El Monte RV Partners with ELS Campgrounds

May 16, 2013 by · Comments Off on El Monte RV Partners with ELS Campgrounds 

El Monte RV has teamed up with Thousand Trails campgrounds and Encore RV Resorts to create “all-inclusive” RV getaways, according to a press release.

The getaway includes an RV rental from any El Monte RV location nationwide with overnight campground accommodations at over 170 locations, unlimited mileage and free generator use for as low as $99 per night.

From now until May 24, RVers can buy a certificate from El Monte RV for $15 that guarantees deeply discounted all inclusive getaway package rates for reservations from El Monte RV for three to 14 nights. These rates apply to reservations that occur from now through December 2013.

RV rental options include a Class C cabover style C25 for $99 per night, Class C cabover style C28 for $149 per night and a Class A family sleeper for $199 per night. Overnight RV site accommodations are included in the rental at over 170 Thousand Trails campgrounds and Encore RV resorts locations.

For more information, visit the “Cool Deals” section of

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El Monte Supplies Coaches for Endeavour Trek

October 15, 2012 by · Comments Off on El Monte Supplies Coaches for Endeavour Trek 

Astronauts flying on Space Shuttle Endeavour’s maiden voyage were transported to the launch site by RV. Now, 20 years later, the Endeavour was flanked by two more RVs as it made its way through Los Angeles on its final journey to the California Science Center.

During this 48-hour mission, one El Monte RV served as mission control for the team charged with securing and transporting the shuttle. The other was used a ready room for the film crew tapped to film this once-in-a-lifetime event.

“El Monte RV is honored to have been selected to provide two motorhomes as Endeavor makes its way through Los Angeles,” says Joe Laing, director of marketing for the RV rental firm headquartered in Santa Fe Springs, Calif.

Some of the crew members for this land-based mission have mentioned that the El Monte RVs and Endeavour are similar in many ways. They are self-contained, have plenty of cargo room and have everything you need to take a long trip.

“That’s true,” adds Laing, “but the RVs’ bathrooms are a lot more comfortable.”

While RVs can cruise at high speeds down the highway, on this trip they will be going about two miles per hour. That is a far cry from their normal cruising speeds and a world away from Endeavour’s 17,500 miles-per-hour capabilities.

The Endeavour left its berth early Friday morning and is reached the California Science Center Sunday.


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El Monte RV Reports 15% Uptick in Rentals

July 5, 2012 by · Comments Off on El Monte RV Reports 15% Uptick in Rentals 

Things are looking up at El Monte RV – not that they ever really looked down.

Mike Dwan, the company’s national sales director, says he’s seen a big uptick in business over the past year, the Pasadena (Calif.) Star-News reported.

“Our rentals have always been good,” he said. “We might be up about 15% on rentals for this year over last year. But in terms of sales we’re probably up 40% over last year.”

Those numbers speak to a national trend.

The recreational vehicle sector measures its strength in shipments of travel trailers and motorcoaches from manufacturers to dealers. It’s been on the upswing since 2009, according to Phil Ingrassia, president of the Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA).

Through the end of May, RV shipments increased 8.6% to 127,454, compared with 117,352 in the first five months of 2011, he said.

For all of this year the association is forecasting a 6.9% increase in shipments to 269,700. That’s an increase of 62.8 percent from the recession low of 165,700 in 2009.

“It’s definitely on the rebound,” Ingrassia said. “RVs are a discretionary purchase. One of the things we look at is consumer sentiment. When consumer sentiment takes a dive, usually RV shipments drop as well.”

Camping trailers dominate the market, but coach sales have been on the rise, too.

Dwan said there’s been a lot of pent-up demand among consumers to buy RVs.

“People are tired of sitting on the fence and waiting for the government to stop playing their games,” he said. “They are out, and they’re spending some money.”

And when people are spending, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have some of the lowest prices around. El Monte RV is primarily an RV rental business, but the company does sell used vehicles at a big discount.

“We sell nothing but used units,” Dwan said. “We have roughly 1,600 units in inventory nationwide, so our national business is off the charts. Our units are anywhere from a third to half off of what a new vehicle would cost.”

