique business alliance to provide sales-focused marketing support for companies looking to significantly improve sales results and grow their business.

“We’re all about creative solutions, and when we looked at this alliance it seemed like a good idea,” said Steve Taig, president of TaigMarks. “Sometimes there’s a bit of a disconnect between sales and marketing. This helps fuse them together in a very effective, results-driven way.”

“We’re bringing the core competencies of three agencies together in a way that will maximize results for our clients,” said Chad Root, president of Spearhead. “We will be exclusively working with TaigMarks Inc. and Effect Web Agency to support sales departments with marketing that produces more sales. That means marketing that works for the bottom line.”

Spearhead President Chad Root

Spearhead President Chad Root

Spearhead is a consulting and management service that works with marketing departments to help sales personnel effectively leverage marketing resources. It assists with lead generation and management systems, large account sales training, sales and marketing workshops, and other tools to spur sales growth.

TaigMarks specializes in helping clients create, hone or completely rejuvenate their brand identity through both core message development and visual identity programs. TaigMarks also assists with strategic planning and execution, using its capabilities in design, copywriting, print production, advertising, public relations, event and product launch planning/execution, and trade show exhibit/design support. It has served a number of clients in the RV industry and presently works with Blue Ox, Dicor Corp., Dometic USA, and TRA Certification.

Effect Web Agency is a web optimization company dedicated to helping companies develop a web marketing strategy and enhancing a company’s current web tools or creating new ones. Website optimization and creation, natural search engine optimization (SEO), social media, Pay-Per-Click advertising, web video, micro sites, digital brochures, web analytics, motion graphics and dynamic presentations are some of its expertise.

Along with the RV industry, TaigMarks and the other firms have served an exceptional range of clients that include the plastics industry, truck manufacturers and suppliers, medical services, financial services, cabinet makers, orthopedic and other health products, educational institutions, manufactured housing, retail furniture, HVAC suppliers and agriculture, among others.

TaigMarks will continue to serve existing clients independent of this marketing alliance. “Nothing will change in regard to our present client relationships,” said Taig. “We’ll just be able to offer clients a wider platform of services.”

Effect President Steve Schmidt

Effect President Steve Schmidt

“The key thing is that we all understand that it’s all about results,” said Root. “Every aspect of marketing is designed to create more sales opportunities, and everything is coordinated to achieve that result.”

“What’s so exciting is this allows us to bring an exceptionally complete array of  expertise into the service of a client. Companies don’t have to work with competing agencies or departments, or cherry pick from the particular strength of one firm versus another. We have it all in one package, with one over-riding goal — sell stuff!”

“I think it picks up on the post-recession trend of companies finding more cost-effective ways to do business,” said Steve Schmidt, president and web strategist for Effect Web Agency. “What’s great is that each of us will now be able to offer clients and potential clients an all-star lineup of sales and marketing expertise, all through one contact point.”

For more information about the companies and principals involved, please visit

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