The increasing health of the industry is also reflected by the fact that Airstream Inc. opened a new Airstream Los Angeles dealership in San Gabriel just two months ago.

The dealership, at 1212 E. Las Tunas Drive, offers a variety of the stylish, aluminum-skinned vehicles.

Ken Baker, the facility’s general manager, said Airstreams have a special place in the RV world.

“There is not another RV built like an Airstream,” he said recently. “They have easy towability, they’re stable on the road and they are aerodynamic.”

They’re also well made. Before leaving the production floor, every Airstream spends 40 minutes under 100 pounds per square inch of water pressure in a special booth to ensure that it’s water-tight.

The RVDA does a dealer census every five years and there were 3,000 nationwide in 2007. He expects the figure to be significantly lower when the 2012 figure is released, though business is starting to recover.

“Now we’re seeing some expansion and consolidation. We’re not seeing dealers close like they did in 2008 and 2009,” Ingrassia said.


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Aussies Plan Grand Tour in El Monte Rental

May 3, 2011 by · Comments Off on Aussies Plan Grand Tour in El Monte Rental 


David Nelson and Kirsten Swick and 1-year-old Stephanie.

David Nelson and Kirsten Swick and their three children, Eleanor, Jacqui, and Stephanie, will be seeing more of the U.S. this year on their vacation than most Americans see in their lifetime, according to an El Monte  news release.

The Australian family from Perth rented a motorhome from El Monte RV and left the company’s Los Angeles location on April 25. They won’t be returning until Oct. 10. Their plans start with visiting a variety of sites including national and state parks on the west coast, Las Vegas, then across the southern U.S. to Florida. From Florida the family will then travel up the East Coast of the United States to end up in Montreal, Canada. Following Montreal they will then be visiting sites throughout the Midwest. After all this they will travel across the northern U.S. and then return back to Los Angeles to return the vehicle.

The couple, who will start the trip travelling with little 1-year-old Stephanie, aid they expect New York City, Mt. Rushmore, and the national parks to be highlights of the vacation. Eleanor, 10, and Jacqi, 8, will soon join mom, dad, and little sister in Las Vegas.

This is the family’s first RV rental trip and they are excited to explore the possibilities. David, who spends a great deal of time sailing and is used to the tight quarters involved, said he thinks the family will enjoy spending time together and appreciate that the vehicle doesn’t rock while its stationary.

The couple pointed to the favorable exchange rate between U.S. and Australian currencies as one of the primary motivators in their decision to make the trip at this time. “It is much less expensive than it used to be,” said Kirsten.

“Normally when we come to the U.S. we fly from city to city or drive around,” said David, when discussing the trip. “We wanted to experience as much of America as possible.”

When asked what recommendations they had for others that might want to plan a similar trip, Kirsten replied, “Allow sufficient time for proper planning and preparation. You should give yourself at least 3-4 months to plan your route, camp sites, destinations, etc.”

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ARVC Touts Great Outdoors Month Camping

April 27, 2011 by · Comments Off on ARVC Touts Great Outdoors Month Camping 

ARVC logoJune is National Great Outdoors Month, which is a wonderful time to enjoy fun outdoor activities with family and friends.

And this year, private campgrounds, RV parks and resorts that are affiliated will celebrate the occasion by offering a 20% discount on camping during the first three weeks of June, according to a news release.

“We think National Great Outdoors Month is a perfect opportunity for America’s campground industry to encourage everyone to get outdoors, explore nature and have fun with their friends and families,” said Paul Bambei, president and CEO of the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC).

The Denver, Colo.-based association represents more than 3,300 private campgrounds, RV parks and resorts, which it promotes through the website.

In addition to providing discounts on camping, will also provide e-coupons that consumers can use to obtain discounts at Camping World stores and RV rentals booked through El Monte RV, which has agreed to provide 500 free miles plus 50 free miles a day to GoCampingAmerica visitors who rent an RV for at least one week during the June 1-25 period. will feature e-coupons for use at campgrounds, Camping World stores and El Monte RV beginning May 15. However, the discounts will be available June 1-25. Campground discounts will be available only at participating parks and on a space-available basis.

“We encourage campers to use to locate the campgrounds, RV parks and resorts that are of interest to them and to call at least 24 hours ahead to book their reservations,” Bambei said. is the largest searchable database of privately owned and operated campgrounds, RV parks and resorts in the country, which offer fun family activities as well as rental accommodations ranging from safari tents and teepees to cabins, luxury park model cottages, yurts and RVs.

The National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds is the national voice of the outdoor hospitality industry. For additional information, visit

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El Monte RV Launches Two Dealer Promotions

March 31, 2011 by · Comments Off on El Monte RV Launches Two Dealer Promotions 

El Monte RV logoEl Monte RV announced two new dealer promotional programs for this spring.

The first program encourages dealers to buy three  motorhomes and get two additional motorhomes on consignment until May 31. The second program is a $500 spiff to the salesperson for every El Monte RV vehicle sold until May 31.

“These are great initiatives to help boost spring sales and we are gearing up to be able to meet the increased demand for our motorhomes,” Jeff Gibson, fleet sales manager for El Monte RV, stated in a news release.

Interested dealers can contact the fleet sales department at (800) 337-2157 or email

El Monte RV also has a dedicated website exclusively for RV dealers. To sign up, visit

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El Monte RV Exec Aces Golf Shot/Wins New Car

March 29, 2011 by · Comments Off on El Monte RV Exec Aces Golf Shot/Wins New Car 

El Monte's Ken Schork after his prize-winning tee shot.

El Monte's Ken Schork after his prize-winning tee shot.

The 9th Annual Luck of the Irish Golf Tournament, March 14 at the Jack Nicklaus designed golf course at Hokuli’a Hawaii Island to benefit the United Way, turned out to be a good day for one of its contestants, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Ken Schork, president of El Monte RV, hit a hole in one on No. 13 and won a Chevrolet, courtesy of Deluze Chevrolet.

“I guess the luck of the Irish really was with me,” said Schork, “My mother is originally from Ireland.”

Schork made the hole in one with a driver on a 205 yard par 3 hole. It was the first time in tournament history and his second hole played of the day.

According to Carlos Concha of Hole In One International, the average golf tournament has between 72 and 80 golfers. Hole in One international insures about 15,000 holes per year and sees less than 50 hole in ones with a prize greater than $25,000.

The tournament benefits the United Way and is sponsored by several local business in Hawaii including: Title Sponsor Hokuli’a Development, Corporate Sponsor Oceanic Time Warner Cable and other local business partners.

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El Monte RV Touts Valentine’s Day Special

January 18, 2011 by · Comments Off on El Monte RV Touts Valentine’s Day Special 

El Monte RV logo El Monte RV is celebrating a long history of helping couples create romantic road trips by offering to give  Valentine’s Day free as a fourth RV rental night to customers who rent for three nights.

Couples from around the world have celebrated honeymoons, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day weekends and  many other romantic occasions on road trips in motorhomes rented from El Monte RV, according to a news  release.

“We recently had a young couple in love come over from Germany and rent for 10 days. At the end of their trip they were so inspired they went to Las Vegas and got married,” said Ammar Alghafari, general manager of El Monte RV’s Los Angeles location. “Of course there is no way to predict what will happen on a road trip. But couples from all over the world come to rent our motorhomes for romantic road trips.”

“Road Trips are for lovers,” said Ken Schork, CEO of El Monte RV. “Some people spend months preparing for these beautiful trips. Others do them on the spur of the moment. They plan their moonlight walks on the beaches, sitting by the campfire, candlelit dinners in quiet places. A motorhome is a chance for two people to get away and be alone surrounded by beauty. There’s something inspiring about ‘just us,’ out to explore the world.”

“We’re always delighted to find out that couples are renting our motorhomes for honeymoons, anniversary trips and romantic getaways,” said Joe Laing, director of marketing for El Monte RV. “We believe that RV rentals offer couples a unique opportunity to explore the wonders and beauty the U.S. has to offer and still keep the closeness and privacy that they want to enjoy while traveling together.”

El Monte RV hopes to encourage more couples to experience the joys and adventures of romantic RV road trips. With links to road trip destinations, comprehensive trip preparation services and full-service RV rentals, the RV rental and sales firm provides a single point of planning for couples preparing for romantic RV getaways.

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El Monte RV Extends Buy 3 Get 1 Free Sale

January 10, 2011 by · Comments Off on El Monte RV Extends Buy 3 Get 1 Free Sale 

El Monte RV logo El Monte RV has announced a continuation of its highly successful wholesale sales program for RV dealers  called “Buy Three, Get One Free.”

First announced in September, this program allows a dealer to receive a vehicle on consignment with the  purchase of three vehicles through El Monte RV.

“This is a great partnering initiative that will assist dealers with inventory management and cash flow control as we begin the new year,” said Jeff Gibson, fleet sales manager for El Monte RV. “With our extensive rental fleet of over 1,600 Class A and Class C motor homes, a dealer can tailor his purchases according to the market trends in his area.”

To find out more about this program, visit, call Jeff Gibson at (800) 337-2157 or e-mail him at jeff(at)usedrvfactory(dot)net

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El Monte RV Exec Meets Legendary Jerry West

November 28, 2010 by · Comments Off on El Monte RV Exec Meets Legendary Jerry West 

El Monte RV President Ken Schork (right) with basketball legend Jerry West

El Monte RV President Ken Schork (right) with basketball legend Jerry West

In a first-time meeting Ken Schork, president of El Monte RV, met Jerry West at the 2010 Southern California Golf Association Foundation dinner promoting education and character development of Southern California Youth through golf.

One of West’s nicknames throughout his amazing basketball career was “Clutch.” He was a star athlete at West Virginia University in the late 1950s at the same time Schork was attending West Virginia Wesleyan University.

“He was the biggest thing in West Virginia,” said Schork of West. “We both graduated from West Virginia universities in 1960. I’ve followed him all of my adult life and finally had the opportunity to meet him.”

In 1959 Jerry West led the West Virginia Mountaineers to the NCAA championship game where he was awarded Most Valuable Player. In 1960 he led the U.S. men’s Olympic basketball team to a gold medal as co-captain. His NBA career with the Los Angeles Lakers included 14 all-star teams and 14 all-NBA teams and an NBA championship. Later he went into executive management in the NBA. West graduated from West Virginia University in 1960

Headquartered in Los Angeles, El Monte RV is one of America’s leading motorhome and RV rental and sales companies, catering to both international and domestic travelers. The company has experienced rapid growth throughout the United States. El Monte RV is the only nationwide motorhome rental company to offer the larger Class A luxury vehicles for rent.

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El Monte RV Touts ‘Buy 3, Get 1 Free’ Sale

September 16, 2010 by · Comments Off on El Monte RV Touts ‘Buy 3, Get 1 Free’ Sale 

El Monte RV recently announced a new wholesale sales program for RV dealers called “Buy Three, Get One Free.”

This program allows a dealer to receive a vehicle on consignment with the purchase of three vehicles through El Monte RV, according to a news release.

“This is a great partnering initiative that will assist dealers with inventory management and cash flow control as we head into the last critical months of the year,” said Jeff Gibson, fleet sales manager for El MOnte RV. “With our extensive rental fleet of over 1,600 Class A and Class C motorhomes, a dealer can tailor his purchases according to the market trends in his area.”

To find out more about this program, visit, call Gibson at (800) 337-2157 or e-mail him at

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Go RVing-Branded Sweepstakes Boost Leads

August 20, 2010 by · Comments Off on Go RVing-Branded Sweepstakes Boost Leads 

Go RVing logo Go RVing co-branded sweepstakes with prominent advertising partners reached large online audiences this summer, building RV travel’s appeal with key new prospects, RVIA Today Express reported this week.

Go RVing and Major League Baseball (MLB) paired RVing, the All-American mode of travel, with baseball, America’s pastime, to create the 2010 Ultimate RV Road Trip Sweepstakes in July.

The prize package included a 6-night/5-day rental of an RV provided by El Monte RV (fully decked out with extras), four tickets to see the Giants on Aug. 14, the Angels on Aug. 15, and the Dodgers on Aug. 17, plus airfare for four to San Francisco.

The culmination of Go RVing’s TV and online advertising buy with MLB, the sweepstakes was devised as a means to drive even more consumers from the MLB website to and to capture sweepstakes entrants as qualified Go RVing leads. “This sweepstakes was an example of how integrating all aspects of online/social media can result in exposure topping 17 million impressions in a four-week period,” said Gary LaBella, RVIA vice president and chief marketing officer.

During the month-long entry period, baseball fans saw the sweepstakes prominently promoted on’s home page. Of the fans who clicked on the sweepstakes page link, 48% entered the sweepstakes, nearly double the usual conversion rate for contests of this size. Once an entry was completed, consumers received a thank you message that provided a direct link to the video page. Those who viewed the video were captured in the Go RVing leads database. An impressive one-quarter of those who visited the sweepstakes entry page signed up as Go RVing leads.

Additionally, the Ultimate RV Road Trip was promoted through an eNewsletter sent to over 1 million subscribers. The sweepstakes appeared not only on MLB’s website, but on the homepages of each of the MLB’s 30 teams.

Free social media was also utilized to promote the contest, with MLB sending two Tweets to its nearly 1 million Twitter followers, plus multiple postings on its Facebook Fan page reaching over 3 million fans. Another 10,000 Facebook fans also received reminders about the contest on Go RVing’s page. The program was a fully-integrated online promotion utilizing paid and no-cost outlets.’s Ultimate RV Experience Sweepstakes

As part of Go RVing’s multi-faceted media buy with History, the Ultimate RV Experience Sweepstakes for a national park RV trip was heavily promoted in the early summer on Much like the MLB experience, the History sweepstakes was promoted with entry forms and editorial on’s home page, through six co-branded eNewsletters to History subscribers, and through Go RVing’s Facebook page. Nearly one-quarter of the contest’s entrants opted-in to the Go RVing leads database.

As a result of its long-standing relationship with Meredith Publications, Go RVing also sponsored an RV Road Trip Sweepstakes online with Better Homes and Gardens this year. This was the fourth such sweepstakes with Meredith Publications.

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National Media Outlets Tout RV Sales/Travel

August 17, 2010 by · Comments Off on National Media Outlets Tout RV Sales/Travel 

RVIA logoThe Associated Press and Parenting magazine focused the media spotlight on RVing’s growth with stories that Recreation Vehicle Industry Association’s (RVIA) PR team worked closely with reporters to develop, according to a news release.

The AP article, titled “It’s RV Showtime in Elkhart,” reported on the RV industry’s revival from the Midwest RV Super Show in Elkhart. “Things have improved steadily since last year … and, RVIA reports that through the first six months of this year, sales are up more than 87% over 2009,” the piece stated.

The article was picked up by the Chicago Tribune as well as newspapers in Seattle, San Jose, Calif., Louisville, Ky., and South Bend, Ind. RVIA provided the reporter with industry data and arranged interviews.

RVIA also arranged for the loan of an El Monte rental motorhome to a Parenting editor, who chronicled her resulting family RV trip in the article “Plan a Motor Home Vacation.” It appears in the September issue of the magazine and on the publication’s website.

“I had a brainstorm this past summer: RVing,” writes writer and mother Sandy Fernandez. “As other modes of travel have fallen prey to the recession, RVing has held its own. It’s easy to see why: It’s like taking a rolling staycation. Not only can you bring all your favorite things, but you can also keep costs down by sleeping under your own roof and preparing your own food. So, what’s RVing like? We ended up loving the experience. We’d do it again.”

Helpful tips, including Go RVing’s website, were also provided for readers interested in planning their own RV getaway.

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Burning Man Festival Boosts El Monte’s Biz

August 16, 2010 by · Comments Off on Burning Man Festival Boosts El Monte’s Biz 

Scene at a past Burning Man Festival

Scene at a past Burning Man Festival

The cult event that’s been gaining momentum since it started in 1986 is expected to draw 50,000 people into the primitive Black Rock Desert in Nevada from Aug. 30 to Sept. 6.

Part art fest, part culture crawl, part way-off-the-grid retreat, the remote festival about 120 miles from Reno, Nev., that defies description comes with a survival guide to the harsh, waterless site and touts “radical inclusion” as one of its guiding principles, the Los Angeles Times reported.

So where exactly do luxury RVs come into the picture? Joe Laing, director of marketing for El Monte RV, says Burning Man is the company’s single biggest event for motorhome rentals. “Each year we are getting more and more requests,” says Laing, whose company has 60 locations nationwide.

High-rollers: Pay a premium to get a luxury 34-foot Fleetwood Fiesta or 35-foot Fleetwood Bounder stocked with groceries and goodies and tricked out with flat-screen TVs, kitchen supplies, bedding and more delivered to a desert spot. The company then fetches guests from the airport (usually Reno) in an RV and shuttles them to the spot. The price-tag: $12,000 to $15,000. So far, Laing has booked about a dozen luxury packages for the 2010 event. “It’s as good accommodations as you’ll get at Burning Man,” he says.

Other “burners”: Most festival folks pick up motor-home rentals from sites in the Los Angeles area, Oakland (where the rental representative greets them dressed as Elvis in a gold lamé jacket) or a casino parking lot-turned-campground in Nevada. So far, El Monte RV has 300 motorhomes reserved for people going to Burning Man. The price tag starts at $5,890 plus tax for a Class C 23- to 25-foot motorhome that sleeps up to five people. The cost includes one-week rental with a pick-up in Reno.

And what happens when you return the vehicle dirty and dusty from a week on the sand? “As long as they pay to clean them up, we don’t mind,” Laing says.

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Fairgoers Swarm CalARVC’s CrossRoads RV

August 11, 2010 by · Comments Off on Fairgoers Swarm CalARVC’s CrossRoads RV 

Editor’s Note: The following story and photos concern a recent promotion conducted at the California State Fair by the California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (CalARVC). Story and photos appear in the current issue of CalARVC’s Wednesday Morning Coffee Talk & Updates.

Pictured center are winners Mike & Gary Spiller of Tehachapi holding the keys to their new trailer. To Gary’s left is President of CrossRoads RV, Mark Lucas and General Sales Manager of Happy Daze RV, Ronnie Raddigan.

Pictured center are winners Mike & Gary Spiller of Tehachapi, Calif., holding the keys to their new trailer. To Gary’s left is Mark Lucas, president of CrossRoads RV, Topeka, Kan., and Ronnie Raddigan, general sales manager of Happy Daze RV, Sacramento.

Kids tossed balloons, families challenged each other to ladder ball games, and friends raced to fill gallon jugs with water…..all games to be played while camping. In the meantime, fairgoers swarmed through the Slingshot RV donated by CrossRoads RV & Happy Daze RV Sales.

Visitors to the display shared their most memorable camping experiences or talked about their upcoming trips. Many people asked for resources on camping information. Passersby snapped their heads as they caught a view of the racks of camping guides and turned around to pick one up.

Long time member, Marble Quarry RV Park, gave away discount coupons.

Park owners, Bill & Karann Milligan of Rancho Los Coches RV Park, Dana & Brian Busch of Canyon RV Park, Aaron Funk of Klamath RV Park and Esther and Janine Osborne of Marble Quarry RV Park worked tirelessly throughout the day sharing their passion about camping. Others came for a day: James Urquhart, Larayne Jeffries from Angles Camp RV & Camping Resort, Meaghan & Rebecca Bertram of The Vineyard RV Park, Liz Johnson & her managers from Kit Fox RV Park. Colleagues shared stories about their parks and operations with each other and created lasting friendships.

Camper Rick was in his element running the games, giving away free camping certificates (the most popular prizes) sharing the value of camping and making family memories.

Diana Legro and her family were thrilled to win a one week El Monte Rental Vacation.

Diana Legro and her family were thrilled to win a one week El Monte Rental vacation.

Diana Legro and her family were thrilled to win a one week El Monte Rental Vacation.

Did we encourage Californians to camp? Did we get kids excited and asking their parents to take them camping? Did we remind families about the benefits of a camping vacation? You bet we did….in spades!

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